Over on the Island of Mata Nui, the Rahkshi that had remained behind, watched as the shadow kraata looked at the two kraata that it had located.
Then the oldest shadow kraata nudged the smaller lemon/dark grey one towards the protodermis pool near by. It slid into the pool, while the shadow kraata gathered to watch and the mottled Rahkshi picked the second kraata up.
As it locked eyes with the kraata, the Rahkshi's eyes changed colour as Makuta's spirit took over and told the kraata what it had to do, with help from the chameleon Rahkshi.
The krana hissed obediently, then Makuta's spirit withdrew from the Rahkshi,which shook its' head as though waking up.
Then it placed the kraata back on the slab, before it went and used its staff to drag the newly formed armour out from the pool and placed it on the ground to dry, while the kraata hissed in anticipation.


Back in Le-metru everything was still and quiet, in Matau's home a blue glow surrounded Anuenue as she shifted in her sleep.

On hearing her name being softly called, Anuenue slowly opened her eyes, then sat up.
Aikane was also sitting up and looking around curiously, as they sat there, she asked her sister about the party.
"It was fantastic." Anuenue giggled, then gasped and pointed to where the mist was thickest, they watched as two figures approaching.
Then Mata Nui joined them, as they stood up and bowed, while the other figure waited, still hidden by the mist.
Mata Nui smiled "On some occasions the spirits of those who have passed into legend wish to meet someone who is still doing their duty." he said as they glanced at the hidden figure, then back at him.
Mata Nui then linked arms with Aikane, "Come with me, Daughter." he said leading her into the mist, the figure and Anuenue watched until the mist hid them from sight, then turned to look at each other,

While the mist began to pull back from the figure, Anuenue could sense that nine other spirits were gathering closer around them, watching with interest.
The Turaga of Colour bowed deeply as the figure came over, then slowly raised her head and found herself looking into the smiling eyes of Turaga Lhikan.
As she looked at his spirit, stunned and awed, he smiled and to her astonishment, bowed deeply to her, she immediately blushed turning the mist around them deep pink.

Then Anuenue heard gentle laughter around them and though the other spirits never made themselves visible, she somehow knew the spirits were Toa and that they approved of her, which caused the rainbow hued Turaga's blush to deepen still.
Then as the spirits moved back past Turaga Lhikan's spirit, mist stirred by their passing touched Anuenue's staff which caused the lightstone shards to glow brightly.

After the nine spirits had departed, Lhikan tapped his staff against Anuenue's, then hugged her before he too disappeared into the mist, Anuenue sat back down still amazed and didn't sense Aikane and Mata Nui watching her.
Then the Great Spirit raised his hand and let Anuenue's spirit return to sleep.

While Mata Nui lowered Anuenue's sleeping spirit onto the mist, Aikane wondered just who the other spirits he returned to sit beside her, Aikane was just about to ask, when Mata Nui glanced at her and smiled gently.
"Dume will explain." he murmured as she yawned, closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.
Placing Aikane back beside Anuenue, the Great Spirit was rejoined by the spirits who had gathered around Anuenue and Turaga Lhikan, they gathered around her and Aikane's sleeping spirits, then joined their hands together over them.

The mist that swirled around grew thicker and began glowing brighter as Anuenue's and Aikane's spirits were returned to their bodies, then the other spirits bowed to the Great Spirit and returned to their rest, while Mata Nui nodded as Lhikan's spirit bowed to Him, before they too returned to the spirit realm.


As dawn broke over Ga-metru, Aikane stirred, sat up and thought about the dream she and Anuenue had shared.
While she sat there, the green flecked, yellow and sea-green/apricot butterflies stirred then fluttered onto her lap. After a few minutes the butterflies had climbed onto her hands and shifted their wing colours to match Anuenue's and Kokua's.
"We should see them later on today." Aikane murmured, as Amaya yawned, stretched, opened her eyes and smiled.
"That's nice to know." she commented, as the rest of the butterfly flock fluttered off the window ledges to alight on her.
"I'm going over to Ta-metru, there's something I want to ask Turaga Dume." Aikane said as she and Amaya joined Gali who was sitting outside on the bench having breakfast.

"Alright sister, we'll see you later." Gali smiled, as the butterfly flock fluttered around Amaya and her, eager to get at the fruit and causing Amaya to giggle as they tickled her.
Knowing there wouldn't be anyone at the chute station yet, Aikane switched to her Miru and took off towards Ta-metru.

