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He took an oath to never act on his feelings for her. But what could he do? He was with her every day, always on the run. How could he not think about how much he wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to never leave her side. What made it even harder was she pretty much stuck to him like glue on paper. She also made it pretty obvious that she was in love with him.

"Yo Snake!" Tunnel Rat said jolting him out of his thoughts.

He looked over at his smelly companion, thankful for the mask he had on.

"You want to drive?" T. Rat asked with a yawn.

He took the wheel thankful to get his mind off Scarlett for a little while. He glanced over at her sleeping form.

She rolls over in her sleep. It was pretty obvious she was having a nightmare. About what, he did not know.

With a sigh he pulled the car over, and walked over to the sleeping girl. He laid his hand on her ever so softly, and her dreams went elsewhere. He tried to keep his mind on driving the car, but it kept wandering to how cute she was while she slept. He allowed himself his eyes to look at her one last time.

She woke up seconds after he turned his gaze back to the road. "Hey." She whispered. "Want a break?" when he shook his head, she sat next to him. She was so close to him that he could feel her thigh brush against his leg.

It's at time like this that he is glad to have a mask. If he didn't she might have seen his face go from pale to bright red in seconds.

"Sorry for having to sit so close." She apologized, but it was obvious that she liked it. "It's just Tunnel Rat is taking up a lot of the seat." She pointed at the now sleeping Tunnel Rat.

He tried to keep his mind on the road, and not on haw close she was to him right then. He just couldn't help it, he pulled the car over.

"What's wrong Snake Eyes?" she asked looking up at him.

Right then seemed perfect. Everyone was asleep, it was just the two them awake, and sitting so close together. What was he thinking he had to get out of the car. But for some reason rather than opening the door to get out, he pulled her closer and took off his mask.

"Snake Ey…" She was cut off by his gentle kiss. At first she was startled but then she relaxed and kissed him back.

What was he doing? He just broke his oath, but why didn't he care? When they finished kissing he escaped out the door and disappeared into the trees. What did he just do? He broke his oath and just left her sitting there stunned. He punched a tree. How could he have been so stupid? Yet he wanted to kiss her again.