It was several months after Sherrie's third adventure, and on a very foggy day she was heading up a side street in town, on her way to the charity shop where she helped out, when three, tall strange figures came out of the fog and started walking towards her.

She moved out of their way, when she noticed three more had appeared behind her. For some reason she could not explain, Sherrie began feeling uneasy and gripped her walking stick tightly shifting so that her back was against the wall.

The figures nodded a greeting at each other as they joined up, then Sherrie heard them quietly hissing, and her unease turned to alarm. As they attempted to grab the human, she lashed out with her walking stick and managed to hit a couple of them, but she was no match for six and her stick was wrenched from her hands.
Before she could scream for help, one of the Rahkshi had gagged her, while another placed its staff against her right hand. Struggling violently, she tried pulling free, but a wave of weakness swept over and she slumped back into the arms of the Rahkshi her energy drained away. When the human lost consciousness, the Rahkshi nodded at each other and hissed gleefully.


Later in a dark cavern lit only by dim lightstones, a tall smoky image smiled grimly as the Rahkshi returned carrying the limp form of Anuenue between them.
He nodded as they placed her on a stone slab, then the Rahkshi watched as the spirit of Makuta stepped forwards. Several shadow kraata then slithered up on to the slab, they hissed delightedly as they slithered onto Anuenue and started infecting her.
Though she was completely unconscious, a brief moan of pain came from her as the kraata did their work. Makuta and the Rahkshi watched as a change came over Anuenue's form.
Her armour turned a dirty shade of violet and what was vibrant silver became dull and lifeless, as this happened the rainbow sparks slowed, stopped and vanished.
"Well done, my sons," Makuta gloated, as they looked closely at the infected Toa "All your sister needs now is a name."


On Metru Nui, Aikane suddenly awoke, as a cry of dismay escaped her "NO! Sister!" Getting up she walked over to the windows and gazed unseeing out at Ga-metru, as footsteps hurriedly approached.
"Sister, what's wrong." Gali asked concerned as she came in, and moved to stand beside Aikane, "Something's happened to Sherrie, and Anuenue is back in our world." Aikane whispered, looking worried as they then left their home and walked towards the chute that led past the coliseum.
"I think we should tell the Turaga, I know we could fly there but I don't want to worry the matoran." Aikane explained as they reached the chute station. To their surprise, Hahli was there and equally surprised to see them.

"I've just got here, Turaga Vakama would like to see you as soon as possible." Hahli explained
"A vision?" Gali asked as they entered the chute and headed for the coliseum. "Yes, Toa Gali, he was quite worried about it." Aikane and Gali looked at each other.
"Vakama's vision may have some connection with my dream." they left the chute station and all three hurried to the new tower.


When Aikane, Gali and Hahli entered the tower, Turaga Nuju and Whenua greeted them and led them over to the nearest room.
On entering it Turaga Whenua quietly asked Hahli to wait with him and Nuju, she was surprised, but nodded. They watched as Aikane and Gali approached where Turaga Vakama sat, he glanced up and nodded as they sat beside him.
"Are you alright, Vakama?" Gali asked, as he looked drained by what he'd seen. "I will be Toa Gali, thank you," he sighed
"There's a shadow moving towards Metru Nui, and..." Vakama paused trying to find a less painful way of explaining the rest of the vision.
"It's Anuenue, isn't it?" Aikane murmured, then when Vakama glanced at her surprised, she told him about her dream, of how she'd seen Anuenue unconscious and surrounded by shadow kraata.
"There has to be a way of saving her!" Gali exclaimed as Aikane finished explaining.
"Yes," Vakama replied "But first we need to let the other Toa know."


In the dark cavern, there was movement as the figure sleeping on the slab slowly awoke then sat up.
Shifting to the side of the slab, she glanced around puzzled, her red eyes and heartlight glowing in the dim light.
"Ah, you're awake, Daughter." A voice hissed from near by as Makuta's smoky spirit moved into view, "How do you feel?"
"Confused, father, I don't remember anything before I woke up."
"Not even your name?" he commented as the Toa looked up at him, then shook her head.
They glanced around as several Rahkshi zoomed in then landed close to Makuta and her. They hissed at Makuta, who chuckled, then turned back to look at his companion.
"Your name is Makona, you were badly hurt while fighting the Toa. It's taken a long time for you to recover. While you were unwell, they imprisoned me and some of your brothers in a block of protodermis in an area of Metru Nui called Ta-metru. Now you are well again, it is your task, Daughter, to reach and free us from the protodermis."