A short while later, she landed in the square where the multicoloured protodermis had stood. "Good morning, sister. What brings you here so early?" Takanuva asked as he looked up from where he was sitting chatting with Jaller, while Pewku stood near by.
"Would you believe a dream. Is Turaga Dume awake?" she grinned,"I'm not sure, lets find out." While they headed over to Vakama's, Jaller and Pewku went with them, the ussal crab chittering contentedly.

On reaching Vakama's they were met by Tahu and Norik, who listened while Aikane explained why she'd come. Then Tahu went to see if the Turaga were awake, a few minutes later he returned.
"They are expecting you, sister." Tahu smiled as he reached her, then he and the others walked over to Vakama's with her, before they returned to Tahu's, while Jaller and Pewku headed off towards the forges.
As Aikane entered Vakama's, he smiled and led her into the main room where Dume sat waiting. When she and Vakama got comfy, Aikane told them about what she'd seen in the dream and what Mata Nui had said before her spirit had fallen asleep.
When Aikane finished, Vakama gazed at her amazed, while Dume smiled quietly.
"It sounds like the spirits of the Toa who helped Lhikan drive the Kanohi dragon away from Metru Nui were with you last night."

Aikane looked stunned, then frowned puzzled. "I've read about that in the archives. But it said that eleven Toa defeated the dragon."
Dume sighed "That's true, but one turned traitor and was banished."
Aikane nodded quietly, then they talked about what the dream could mean for a while.
"Is Anuenue awake?" Dume asked as they finished their drinks and left Vakama's, Aikane paused, called out to her sister, then laughed.
"Yes, she's awake and someone's just tried to play a prank on them." Aikane told them between fits of giggles.

"Sounds interesting, shall we join them?" Tahu asked as everyone met up in the square.
"Yes, I'm interested in hearing what Anuenue has to say about the dream," Vakama said, "Lets fly there." He added smiling as he glanced around at everyone, who nodded and chuckled as the Toa switched their Miru.


Stretching as she awoke, Anuenue glanced over to Kokua, who was quietly singing as she sat on her bed looking out the window.
Then Kongu tapped on before sticking his head round the door, he grinned on seeing they were awake, "Turaga Matau wants a talk-chat," Anuenue nodded smiling, "And would you like to learn how to wind-fly on Ka?" He then asked Kokua.
"I'd love to, mind if I have breakfast first?" she grinned, delighted at the offer. Kongu shook his head, blushed slightly and as they entered the main room and sat to eat, he mumbled something, then left.
When we finished, Matau smiled, "We'll talk-chat outside, sister."

We'd just left Matau's, when there was a gasp from Kokua and Anuenue felt something wet trickling down her back.
Turning around quickly, she and Matau realised that someone had rigged a bucket of water to drop on them, but the bucket had got stuck on Kokua's head while soaking her.

The culprit was standing near by creased up with laughter, Kokua tugged the bucket off and glanced at Tamaru curiously, then before he could run away, she grinned, caught hold of him and started tickling him.
The pair of them fell to the ground, as giggles and helpless hysterical laughter echoed across the square, the laughter spread as everyone came to see what was going on.
We were still laughing when Aikane, Tahu, Takanuva, Dume, Vakama and Norik arrived and Kokua finally let Tamaru sit up to catch his breath.
Matau and Anuenue offered them beakers of water which started Tamaru sniggering again, then Kokua after drinking some, poured the rest over Tamaru's head.
"I think we're even now." she giggled as he spluttered, while everyone laughed.

Once everyone had regained their breath, the matoran headed off to work and the rest of us sat on the benches in the square.
While Aikane and Takanuva told Kokua some more of the story Anuenue'd started yesterday, Dume, Vakama and Matau listened while I told them about the dream Aikane and I had shared.
Meanwhile Lewa was telling Tahu and Norik about the party in great detail, by the time we had all finished talking it was mid-morning and Kongu was waiting near by with Ka.
"Looks like you're going to have a sky-high tour of Le-metru." Matau laughed as they went over to Kongu, on reaching them, Kokua offered Ka a piece of fruit she'd kept from her breakfast.
He trilled delightedly, gently took it from her fingers and let her climb on before swallowing it, then they took off with Kokua hanging on tightly to Kongu.

