Annie was sitting on a paint worn bench in the park, silently crying over Caleb and the breakup, again.

' another ruined relationship, doomed from the start. why? why? why do i always do this to myself? i never learn.'

grrrr. grrrr.

Her phone vibrated next to her, too depressed to even look at the caller ID, she dropped it in her bag.

A cold breeze past over her, shivering she pulles her thin, yet stylish sweater closer to her thin frame, wishing this stage of being in a broken relationship was over.

'Penny for your thoughts love?' a strange old woman askes her, as she sits down next to her

'Umm, life and its dissapointments i guess.' Annie shrugged

'Well talking about it might help, you look really upset, its not healthy to let things simmer inside dearie, trust me i know.' the old lady sighs next to her

Annie looked at her and intrigue set in,' She reminds me of Marla' she mused to herself

grrr. grrr. grrr. grrr

Annie pretends she cant hear the phone moving around in her bag.

'Umm... well u ever fallen in love with someone , knowing it will only lead to heartbreak, over and over, and over again!' Annie rolled her eyes to emphasize her point .

'Well dearie i know times have changed a much between my youth days and yours, but love is love, you cant choose who you love..only how, i guess.'

'How u love someone? what do you... '

grrrr. grrrr. grrr. grrrr.

'Aghh, this silly phone wont leave me alone for just five minutes to call my own.' Annie was about to just switch the damn thing off, when she saw she had twelve messages.

'oh no, twelve messages and countless missed calls!' thought Annie as dread began to set in.

'Please excuse me, I need to see who is trying to get ahold of me this many times.' Annie huriedly explained

-You have 10 new voicemails, her voicemail recited back to her.

'Oh crap!' Annie thought and she listened to the first one.

' Annie! its Navid, im trying to reach you. why are you not answering your phone, thats why they were frigging invented! sorry am freaking out. was on the phone with Dix and it sounded like he's been in an accident or something, you gotta get here!'

' Annie its Navid again. where the hell are you! Its confirmed Dixon has been in an accident, a hit and run...with a truck! He is being rushed to the general hospital with the rest of the guys from the car...( a long silence followed) Annie it doesn't sound good! the guy in the back seat died on impact! Meet us at the hospital when you get this.'

'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!' Annie cried as her knees hit the groud before the phone dropped from her hands.

'Why dear girl, what is it? whats wrong?' the old woman asked as she tried to lift Annie off the hard cemented ground.

'I. I ... I, Dixon ... i have to go.' Annie stutters as she scrambles off the ground, broken phone forgotton on the ground.

'-Ayy! Watch where you going!' a man shouted as Annie rushed into the hospital.

Annie ignored him and she shoved past him on the way to the ICU floor, tears falling so hard and so fast she couldn't even see straight. But still she charged on, nothing was going to stop her from being with her brother...

Smack! Annie felt herself falling

'What the heck have i run into now!' She thought, bracing herself for the painful fall that was sure to follow.

'what the - Annie! you here!' a stunned, yet relieved voice exclaimed.

Annie roughly wiped the tears from her eyes to find herself staring into brilliant blue eyes that were fixed so intently on her. 'Liam!' she muttered, as it finally set in who caught her before she hit the floor.

Liam set her down on her feet and his expression turned grim. He had the most heartbreaking look in his eyes, but said nothing more.

'oh Liam.. oh no! is he... am I...' Annie couldn't even string togeather a sentence. afraid to ask anything yet having to know everything.

Liam rushed to envelop her in his arms as he realized she had misinterpreted his slience.

'Damnit! can i never say the right thing...even in silence' he swore to himself.

'No Annie, im sorry, He's alive... their just trying to stop the bleeding, he has some internal bleeding.' Liam rushed out the sentence in one breath as he felt his eyes threathen to water.

Annie started to crumble as Liam's words began to sink in. Liam held her tighter, placing his head on top of hers as she buried her face into his chest. They stayed that way for a long time, clinging to each other like lifelines.

'I hope the doctors finish soon, i cant stand this waiting. and Annie better get her butt here soon or i swear...' the rest of the thought died in Silver's mind as she rounded the corner from the bathroom to see Liam and Annie locked in an embrace so tight they looked like one.

'Stop it Silver, just stop it. Annie's just had her brother involved in a terrible accident and you got to play the jealous girlfriend...for a guy who isn't really you boyfriend!' Silver chastized herself.

Silver awkwardly stood where she was for a minute and decided to approch them, accident or no accident, Liam was hers- admittedly unofficially, but if Annie needed a friend she rather it was her than Liam Annie lean on for support.

