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Tunnel Rat's P.O.V

As much as I hate being treated like a nurse, for once I didn't mind it. I hated child birth even more.

She had me warm up some water, and then hold Scarlett's hand. Let me tell you that wasn't fun, she had a death grip that was as strong as an elephant's trunk. Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it hurt.

About an hour or two later her screaming was exchanged with the cries of two babies. Scarlett held them with a look of pride on her face.

"Thank you for the help...um miss..." Scarlett said trying to thank the stranger.

"Rose," She said politely. "Alice Rose is my name, and it was no problem. I deliver children for a living Scarlett. Speaking of children, what are you going to name them?"

"How about rug rat one and rug rat two?" I asked looking at the kids.

She looked at her two little kids, a boy and a girl. "I was thinking more along the lines of Brookie, and Sapphire. I had those names picked out ever since I found out I was pregnant." She smiled. "I didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl, I wasn't expecting twins though."

"Those names are cute Scarlett." Alice said with a smile.

"I'll leave you two ladies to talk" I grumbled exicting the car.

Snake Eye's P.O.V.

I slipped outside and met up with Duke and Roadblock.

"Good job Snakes." Duke said just as his phone rang. "Hello?" He answered.

I looked at Roadblock who gave me two thumbs up. I nodded and sat down on the ground waiting for Duke to get off the phone.

"That was Lady Jaye. Her and Flint are on their way here lets get going." Duke said walking back to the group.

An hour or two later we made it back to the Coyote. There was a blue van in front of it, and crying coming from inside it. Tunnel Rat was outside talking to a woman.

He spotted me and nodded to the Coyote. I quickly and quietly slipped inside of it.

As soon as I was inside I was stopped in my tracks. A smile slowly spread across my face when I saw the woman I love holding my children. I wasn't expecting her to have twins, but I was happy all the same.

"Hey Snake," She smiled softly. "Meet Brookie and Sapphire."

I picked up Brookie, and notticed he had his mothers eyes, and Sapphire had my eyes.

Duke burst into the Coyote. "GUYS WE AREN'T FUGITIVES ANYMORE! I JUST GOT A CALL FORM LADY JAYE!" His eyes sparkled, when he said her name. Then he noticed the two babies. "Oh sorry..."

Scarlett just smiled. "Thank heavens, I didn't want to raise them to live their whole lives on the run."

"You know what this means right?" I signed at Scarlett.

"Yes Snake now we can finally get married and raise our family in a house." She said, as we drove off in the sunset.

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