Pokemon Journey!

Chapter 1

Hi! My name is Anthony. I live in the reigon known as Forto. It is well known for having every known pokemon living in this reigon. I live in a small town known as Wear Town.

Today I turn ten! That means that I get my first pokemon today!

I get out of my bed, and get dressed in jeans and a blue shirt. I go downstairs, and see that my mom and dad made me pancakes. I say thank you, and gobble them up! Then my mom gives me a small box. I open it to find an Xtranceiver, a pokegear, and a C-gear. I say, "Thank you guys so much!" and I hug them. My parents say, "Go out there and become a pokemon master!". I say, "Okay, but I will visit every month or so. Bye!". Then I grab my backpack and walk out of the door.

Chapter 2

I ran as fast as I could to Professor Canson's lab. As soon as I walked in, Professor Canson greeted me, saying, "Oh! Anthony! I've been expecting you! So, you're here to get your first pokemon, right?"


"So, as you know, Forto is the reigon with the most aubundance of pokemon. Every single one known to mankind is here! For that reason, we have every starter pokemon available. They are, Bulbasoar, Chicorita, Treeko, Turtwig, Snivy, Squirtle, Tododile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, and Tepig. I know there is a lot to choose from, a lot of people have trouble choosing."

"It will be a Cyndaquil, no doubt about it!"

"Okay, then."

He then handed me a shiny red and white pokeball. I opened it, and a tan and blue mouse with flames coming off his back appeared! "Cynda," is quietly said. "Hi Cyndaquil! I am going to be your trainer from now on!" I said to him. The Cyndaquil slowly walked up to me and sniffed me. "Cynda-quil!" he happily shouted. "Looks like he likes you, Anthony" said the proffesor, "You are almost ready to go! Here is your pokedex and five pokeballs.".

He haned me the goods and said, "Now you are ready to go! By the way, that Cyndaquil knows tackle, ember, and smokescreen.". "Thanks!" I said. And I walked out the door with Cyndaquil.

Chapter 3

"So, Cyndaquil, what do you want to do?" I asked. Cyndaquil grabbed one of my pokeballs and pointed towards route 1. "You want to catch a friend?" I asked. Cyndaquil nodded. "Okay!" I said. Then we ran into the tall grass. It wasn't long before we encountered a Zigzagoon. I said, "Cyndaquil! Use smokescreen!". The pokemon cerated smoke from out of it's mouth. The Zigzagoon then couldn't see. "Now use tackle and then ember!". Cyndaquil charged and hit the wild pokemon, then showered the pokemon with superheated wood particles. The Zigzagoon was out cold. "Go! Pokeball!" I said as I threw the pokeball at the uncontious pokemon.

The pokeball opened and sucked the Zigzagoon inside of it. The pokeball wiglled making a boink, boink sound. Then, it finally went, ding! sound. I had cought my first pokemon!