Makona nodded, angered that they had done this to him "How will I get there?" she asked, eager to free him, he chuckled, gesturing at the Rahkshi.
"They will take you and provide a distraction at the same time." the Rahkshi hissed excitedly, making the dark Toa snigger, then they jumped into flying mode and Makona climbed into the leaders' lap. The spirit form of Makuta smiled darkly as they flew out the cavern.
"Have fun!" he commented then started chuckling evilly.

As they flew through the tunnels, Makona thought about how she could break the protodermis block.
After a while of fruitlessly attempting to remember anything, Makona glanced at her right hand, the scar on her palm was hurting, so she rubbed it which seemed to help. While Makona was doing that the Rahkshi left the tunnels and flew over the island towards the silver sea.
The Rahkshi seemed tireless, but Makona wasn't and soon drifted off to sleep, while the Rahkshi hissed amongst themselves, amused that their companion needed to rest at night.
The night passed as we flew towards Metru Nui, with the Rahkshi trying to out boast each other.


The rest of the Toa had joined Aikane and Gali, then listened as first Aikane told them about her dream, then Vakama spoke of the vision he'd had. When he finished speaking, they looked at each other concerned.
"We can't let her get to the protodermis." Takanuva said, as Kopaka added "True, but I won't be surprised if there are Rahkshi with her."
As the mid morning suns light shone through the windows, they quickly discussed where the Ta-matoran would be safe, it was decided they should come to the kolhii arena.
Then they started planning how to keep their sister away from the multicoloured protodermis while dealing with the Rahkshi. When they'd finished working the plan out, the Toa hurried off to alert the matoran and get them to safety. As they left, Turaga Vakama was joined by the other Turaga, who looked worriedly at the departing Toa.
Dume glanced at Vakama "You didn't let Gali and Aikane know all the vision." Vakama shook his head "No, I think Aikane already knows and she will tell Gali."


On the flight, Makona's sleep was disturbed by strange dreams, and she awoke feeling more tired than when she'd fallen asleep.
The Rahkshi carrying Makona hissed something at her, then when she glared at him irritated, he pointed towards the island where Makuta was imprisoned, which was rapidly coming into view.
Dawn was starting to approach and Makona held on tightly as they shot in to some unused outlet pipes at the edge of Ta-metru. It was a fairly tight area to fly through and her brothers had to slow down so that they wouldn't alert the matoran or Toa.
They stopped in a area where the pipes joined into one larger pipe, sitting down, the Rahkshi hissed amongst themselves, then at Makona.
Catching the gist of what they were saying, the dark Toa nodded in agreement, then watched as they settled to sleep through the daylight, while she got comfortable and waited.


It was late afternoon, when all the Ta-matoran arrived at the arena, Jaller looked up at Takanuva who was glancing up at the suns as they slowly moved across the sky, while the other Toa had a final talk with the Turaga.
"Take care, Taka." Jaller said as he started to head over to the others, Takanuva glanced back and nodded quietly as he joined the other Toa and they headed towards Ta-metru.
Jaller then went over to where Hahli was finishing writing and after she'd slung her bag over her shoulder, they went over to see the Turaga, while the rest of the matoran prepared to camp out in the arena.
After Hahli had stored what she'd written in her work area, she and Jaller headed back to the arena, where several tents had been erected. The other matoran were now gathered around the Turaga and Rahaga Norik, listening as they explained what was happening.


While the Rahkshi slept, Makona took her weapon out to see if the fight she'd had with the Toa had damaged it in any way.
Her quarter-staff looked undamaged, though somehow a brown pebble with gold specks had lodged near the top. As it didn't affect the staffs' balance, Makona put it away again, and not long after she too had dozed off.


Makona was facing a violet coloured Toa and they were sparring with staffs, then they stopped and hugged, laughing.


Makona awoke abruptly, staring around wildly, as the Rahkshi began waking. The nearest looked over and hissed at her, "You alright, sister?" as they stretched. "Just a bad dream." Makona replied, standing up and waited for them to fully wake up. The dark Toa then settled in the leaders' lap and they headed towards the surface.
They flew until the pipes got too narrow, then climbed through one until they reached the hatch that covered it. It took a few minutes to open and lift as it was rusted and fairly stiff, the hatch creaked loudly as the Rahkshi pushed it back.


The Toa reached the area around the multicoloured protodermis block, then as dusk fell, Aikane awoke everyone's shadow twin.
While she and Tahu explained what they had to do, Kopaka switched to his Huna and waited by the protodermis block for Aikane to join him.
As everyone then got in position, they heard in the distance, the creak of rusted metal being pushed back. Aikane standing beside Kopaka, sighed as she and Kopaka activated their Huna.
"I wish I didn't have to do this."
"I know, sister."
Gali gently replied from where she and Takanuva's shadow twin watched for the Rahkshi, and their stolen and infected sister.