Lewa and Aikane came over, followed by Tahu to where Matau and Anuenue stood watching, as Kongu took Ka through a series of twists and loops, before flying in the general direction of the moto-hub with Kokua still hanging on.
"That looks like fun." she commented as Lewa grinned, "You ready for a spirit-lift tour, sister?" he asked as Aikane switched to her Miru and Tahu helped Matau onto her back.
"Oh yes, I'm looking forward to it!" Anuenue chuckled, then Tahu helped her up and made sure she was holding on securely.

"Don't want you getting blown away again, sister." Aikane silently laughed as Anuenue glanced at her and Matau.
Then she took off with Lewa close behind her, as Tahu turned and went back to where Takanuva sat with Dume, Vakama and Norik, Vakama blinked and smiled quietly as he came out of a vision.

After we'd flown around several pipes, Lewa said he'd show Anuenue the moto-hub, before doing a loop and surprising some gukko birds from where they were perched.
They flew with the Toa and Turaga for a while, when Matau glanced around and chuckled, before saying something to Aikane who nodded.
"Sister, tell Lewa that it looks like someone wants a race." she asked, Anuenue was telling him when she heard wing beats and on glancing around saw a phase dragon approaching, as the dragon shot past them, it roared a challenge then banked and watched Lewa eagerly.
Lewa glanced at Aikane, "If you give Anuenue a lift, I'll race-chase our scaly friend."
Aikane nodded, as Matau switched to his Matatu as a precaution.
The dragon roared again eagerly, as Anuenue caught hold of Aikane's arm and she shared her Mirus' power with her. Then Lewa flew over to the dragon and at an unheard signal, both shot off across the sky.

Matau laughed, "Lets go-head over to the moto-hub, I think-guess we'll find Kongu and Kokua there." As they flew in that direction, they kept catching glimpses of Lewa and the phase dragon zipping around in the distance.
"They'll be racing for a while." Aikane laughed as the moto-hub came into view, it looked amazing, with the chutes running into it and several air-ships anchored near by.
As they drew closer, several gukko birds joined us, their riders waved and showed Aikane the best place to land.
When Aikane had helped Matau down, they followed him over to where Kongu and Kokua were chatting and caught part of what Kokua said as they reached them "...until I could do that?"
Kongu noticed us approaching and nudged Kokua who glanced up smiling.

"Gukko flying is amazing, Kongu says he'll teach me to do some fancy moves, once I've mastered the basics." she exclaimed happily while Kongu glanced around embarrassed, he caught my eye and grinned, Anuenue moved over to him and smiled, "You had a good flight then?"
Kongu nodded "Kokua's a quick-fast learner." he then told them how the flight had gone as everyone headed inside the moto-hub, making their way through it, Kokua and Anuenue looking around fascinated.
By the time they'd been shown around, it was mid afternoon and they found Lewa sitting on a bench, having a drink as he caught his breath.

"That was a fast-active chase!" he grinned as they joined him, when Lewa got his breath back everyone headed towards the nearest square to watch the suns set, sitting on the bench beside Lewa, Anuenue glanced up at him.

"Does that happen often, the phase dragon and you racing, brother?" she asked as the suns dipped towards the horizon, Matau laughed quietly.
"If it doesn't fast-chase the gukko, then it comes to seek-find me at least once every sun-bright day." Lewa chuckled, as some of the matoran joined them, they were whispering excitedly amongst themselves, then Kongu came over to them. "Er...Turaga the others were wondering if you would change-alter their colours again."
"Yours too?" Anuenue laughed gently, Kongu grinned, nodding as the others looked hopeful, then she activated my mask and swapped their green shades for other colours.
Delighted the matoran bowed and chatting happily, headed for their homes, the Toa and Turaga then also, as twilight drew closer, headed back to Matau's and Lewa's.

