Long time ago a flash back coming to the young brave Japanese woman called (Aoi Umenokouji), a student in the 20th, she was fighting someone who has pretty skills & he was about to beat her, his name is (Brad Burns), An Italian kick-boxer who used to hang out with company of some girls after his matches, he's also in the 20th, so handsome that every women wants to be with him, in the middle of the fight, (Brad) get closer to (Aoi) & surrounds her in a cell, they look at each other deeply as his lips was about to be connected to hers, she kicks in his groin, making him pain, he felt with rage & furious & took her out by a big punch, the bell rings as the people shouting & cheering for the Italian champion, the announcer start to say who is the winner:

The Announcer: The winner is….. (Brad Burns)!

As (Aoi) looking at him with a lot of anger & swore to take her revenge by force, while (Brad) celebrating his victory with some bunch of girls.

& Now, It's in Tokyo, the sky is pure, & the weather is cool, not too hot nor cold, & there is a view of a normal house of (Akira Yuki), The Former Champion & childhood friend of (Aoi), his father & (Aoi)'s father are old friends, (Aoi) was in love with him a long time ago, but she felt that (Akira) changed a lot since he met another woman, it was (Pai Chan), she went to visit him with sorrow….

(Akira Yuki): Hey, (Aoi).

(Aoi Umenokouji) "sorrow": Hey, (Akira).

(Akira Yuki) "concerned": What's wrong with you? Are you ok? What happened? Did you win or what?

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry & crying": That bastard (Brad) made me loose for the second time, why… why… why? Why's this happening to me? He's nothing but a looser & a womanizer.

(Akira Yuki): (Brad Burns)?! I thought he's a good guy.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry": (AKIRA)!

(Akira Yuki): Ok ok I'm sorry I was just… 'sigh'… at least next time you're going to defeat him for sure.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry": Not just this…. I'm not leaving him alone when I see his face… I will take my revenge & kill him.

She was about to leave but he stopped her & grabbed her arm with force…...

(Akira Yuki): (Aoi), don't you ever think about it, you hear me? First this is just a fight, ends with a handshake, I'll tell you something… remember that guy (Goh Hinogami)? He was invincible but having no heart, when he beat me, I shook his hands & told him that was a good match, although he refused it, call it a pathetic thing, but that's the truth, I never been thinking about revenge, (Aoi)... & second, This is going to destroy your life & thinking all the time about revenge, what's the benefit of it? Ha? Tell me.

She didn't say anything & her head was down, a few seconds she rises her head & keeping away from his strong hand, she left his house & walked away, that was a goodbye to him, realizing that he cared about her as a little sister, & she knew about his relationship with (Pai) since the beginning of the tournament, A Chinese actress, she decided to leave & moving in her old house over the roof.

As for (Brad) The Champion, he won another fight against someone a celebrating with some girls, the view was in a strip club, some people dancing, some people drinking, & some other talking, he was away from his homeland in Italy, careless about his parents cause he's too famous & they want his money, they want him the best & choose the best girl not poor, but rich having a lot of money.

(Eileen), A Chinese girl & closest friend with (Pai) & (Aoi), she was in the competition but she lost & became the 5th, (Brad) invited her as he invited any girl & hang out with him, (Aoi) was disguised, covering her face & wearing like a Bedouin, so not let anybody see her including (Brad)...

(Brad Burns): Hey, girl, What's up?

(Eileen): I'm fine & you?

(Brad Burns) "drunk": Smookin' Dookin' fine baby, you never told me you're inviting your friend, Who is this beautiful lady?

(Eileen): Uhhhhhh… Oh that's (A...).

(Aoi) hit her leg harder so no one knows her real name...

(Eileen): Ouch! "laughing a little bit", nice push sista, this is (Alisha).

(Brad Burns): "laughing Harder", It's ok, but don't you realize that this name is English not Chinese a little bit, anyway it doesn't matter nice to meet you, lady.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry":…

(Brad Burns): Is she not talking?

(Eileen): She just….. uhhhhhh… not having a mood….. I mean….. she's not talking actually.

She was about to get away but was interrupted by (Lion Rafale), (Brad)'s rival, he lost to him & became 7th…..

(Lion Rafale): I don't know why are you hanging out with this guy? He's a looser.

(Brad Burns): Look, man, Why don't you shut your mouth & get the hell outta her?

(Lion Rafale) "smirking": Fine, You asked for it.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "whispering to (Eileen)": Let's go, I can't stand it.

(Eileen) "whispering": Ok ok fine, let's go. 'normal talking', uhhhhhhh I gotta go, cause my sister wants to go home.

(Brad Burns): Come on, ladies, please stay, this guy will never disturb us again.

(Eileen): I know, but really my sister wants to go home immediately.

(Brad Burns): Ok, if you insist, see you later, ladies.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "humming angrily": Curse on you, asshole!

(Eileen) "angry": Seriously, (Aoi)? This is ridiculous! I know what are you doing & I won't let you do this.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry": This is none of your business, Ok? I can take care of myself!

(Eileen) "shouting": Fine, you want that? Go for it!

(Eileen) left the building as (Aoi) looks on, so sad for losing her best friend just for revenge, (Brad) continued his fun with the girls….

(Girl 1): who is this Japanese woman you fought against?

He was frozen for a moment...

(Brad Burns): Oh, Her? she's just a loser.

As soon as (Aoi) heard that she felt with rage, more & more...

(Brad Burns) "continued": But seriously... I never thought about having a fight against a woman nor a girl like (Eileen), she's nice but she's not like the other girls.

(Girl 2): Who? (Eileen)?

(Girl 3): Or that Japanese woman?

(Girl 1): Idiots! Of course he's talking about this Japanese girl, Hello!

(Girl 2): We didn't ask you bitch!

(Girl 3): Yeah this is none of your business, whore!

The girls stood up on the couch & they start fighting & (Brad) was trying to calm the ladies.

(Brad Burns): Ladies! Ladies! Pleeeeease!

Suddenly while (Aoi) was watching him someone pushed her by mistake & apologized to her, the scarf on her face was dropped, so is the outfit, & the real of her appears, wearing a Japanese tuxedo, all the girls stopped fighting & looked to (Brad) as he was stunned when he looked at her straight & got up on his couch, she started to run away from him while he's chasing her, she fell on the ground in the middle of the street, & coming truck was about to hit her when (Brad) told her to watch out but she didn't move...

(Brad Burns): LOOK OUT!

So he pushed her out of the street & save her life, the two fall on the grass rolling & rolling, till they stopped, the place was in the garden, in the middle of the square…

(Brad Burns): Are you ok?

(Aoi Umenokouji): Yeah, I…

The two began to look at each other silently, like they met for the first time of their lives, he was grabbing both of her arms by his both hands & landing on her body, he was about to kiss her but again the same thing happened but different, this time she hit him in his stomach, & she ran away

(Aoi Umenokouji): I'll get my revenge on you, (Brad)! You hear me?!

(Brad Burns): What's your name?

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry": I won't tell you if you died!

(Brad Burns) "stunning": Ha?!

I know it looks stupid & but i ship Brad/Aoi a lot

Hope you guys like it & give me your reviews ^_^