'Hey Annie. you finally made it, what took you so long?' that sounded accusing, even to her own ears, Silver thought.

'I..I, I had my phone on silent, i never knew..' Annie tried to explain

'- Silver. back off! Annie's here now.' Liam chastized her wondering what was her deal

'Oh my gosh Annie, I'm soo sorry, its this waiting, this hospital...i'm not handling it very well. are you ok?' Silver tried again.

Annie let go of Liam and took in a deep breath. I'll be fine once i know Dixon is alright, thanks Silver, and dont worry about it, i hate the reason we here too.'

Feeling slightly awkward, Annie thanked Liam for his support and went in search of a doctor or nurse to try and find out more information on her brother's condition.

'Keep it togeather Annie, please God let him be ok! Just keep it togeather', Annie repeated over and over to herself.

Half an hour later of sitting and waiting a man in green scrubs came into the waiting area,' Is there any family for Dixon Wilson here?' he asked addressing the group of young adults.

Annie stood from within the huddle of support her friends had made round her. Not for the first time since she heard the news did she wish her parents were here already.

'How am I supposed to go through this alone? she thought as she tried to gather her courage.

Liam squeezed her hand in support.

' Im Dixon's sister.' she quietly stated, making her way to the doctor.


Her heart beat was almost drowning out the doctors voice. Annie tried to concentrate on what the the doctor was saying, as well as not faint before an entire waiting room full of people.

' the jist of what I'm saying Miss Wilson is that your brother's operation was a success, and he looks like he is going to be just fine.' the doctor finished off with a warm smile.

'Oh thank God!' Annie released a long breath she didn't even realize she had been holding.

'Now Miss Wilson there is just a few things i need to confirm with you ab-'

'OK, OK, Im here, Im finally here now, where is my son?' Where is Dixon Wilson?'

Everyone in the waiting room turned to see the brunette woman that rushed in desperatly asking after her son. Many saw a attractive middle aged woman, that had traces of smile lines that were now turned into deep worry lines that were soaked with tears, streaming down her face.

For Annie she saw her the strength, her rock to lean on, she saw her mother.

As mother and daughter rushed to embrace on another, the group of friends that were there to support the Wilsons, couldn't help but smile at the tender moment.

'Welcome Mrs Wilson, I am so glad you made it here safe. You've come from France I understand?' the doctor asked

'Yes doctor, and our flight got delayed, and they lost my bag, which iIleft anyway, but please I need to see my son. Is he ok? i heard he was in surgry, is it done? was it successful? -' Debbie Wilson rattled off, hardly getting a breath in.

'- whoa mom! slow down. You talking too fast.' Annie said with a smile in her voice. her fears lessening, now that she knew Dixon was out of the critical stage.

'Its alright, I'll just start again so your mother gets the full diagnosis' said the doctor.

As the doctor was re-explaining Dixon's condition to Debbie, Annie's friends gathered round her to hear the news. Annie was at the part where Dixon was expected to make a full recovery, when alarm bells started going off in the hospital, and a red light was flashing from the operating theater that Dixon's doctor had come out of earlier.

Sick dread filled Annie again, and she could taste blood in her mouth. She began to violently shake, then realised that Liam was shaking her, telling her to 'snap out of it', only then did she realize she was biting her tongue so hard it had started bleeding and she was once again thrown into the pit of fear and dread.

Clinging to Liam as if he was the only thing keeping her stable, she saw the doctor rushing to cover his face with the surgical mask and make his way back into the operating room.

-thirty minutes later-

Annie held her mother's head craddled against her as they sat on the cold hard chairs, Debbie was silently crying and muttering random words. Liam and Naomi were at each side of Annie holding her shoulders, as they didn't know what else to do. Silver had gone on a coffee run to the cafertiria. the rest of the guys were pacing up and down the length of the waiting room.

'Whatever happens, i have to be strong. I cant afford to breakdown. I have to be there for my family, whats left of it. i still cant believe Dad is not here yet.' Annie thought to herself, as she made a concious decicion to bury her feeling to be there better for her mom and brother, whatever the outcome.

This time when the doctor came into the room there was no smile on his face, no twinkling eyes. he had his surgical hat in his old worn hands and he apporched his patients family.

' Days like this make it so hard to be a doctor, on days where i have to wipe the light from their eyes.' Doctor Shore thought as he braced himself to tell the Wilson's Dixon's condition.

'i'm so sorry Mrs Wilson, Miss Wilson but Dixon has slipped into coma.'

Annie's world started to crumble around her-