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It was a little after ten o'clock in the evening when the nurses of the Beverly Memorial Hospital changed shifts, when the corridors of the different floors all gleamed and shone from the vigorous clean they were given every five hours. the hospital was quiet with the exception of a few coughs and the monitors that softly beeped all around. The head nurse on duty did the last checkup on the patients on her floor. As she entered each room she barely noticed the smell of the disinfectent that her nose had grown so accustomed to.

The patient from room 202, O'Reilly, seemed to have finally settled, she breathed a sigh of relief and moved on. In room 203 the elderly woman was sleeping peacefully, with a smile the head nurse made her way to room 204.

Everytime she came to this particular patient her heart broke a little, it was bad enough that such a young, healthy looking young man's life was on hold as his body was held locked in a deep sleep, but she was almost certain that his sister,equally as young, would probably be asleep next to him, she hardly ever left his side. The obvious bond between them both warmed and chilled her heart at the same time. What if he never woke up, or worse? She had been around sick, wounded people for the better part of her twenty years at Beverly Memorial and knew the reality was rarely positive... but there was always hope, which she had in abundance, so with shoulders set and a smile ready on her face, she walked into room 204 and nearly tripped over her feet as her whole body froze at the sight before her.

Dixon Wilson turned to the woman that had just entered the room, looking slightly dazed and very confused, he asked her,''where am I, and why do i hurt all over?''


The previously silent ward was now abuzz with the excitement of the latest turn of events. Dixon Wilson, who made been in a persistent vegetated state of a coma for nearly a month had suddenly woken up, and everyone was overjoyed, the atmosphere seemed lighter too.

Soon the room was filled with family, friends and well wishers for the young man. The head nurse knew she should not allow so many people into his room all at once but she decided to make an exception, at least for ten minuets or so.


Annie walked back from the coffee machine with two hot steaming cups of suspicious looking brown liquid that was supposed to be coffee but she couldn't be bothered by the taste, all that mattered was that one was for her and the other for her brother, her brother who was alive from a terrible accident and getting stronger every day. Yes he still had short-term memory loss but at least he remembered her. Annie couldn't get over how he still remembered her so clearly. It made her smile just thinking about how he went on and on last night about how they used to carry on when he first joined her family and how she was such a big part of that transition.

She was so focused on the past she wasn't looking where she was going and almost spilled the contents in the foam cups onto her self and ... she looked up, expecting to see the one person she had been avoiding, but saw instead she had walked into Silver, the second person she was trying to avoid.

Silver stared at Annie for a couple of breaths not knowing what to say to the girl who had been such a close friend at once. Giving her a small 'Silver-like' side smile she decided not to say anything in an already awkward situation, she put her arm round Annie and together they walked to see Dixon. Annie released a long breath she didn't realize she had been holding, thinking they might still have their friendship when this all blew over.


Dixon was still sort of stuck in the holiday season, he remembered christmas time very clearly and a few snippets of after but most was hazy. It frustrated him to no end, but he decided to leave it for now, the memories seemed to be coming back on their own, and the doctor said his recovery was not uncommon but still amazing scientifically speaking. He was just grateful he had another chance at life. His whole face lit up when he saw two of his favorite girls walked in. ''Hi, took you long enough. Aid just went to look for you.'' Dixon said with a smile on his face. It was hard being so carefree, he wasn't too sure of the details but he knew his sister had a unhealthy obsession of making sure he was happy and well so he didn't want her to worry unnecessarily. They chatted for a while, and although the conversation was light Dixon could feel tension coming off his sister, Silver wasn't looking to happy either. He would need to ask Silver if his sister was ok, since they were such close buddies and all. He looked lovingly at Adrianna as she walked into the room, he couldn't belive he had ever left this beautiful woman before him for a music career! Life was too short to live without real love.

The thought has not even finished forming in his mind when Liam walked into the room looking like he was suffering from some serious internal pain or was extremely uncomfortable. He briefly wondered if Liam and Annie managed to work things out over christmas, he was so set on winning her back and was searching high and low for her, though the way Annie was avoiding his gaze convinced him his sister was running from her feelings again. He shook his head unconsciously at the two star crossed lovers. Since he woke up he had become more observant trying to piece the missing pieces of his life from the past month. He knew it wasn't Silver he needed to talk to anymore, but Liam.