Landing by their homes, they were met by the rest of the Toa and Turaga, who were interested to hear how their trip around Le-metru had gone.
While Lewa, Aikane and Kokua told them, Vakama came over and asked if he could have a quiet word with Anuenue, she nodded, while Matau glanced around curiously.
Vakama and Anuenue went over to one of the benches in the square, and as they sat down, he smiled, "While you were finally able to go and see Le-metru, I had a vision. Have you changed anyone's colour since last night?"
The rainbow hued Turaga nodded curious as to why he'd asked, "Yes, some of the matoran asked me, while we watched the suns setting. Why?"
He chuckled "I saw you changing some brightly coloured matoran back to their correct colours."
Anuenue glanced at him, mask creased in confusion, "The only reason I would do that is if I had the ability to permanently change someone's colour," Vakama nodded quietly as she continued, "When I saved Amaya, I gave that ability up to her, didn't I?"
"That's right, but only for a while, it was returned to you when you met Turaga Lhikan's spirit."
Anuenue looked at him stunned, then started blushing as they were joined by Matau and Kongu.
"Why's our colour-bright sister turned pink?" Matau asked as he sat beside her, then started chuckling as Vakama explained, "Kongu, you'd better find-fetch the others who are now colour-bright"
"Right away, Turaga." Kongu grinned, then added, "I don't mind being blue-violet for a while." While he headed for the nearest chute, still chuckling, Anuenue blushed a darker shade of pink.
As Kongu left, the others joined the Turaga, Amaya came and sat beside Anuenue until she'd regained her composure, while Vakama and Matau explained what was happening.

As the stars grew brighter, Kongu returned with the matoran who'd asked to have their colours changed, they grinned as the Turaga of Colour walked over to them.
"I didn't realize my masks' powers had strengthened." Anuenue explained to them as she returned Vira's colours to normal.
"That's alright Turaga, it was fun." one of the other matoran said, as the others chatted and joked about it while heading back to their homes.
Then Vakama asked Anuenue to wait with the rest of the Turaga for a while, Kokua went with the Toa, glancing curiously over her shoulder as she walked beside Gali and Pohatu.
When they were out of sight, Dume glanced curiously at Vakama who nodded. "That prophecy has come to pass."
Seeing Anuenue's puzzled glance Dume explained ,"The element that you control is meant to be shared. That is why you can now permanently change anyone's colour again."

"Shared, with who?" Anuenue quietly asked, after a few minutes of stunned silence passed, Nuju whistled gently, "Your sisters, Amaya and Kokua." she nodded and then to his embarrassment, went and hugged him.
"I understand you at last." Anuenue whispered as she stepped back smiling, he nodded and as they headed towards Matau's walked beside her.
They found Amaya and Kokua sitting by Matau's, and as they drew closer, Amaya nodded as Kokua slowly pulled a strand of colour from the air, then handed it to Amaya.
While the Turaga watched curiously, they carefully braided it, then Kokua wove it into a bracelet which she handed back to Amaya, they glanced up at the Turaga as they joined them.
"Do you think Aikane will like it, sister?" Amaya asked passing the bracelet to Anuenue.
"I think she'll be delighted." she smiled, as the others looked closely at the multicoloured bracelet before passing it back to Kokua.

Standing up, Amaya and Kokua were about to enter Lewa's when Vakama stepped closer to them.
"Come over to Matau's after you've given your sister her gift." he said, they looked puzzled but nodded and went into Lewa's as we entered Matau's and sat in the living room.
Anuenue was sitting with Nokama and Onewa, talking about her and Kokua's trip around Le-metru.

A few minutes later, Whenua, Dume and Nuju had headed off to their quarters to rest.
While Nokama and Anuenue stifled yawns, Amaya and Kokua joined them and after talking with Vakama, Onewa and Matau for a while, Amaya and Kokua had to rouse their rainbow hued sister, while Vakama roused Nokama.
Then they followed Matau to the room Kokua and Anuenue had slept in the previous night, after settling on the bed she'd used, Anuenue smiled at them, yawned again and suddenly fell asleep.

Amaya smiled as she and Kokua sat on the beds either side of Anuenue, "Thank you for showing me how to pull colour from thin air." Kokua murmured, Amaya grinned, "The ability lay within you, sister," she replied getting comfy, "It just needed a bit of help to awaken." Kokua giggled softly, then yawned as they both drifted into sleep.


Partial opening her eyes, Amaya watched the colours around her shifting and changing.
Then she blinked surprised and sat up, glancing around Amaya saw Kokua and Anuenue sitting beside her.
"Where are we?" she murmured amazed, Anuenue softly replied "I'm not sure, but it's beautiful."
They shifted closer to each other, hugged then watched the colours swirling around.
As they drifted back to sleep, Anuenue smiled as her eyes closed. "I'll tell Kokua about the spark in her palm."