After several minutes, the waiting Toa heard the Rahkshi approaching, the sound of Rahkshi flight paused for a few seconds before continuing to come closer.
Then the Rahkshi flew into view and landed not far from the silently waiting Toa who stood firmly in their way.

As they flew over Ta-metru, Makona could sense where Father was imprisoned, getting closer, she glanced up at the Rahkshi she flew with.
"Let me down, brother." he nodded and they all paused, while Makona jumped down, "Give those Toa what for, brothers." she laughed wickedly as they flew past her, the last one glanced back and hissed gleefully.
The dark Toa cautiously followed them for a few minutes, then caught a glimpse of the protodermis that encased Makuta and brothers, she stood there amazed, for a few seconds, by the size of the block which showed above the buildings that were near by.
The sounds of fighting then reached Makona, so she quickly made her way towards the block. As she passed through a side street, Makona caught a glimpse of two of her brothers fighting two of the Toa, the red and gold ones, then she reached the area where the protodermis block sparkled in the lightstones.

Kopaka was the first to spot a figure crouching at the edge of the square where the multicoloured protodermis stood.
He squeezed Aikane's arm, then let go so that he wouldn't get in her way. Aikane nodded unseen as she felt Kopaka squeezing her arm and glancing around saw a figure cautiously standing up and slowly moving in to the square.
"Mata Nui, what has Makuta done to you, sister!" Aikane thought horrified, as she watched the dull silver and dirty violet form of Makona cautiously looking around as she moved closer.
Then Makona stopped and gazed enthralled, up at the protodermis, "It's so beautiful." she murmured awed.
"And it must stay as it is, sister." Aikane spoke as she switched from Huna to Vohaki and appeared standing firmly between Makona and the protodermis block.

"'Nue, don't make me do this." she appealed, as she watched her sister, whom glared at Aikane as though at a stranger, while quickly stepping back.

"MY name is Makona and I've come to free my Father!" Makona snarled, livid that she was facing the one who'd been troubling my sleep, stepping back further the dark Toa drew her quarter-staff.
The violet hued Toa sighed, then pulled her own quarter-staff out. "I'm Aikane and I can't let you."
They circled each other warily, moving away from the protodermis block until they had reached a clear space.
Making the first move Makona lashed out, only to be skilfully blocked by Aikane, again and again the dark Toa struck out only to be stopped. Then quickly changing her tactics, Makona managed to knock Aikane over, but she quickly recovered and swung her staff round against Makona's knees, causing her to fall heavily.
Growling she scrambled up as the violet hued Toa watched and they started circling again. This time they stuck at the same moment and the impact nearly made Makona drop her staff, but she was going to free the Makuta and no-one was going to stop her.

Seeing an expression of grim determination coming over Makona's mask, Kopaka cautiously readied his Ice-blade as Aikane watched, firmly clasping her quarter-staff. Makona then suddenly moved, striking at Aikane so quickly, that she had no time to protect herself and was rendered unconscious as her mask flew off.
Walking over to where Aikane lay, Makona glared at her, then to Kopaka's surprise, she bent down, lifted Aikane's mask up and replaced it on the unconscious Toa, then her eyes narrowed as she turned, smiling darkly towards the protodermis block.

Walking past the unconscious form of the one who called herself Aikane, Makona stopped as she realised the sounds of fighting had ceased. Glancing around, she watched as the other Toa appeared carrying her defeated brothers with them.
"You're too late Toa, Father will be free!" Makona hissed triumphantly knowing they couldn't reach her before she could touch the protodermis.

"Sister, you don't know what you're doing!" the blue Toa cried out as Makona neared the block. The dark Toa ignored her and was about to place her right hand on to it, somehow knowing that would free the Makuta, when Aikane regained consciousness and looked up at her.
"Oh, sister." she whispered, Makona paused and turned back towards her, her curiosity finally getting the better of her. "Why do you keep calling me sister?" Makona demanded, moving closer to her, she slowly got up, using her staff to aid her.
"Because we are sisters." she replied as Makona glared at her, then laughed coldly, "I have no sisters."

The dark Toa turned back towards the block and moved towards it again and was back within touching distance when another voice spoke, "I'm sorry, sister." The white Toa suddenly appeared in front of Makona, then before she could do anything, he touched her with his Ice-blade and she lost consciousness as ice covered her.

