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Flonne and Etna trouble

It been a couple of month since Flonne became Arch-angel, and she on her way on Netherworld to have chat with Overlord Lahral about Celestia, and it need.
"Therefore, we need more room in Celestia, it is getting cramps." "... Are you it not another plan for making another robot Flonne..." "I meaning! Laharl, why you won't believe me!" "Because last time you need it, you used it for giant robot, Arch Angel Flonne." Laharl say in so much serious, that Flonne think something wrong. "L-L-Laharl, way you acting serious?" She start to act worry. "Because I have no reason to trust Angel from Celestia now, thanks to you waste few of my money, on stupid giant robot!" "But you your money on robot too..." Than Laharl give Flonne angry look. "Well at least I didn't waste my money giant robot!" "You didn't?" She said it in confuse way. "Remember, I'm the overlord!" "Oh..." "Now get out my castle!" "No, I won't leave until I get the money I need for Celestia." "Fine! Here it is!" Laharl start to build up his energy on Flonne. "Uh-oh..." She start run fast she can but. "To late! Overlord's Wreath!" Flonne start to fly out the castle, later on her hit head on rock which later she passed out.
"Hey Flonne, you okay?" When she wake all she saw is a red eyes, red hair demon with pony tail, and wear leather black clothing with skull earring. "Oh Etna, it you..." Flonne say in sad tone. "So me guess, prince blast you off castle too, right?" "Yea bu t- what?! You too?" Flonne asked in wondering tone. " Yea, since you were gone, prince get more serious and more responsible to his job of Overlord, he getting less boring, beside reason I need up with blast because just one tiny prank at him." "Which is?" "Hit him with frying pan. And just at moment I laughing so much, he hit me with Blazing Knuckles, nd with one hit, and just like I'm was K.O. by prince, and walk up outside. But I know I was drag out, the prinny tell me." "Lucky you, I was blast out castle, thanks to his Overlord's Wreath..." Saying in shame tone. "Wow, that mean you really do it this." Etna saying with smirk. "All I done is just asked him for money!" "No!" "What is it is it ba?" "Well yeah somehow he only need it, not when he want to." "Like what?" "For war and for all the others junks." "Really?" "Yeah, and when someone him for money, guess what he do to them." 'He asked them nicely to leave?" "No, one big trip to hospital." "Oh.." " Which it really make me so angery, he took my money, and last week when I asked him for my money back, he just use Meteor Impact on me, I was lucky to stay alive to that point. And speaking about make me so angry!" "Wow, great story... I think." "So Flonne, want to help me on my revenge on prince?" Etna asking in a lusting tone. "Sure, as long we pay Laharl for what he did."

End part 1.