Liam looked over at Annie his eyes trying to search hers, wondering where his Annie had gone. She hadn't spoken a word to him since that night on the beach. At that moment he couldn't remember where it all went wrong, all he remembered was her. him. together. He tried to remember what he did wrong, what made her be so apart from him. As her watched her squirm in her seat, he felt the painful ache of rejection. Didn't he give her his all? What did she want? He had tried to give her her distance he felt she asked for hoping she would come back to him on her own, but she seemed to be slipping even further away. It seemed he was always chasing after her, never really knowing if she felt the same. The heat was there, he knew she couldn't deny that, but did her feelings run as deep as his?

He knew she heard about him and Silver, he heard Naomi telling her yesterday when they thought he had already left. He knew him and Silver would never last, and Navid was there for her, as he always was, and as always she gravitated towards him. He was glad, at least he was the only one with an aching heart, he knew he couldn't continue to pretend to be with her when all he remembered was Annie and what they had. It was a type of love that was even more mature than them, he mused to himself. He ignored the tug at his heart and his jaw began to clench subconsciously as he saw Annie walk out with her head down.

She had to get out of there, she couldn't breathe, and she wasn't sure she could hold the tears in for much longer, and Dixon was already giving her that knowing look.

Walking outside to get some air she thought over her and Liam, who knew what they were anymore. Did she want to go back there? To get hurt again? How often had she given Liam her everything? She had trusted him. He would always sweep her off her feet and then the tables would turn, they'd have one fight and the next time she saw him he would be in another womans arms. She couldn't handle it anymore, she couldn't keep giving him her all. She decided long ago to be her own saviour, why did he have to come and ruin that? Yes she knew he left Silver, but he had left her too, in the past. Annie grew irrationally angry as she purposely remembered all the things he did to hurt her, as bitterness set in she stormed off to her car, not wanting to see Liam at that moment because four years worth of forgotten, of supressed anger came rushing to mind and the last thing she wanted was to start a war in a hospital.

The next day:

Liam hadn't been this nervous since he waited to confess about the coin incident to his stepfather. He shook out his hands and did some quick breathing techniques to try to calm his nerves, and knew it was now or never, the worst she could do was say no, right? Liam thought as he gathered what little courage Dixon had stirred in him. As he rang the doorbell to the mansion that was Naomi's home, he thought he heard cussing and crashing, worried Annie had hurt herself he tried the handle and walked in to a hurricane that was Annie Wilson.

''What the hell do you want?!''

Liam had to physically step back to avoid Annie's wrath and swinging arms as she screamed at him. What the hell? he thought to himself. he had never seen her so worked up, the kitchen was a mess pots, pans everywhere, the floor was covered in broken plates.

''Uhh Annie? What happened, were you guys robbed?'' He asked hesitantly looking around for other indications to a break in. He couldn't see any and then focused on her. She looked ok...well unharmed at least, her face was red and puffy, her hair a messy halo round her head, she was wearing faded cut off jeans that showed just a hint of her butt. She had a thin white top on that she knotted at the waist, showing off her flat tan midriff. He blew out a hot breath, she was positively on fire. Without thinking he made his way over to her, and got a shock when she slapped his arm with a kitchen towel.

''You just stay away from me, I want nothing to do with you Liam Court!''Annie fumed at him, she frantically tried to hold on to the anger she had collected over the last 24 hours.

Annie began to recite the list in her head: 1. almost got her arrested so soon after the hit-and-run incident. was found with another girl the very next day they would have a big fight. her he loved her, slept with her, then decided he couldn't be with her. flirted with her cousin Emily, ( she conveniently left out the part where he was the only one who believed her about Emily's lies and helped set her up to show the others her true colours!) And 5. She kept the worst for last. He wasn't there for her when Naomi blamed Annie for sleeping with Liam, she was abandoned by all, him included to fend for herself. After she asked, no pleaded with him to tell Naomi the truth. It wouldn't hurt so much if she hadn't had to constantly beg him when they were alone. What kind of guy does that? The same guy that asks her to marry him then is caught in bed with a married woman/widow..what ever. She knew she had twisted the story a bit but a girl had to do what a girl had to do to protect herself.

Liam didn't know what the heck was going on, but he knew he had to be at the heart of it. Trying to control his growing frustration with the female's emotions before him, he made his way through the broken glass to her and got a sugar basin thrown at his head for his trouble. ''Bloody hell Annie! That hurt!'' Liam cussed at her. He was getting angry too, not because she was physically hurting him but because she was trying to run, again! How many times did they play this cat-mouse game? He knew that she was on the defensive, lashing out before she got hurt, but dammit didn't she get it after all this time?