After defeating the Rahkshi, the Toa and their shadow twins carried the imprisoned kraata, as they hurried to the square.
All the shadow twins, but Kopaka's then stayed out of sight, while the Toa carried the kraata, now in stasis canisters, as they moved to where their sisters and Kopaka could see them.
"You're too late Toa, Father will be freed!" They heard Makona hiss triumphantly, when she saw they wouldn't be able to reach her in time, Gali cried out. "Sister, you don't know what your doing!" Makona turned away from the Toa.
Then Aikane regained consciousness and whispered something which made Makona pause, then turn back and ask why she kept calling her sister. After Aikane replied, Makona laughed coldly, said she had no sisters, and turned back towards the block.
She was nearly with in touching distance, when Kopaka spoke, appeared and froze Makona to the spot, Gali along with Lewa's and Onua's shadow twins hurried over to catch Aikane before she could fall again.

As Gali and the shadow twins eased Aikane back to the ground, the others joined them, while Kopaka checked the frozen form of Makona before he came over.
"Will you be alright, sister?" Kopaka asked concerned as he then knelt beside her and Gali, Aikane nodded.
"I just need to rest, brother." she replied wearily, as the shadow twins faded away. Takanuva and Lewa lifted their frozen sister up, then headed towards the coliseum with Kopaka accompanying them.
Gali, Tahu, Pohatu and Onua sat with Aikane while she regained her strength. A short while later, Aikane carefully stood up along with the others and they slowly made their way to the coliseum, picking up the stasis canisters on the way.
When they reached the coliseum, the night was half done and nearly all the matoran were sleeping, as the Toa quietly walked past the tents, approaching the tower, they were met by Turaga Dume and Vakama, Rahaga Norik, Jaller, Matoro and Hahli.

On entering the tower, Onua and Pohatu went with Turaga Whenua and Onewa to put the stasis canisters away safely.
While Turaga Dume and Nokama showed Gali, Tahu and Aikane where they could rest.
"Where are Lewa, Takanuva, Kopaka and our sister?" Aikane quietly asked Turaga Dume before he and Nokama left.
"They are near by, Toa Aikane, but you should rest." When Aikane went to get up from where she sat, Gali gently stopped her.
"I'll go and see, sister." She said as Aikane glanced at her, then nodded gratefully and sank back on to the bed.
Tahu waited with Aikane, while Gali followed Dume and Nokama, he was about to ask Aikane something when he glanced over at her, to see that she was now fast asleep.
Just then Turaga Whenua entered followed by Onua and Pohatu, who on seeing Aikane sleeping, quietly tapped fists with Tahu, then got comfortable on the beds and waited for the others to join them.

Turaga Dume and Nokama led Gali to a room near the centre of the tower, as they entered the room and joined Vakama, Nuju, Onewa and Matau were anxiously looking at Makona, who was still unconscious.
Gali joined her brothers who watched Makona cautiously as she lay on the table, her quarter-staff now lent against the wall.
"You'll need our help to heal her." Takanuva said after a few minutes, Gali looked at him.
"Not for this healing, brother," She commented as the other Toa looked puzzled while the Turaga nodded quietly. "Aikane and I will heal Anuenue."
"But..." Lewa started to protest, but quietened when Matau tapped his arm.
"Alright, sister. I'll keep watch over Makona until you are ready." Kopaka said as the Turaga left the room along with Lewa and Takanuva.
"Thank you, brother." Gali smiled as they tapped fists, then she went to talk with Vakama.

Walking back to where the rest of the Toa rested, after talking with Vakama, Gali quietly thought about what Aikane had told her as they had headed for Ta-metru, and was totally unaware that she and the Turaga had stopped outside the room, until Matau shook her arm. "Toa Gali, you're dream-thinking."
"Oh, sorry Turaga." Gali exclaimed as she suddenly realised where they were, the other Turaga smiled.
"Get some rest." Nokama said, as Gali entered the room, she glanced back and nodded as the door closed behind her.
Then the Turaga decided who would keep Kopaka company, Nuju insisted that he would, then Onewa said he would go with him.
The others agreed and as Nuju and Onewa went back to help watch Makona, Dume and Vakama followed the other Turaga while Rahaga Norik, Jaller, Hahli and Matoro headed out to one of the tents and settled down for what was left of the night.

Kopaka nodded when Turaga Nuju and Onewa joined him, then they quietly asked about the fight, as Kopaka described what had taken place, they heard a moan of pain come from Makona.
Quickly going over to the table, Kopaka watched her heartlight flickering between red and blue, then it settled back to red.
Turaga Nuju and Onewa moved closer and Kopaka realised that Nuju had switched to his Komau.
"You'd better switch too." Onewa commented as Makona's eyes started to flicker and open. Before she had fully awoken, all three had coaxed her back into deep sleep.
Then Kopaka as a precaution, froze her quarter-staff in a block of ice. Then as they went and sat down again, Kopaka continued his account of the fight.
The Turaga were just as surprised as Kopaka had been when he told them what Makona had done after knocking Aikane's mask off.