In the afternoon, (Aoi) went out again wearing a big hat, & this time (Brad) was sleeping but he was pretending, she went out to go shopping & he started with different disguise, he was wearing white shirt with black vest & black pants, with the same beard but in the same hair, he started to follow her step by step, till she finished shopping, suddenly out of blue, some gangs were teasing & threaten her to give them what she have, (Brad) interfered them….

(Brad Burns): Hey, why don't you leave the lady alone, gentlemen?

Everyone looked at (Brad), & (Aoi) recognized his voice, one of the gangs started to fight but he put him down by flip leg, the other the same but he jumps with a high kick, & so on, but he didn't recognize the leader who threw him out, she start to take him out by a big punch in the face with a steel pipe, she went to see if (Brad) was ok, he was unconscious & was beaten out in his eyes & his face, she carried him away from the place.

At home, she was healing him, & he woke up in a few seconds…..

(Brad Burns) "confused": Where am i?

(Aoi Umenokouji): you're home.

(Brad Burns) "angry": But, where is that big guy? I wanna kick his… 'as he felt pain in his stomach' Ouch!

(Aoi Umenokouji): It's ok, I took care of him.

(Brad Burns) "confused": L…. Look, next time when you go out.….. you…. tell.. me.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry": Oh, is that the problem? I'm so sorry... at least you should thank me for saving your life.

(Brad Burns) "angry": No, lady, you caused us more trouble for the second time, & you almost got hurt!

(Aoi Umenokouji) "angry": Ugh, THAT'S IT!

He grabbed her hand to calm her down...

(Brad Burns) "concerned": Ok, ok, ok, I'm sorry, I….. I was just….. worried about you.

(Aoi Umenokouji) "shy": Really?

(Brad Burns): You know... I don't like girls going out without someone taking care of her... that's why.

(Aoi Umenokouji): You know... I forgot about him.

(Brad Burns) "confused": Who?

(Aoi): You know what I'm talking about... now let me take care of you now.

She was wounding him & suddenly while she was getting some medicine, she slipped on his chest & the two of them were looking at each other closely, she felt that she started to fall in love with him, he was holding her softly, but she doesn't want to waste her time with him, she get up on him & went out, he followed her despite his injury, the rain started to fall outside & it was so cold, she was freezing & frightened…

(Brad Burns): Why are you doing this? Why?

(Aoi Umenokouji) "concerned": I….. I can't…..

(Brad Burns): Can't what?

(Aoi Umenokouji): I….

(Brad): I love you.

She was shocked when she heard what he said, her heart was beaten again, he went too close to her, grabbed her body, & kissed her softly, their eyes were closed when they're kissing, like they found something lost for a long time ago, their lips parted as they look at each other for a moment, they kiss again with a French kiss, their tongue were dancing, they stopped, she look at him & touches his injured body slowly & both of them hugging, they went inside & start to making out, he kisses her neck & bit it, she felt so good...

(Aoi Umenokouji): Don't stop... 'as she breathe'.

(Brad Burns): I'll stop if you told me to.

Their moans were too loud as they were hooking up, he rips her kemono & fell on the bed till the lights went off.

hope you guys like it ;)