Hello everyone. I am back with another story to tell. This story takes place just a year after the episode "The Fridge." I got the idea for this from that episode. This fanfictin is rated T for Strong Language, Usage of Guns, and Blood and Gore. I hope you enjoy. It's now time to tell the tale of Gumball and Nicole in: The Destruction.

"There was a reason that I had the fridge marker instead of just being used for torture. There was a much bigger reason to it all. I wanted to prepare them for anything. I have failed to do so in preparing. Now they need me more then ever. It all stared off like a usual day. Gumball, Darwin, and Anais were heading off the school, Richard was doing nothing." A blue female cat in a grey dress and shirt with a rainbow button on it is talking.

"My name is Nicole Watterson. And this is my story…"

Nicole cleaned up the house, Richard was still sleeping, and Gumball, Darwin, and Anais all got home. Gumball went upstairs and saw me standing there.

He asked: "Mom, what are you doing in my room?"

She answers. "I wanted to talk to you about something important."

Gumball is confused. "What is it?"

She pauses for a moment. She answers. "I wanted to talk about Penny."

Gumball blushes. "Right here in my room?"

Nicole answers. "No, I want this to be private. I will lock the door so that no one can walk in."

She begins to talk. "If you love her, you have to tell her. You can't be shy. If she's the one you want, take her. You never know when it might be too late."

Gumball is confused. "What do you mean by that?"

Nicole explains. "Say your true feelings instead of saying things like 'I like peanuts.' She can love someone else if you wait for too long."

Gumball understands. "I see what you mean. And I thought we weren't going to bring up that day you came to school with me." Gumball is a little angry.

Nicole laughs. "Sorry."

Gumball looks at Nicole. "Can you stop shaking the bed?"

Nicole looks confused. "I thought you were doing that."

They look at each other and Nicole turns on the TV. They see the Mayor on; what Nicole was afraid of.

He starts talking. "Do not worry, my fellow citizens. Yes, this is an Earthquake. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill!"

"An Earthquake?!" They both scream in panic.

They head to the door and Nicole remembers that she locked the door. She pulls out a key, but the door's blocked by something. The windows are blocked, too. They see the rest of the family outside. A group of soldiers take them away. Nicole and Gumball try to get their attention, but it's no use.

"Darn it! It's no use!" Nicole says. She tries to shoulder tackle the door, but they get knocked down by the shock of the Earthquake.

"We have to duck and cover, but I don't see anywhere we can cover." Nicole realizes.

A bunch of stuff on the shelf comes off and hits Nicole and Gumball on the heads. They get knocked out cold.


Gumball and Nicole wake up. They realize that the rumbling has stopped. They both get up. Nicole shoulder tackles the door again and the door falls over. They both walk outside to see a not pretty picture. They see Elmore in ashes.

"How long have we been out for?" Nicole says in shock.

The city is in ashes? How did that happen? Find out next episode!