Author's note: This is my first story some pointers on what can be improved will be appreciated.

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Chapter 1

I walked through the doors of the SRU and glanced around taking it all in, my bright green eyes taking in everything, the glass windows, the officers walking to locker rooms or training, everything. Today was my first day as a member of Team One. I was pumped. Ever since I heard of the SRU it was my dream to get there. Guns, adrenaline, and explosives… my kind of party. I probably didn't look the part. I'm about 5'7 with blond hair that falls just below my shoulders. Thin but not super skinny, but its all muscle. You definitely wouldn't want to get in a fight with me.

At the desk the dark-haired woman who introduced herself as Winnie checked my ID and then called the sergeant down.

As I waited I continued looking around wanting to memorize every detail so I would be able to describe it all to my brother after shift.

Then I heard someone ask, "You Thunder Reid?"

I turned and saw a stocky bald guy with friendly brown eyes that held a little pain.

"Yeah that's me," I answered.

"I'm Sergeant Greg Parker. You can call me Boss or Sarge. Welcome to Team One."

"Thanks glad to be here."

Before more could be said a woman with brown hair that had a slight reddish tint came up to us.

"Hey Sarge. Who's this?" she asked.

"Hi Jules. This Thunder Reid our new recruit. Thunder, this is Jules Callaghan, the other girl on the team."

After exchanging hellos Greg asked Jules to show me to the locker room and then make sure I made it to the briefing room to meet the rest of the team.

On the way to the locker room a conversation that would start an immediate friendship was initiated.

Jules asked the first question, "So what did you do before SRU?"

"I worked on a FBI profiling unit."

"Not bad. I think we are going to get along just fine."

And with that we headed to the briefing room.