''Aahh!'' Annie cried out as he got ahold of her arms and wouldn't let go. The more she struggled the tighter the grip became. Liam could see her struggling to not show her feelings as she refused to stop fighting him. Liam didn't know how else to reach her, he gave her more than enough breathing space he realised. it was time to show her he knew her, them. Better than she did.

With a bit more force than was necessary he placed her on the hard wooden kitchen stool across from all the broken plates, with a thud, she was about to protest when he gave her a glare that had her closing her month rather quickly. Annie watched him as he began to pace in front of her, clenching and unclenching his hands. She knew he was trying to control his temper, she realized she might have been a little to vocal and had stirred him up more than she intended. Not that he would hurt her or anything, right?

'Uhh Liam...'' she tried to start

''- Annie i swear you need to just be quiet right now or I don't know what I will do!'' Liam didn't know how to handle things from there, and he could see he was losing it. He reached out a hand to touch her and she flinched. All Liam saw was red, ''Why the hell do you keep running from me? Why are you so intent on playing this chasing game? One minute you want to be with me the next you don't, then you act like I could ever physically hurt you! When you're the one throwing glass bowls at my head. ''

Annie was quiet the whole time he spoke, letting the anger wash over her. How dare he put the blame at her feet, she proceeded to tell him just who was the 'hot then cold' culprit in their mess of a relationship. ''This coming from the guy who would spend how long wooing me, telling me 'I'm the one', then I open my heart and what do you always do? Make up some half cocked excuse and say it's not going to happen. Well forgive me but im tired of you, of this, this whatever it is. Even Silver and Navid's relationship isn't as intoxicated, and they've gone down the same road as us!'' Annie was still feeling inferior so she stood and began to jab at his chest as she spoke to emphasize her point. She eventually had him backed into the kitchen counter which was clean of any damage Annie had inflicted on the rest of the kitchen. '' You think just because you may know if I like my tea black you know me, just because I have never loved another as I love you I will let you walk al-''

''Ummm!'' Annie moaned into his mouth as Liam shut her up with the intensity of his mouth on hers. He still had all his pent-up frustration so was a little rough with her, turning them round so fast she forgot to breathe, now she was the one backed into the counter, and she liked it.

His movements were a little painful Annie noted but still her breath was knocked out of her at his tactics. Gosh its like a hot gust of wind washed over her and left her a hot lust-filled mess. She gripped his sides and drew him closer still, but he grabbed her hands away and held them captive on either side of the counter as he proceeded to kiss the life out of her. Starting at the corner of her mouth he began to lightly bite her bottom lip, then run his tongue over it and gently kiss the ache away. His fingers were lost in her hair and now and then he would pull on it gently to get a sharp intake of breath from her. As she moaned and gasped Liam looked at her with a deliciously evil grin on his face, savouring the flushed look she had, her eyes were glazed over, and her lips with wet and swollen. Still holding her gaze he thrust his lower body against her's, the shock on her face almost made him come right there and then. How the hell did he manage to get so caught up in one woman, where all that mattered was making her feel like this all the time?

Liam didn't know when his anger had turned into lust, it was so powerful he had had to cross his arms over his chest to stop from kissing her when she stood in front of him, but when she (unintentionally, he was sure) confessed to still loving him he knew there was nothing that would stop him now.

Warning her with his eyes not to move he slowly, painstakingly slowly began to loosen the knot of her top, keeping his now dark intense blue eyes on her brown ones. Annie could feel his desire for her roll off him in heat waves she had never felt so sexy, the sole focus of this one man's world. It was so empowering, so flattering, so undeserving. She bit her bottom lip as she saw his eyes widen as they fell on her tight sports bra. Liam ran his hands roughly down her sides till he got to her hips and lifted her onto the countertop, and snuggled himself in between her legs, silently sending thanks to whoever designed the height of the counter, it was just perfect.

As he started to lightly nibble on her breast through her bra she couldn't keep her hands at her sides anymore and gripped his shoulders tightly as the shock waves rippled through her body, she muttered his name quietly first and got louder as he started to nip a little harder, pushing her chest forward, she found herself clawing at his back drawing moans from him too.

Looking deep into each others eyes Liam silently whispered to her,''Annie Wilson, no matter how far you run, or how much you want to deny it, we belong together, I love you, always have and always will. And this time I'm never letting you go.''

And with that they slid to the floor to rediscover their love and passion.


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