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Tunnel Rat's P. O. V.

Four months after he proposed to her, Snake Eyes was running solo missions, while Scarlett stayed in the Coyote most of the time.

"I want to come with you though." She complained, as the guys were getting ready for the final attack on Cobra.

"You're too close to child birth." Duke said nonchalantly.

"So? I still want to go." She pouted. Snake Eyes looked at her and shook his head no.

"T. Rat you stay with her just in case…well you know." Duke said with a shrug.

"Wait but I-" I started to plea, but they were already gone.

"Looks like we're stuck here," Scarlett said standing up. "What should we do?"

"You should sit back down." I said covering my eyes with my hat.

"I'm not just going to sit here and do…" She trailed off.

"What happened to your rant?" I asked a little concerned. "Lose your train of thought?"

"It's not that…"

"Then what is it?" I asked lifting my hat, so it wasn't covering my eyes. "Please tell me that is pee." I said lifting my eyebrow at the puddle on the floor.

"It's not pee." She said offended. "My water just broke."

I cussed aloud. "Why couldn't you have gotten pregnant after we took down cobra?"

"Just shut up and help me!" She screamed.

"I don't know what to do." I said going into panic mode. "Lay down and stay put."

"Okay," She panted as she obeyed. "Wait you can't leave me in here alone, I need…" Her sentence was cut off as a scream of pain escaped her lips. I shut the door as quickly as possible, and started to look around.

Luckily for e a car was passing by just as I stepped onto the pavement.

Snake Eye's P. O. V.

It hurt to leave her, knowing she was close to child birth. But we have to take down Cobra once and for all.

"Okay, so everybody know the plan?" Duke asked, and Roadblock and I nodded.

Just before I was about to leave Duke grabbed my arm and said, "Don't die on us okay? She loves you, and will need you in the years to come."

I nodded and disappeared into the shadow. My job was to take out Cobra Commander, while Duke and Roadblock covered me.

I walked down a hallway and slipped into an air vent as some Cobra troopers passed by. 'It's probably safer to stay in here. Not to mention it might be easier to find Cobra Commander.' I thought to myself, as I slipped through the ventilation system.

I heard voices coming through one of the vents so I stopped and listened.

"I'm telling you something is up, the Joes haven't attacked in over eight months." A woman's voice said.

"Baroness, take it as a good omen." A male's voice responded. "It means they have finally given up on bringing us out into the open."

"I guess so commander, but I still have a strange feeling about this." Baroness complained.

"Don't worry," He assured her. "Now leave me I must get ready to address my people."

"Of course Cobra Commander," She said her heels clicking in retreat.

I have found my target, now all I had to do was knock him out long enough to send the data to Lady Jae.

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