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note1: Jack White - Love is Blindness (the cover from the Great Gatsby trailer. oh yeah.)
note2:I correspond with Cameron McKell. She's lovely, and indulges in TRON related discussions. Cheers!

When Quorra shows up hours later, he's still hunched over the screen, fingers flying across the keyboard. Sam doesn't even hear her come in, he's too deep within the code that is the Grid's lifeblood. Flynn's papers (she'll never be able to think of him as Kevin, just Flynn) are pinned up on a board, notes and random code sequences scribbled haphazardly across yellowing notebook paper in blue pen. Sam glances at them occasionally, before diving back into the scrolling lines that make up what used to be her home.

(It's not anymore though. The User world is her home now. There is so much here. So much light, so much life, so much wonder. It's so different than the perpetual digital twilight of the Grid, with its neon glow and dark reflections.

In the Grid everything, everyone, had a purpose, a directive. She had always felt so lost, never knowing what she was supposed to do. She would wander the streets and watch everyone hurry by, with places to be and people to see. She could stand in the middle of a crowd and feel completely and utterly alone. Green lights, blue lights, yellow lights, programs with a purpose. Her white lit circuitry gave her away as different, and people shunned her for it.

But here, here she didn't feel so lost. Here, nobody had a directive. They did what they wished, when the wished, because they wished. They were so free, and she loved it. She loved all of it. The sunsets, which made the world look like it was on fire. The rain, which fell as it pleased, unlike the purging rain on the Grid. The chocolate, the tea, the paper books, the steady thrum of life. The User world felt so alive, she could almost hear the city breathe.

She didn't think she would ever return the Grid. There was nothing there for her there, not anymore.)

She approaches him slowly, cautiously, like one would a wild animal. She's never seen Sam in such a fervor before, pounding keys at an alarming rate. She calls his name, softly at first, then louder and louder as he continues to be unresponsive. She has to shout before he turns to her, a dazed look on his face, as if just woken up from a dream. He blinks a few times before giving her a sheepish smile.

"Hey Q. You been here long?"

She sighs and shakes her head. These Flynns. They get so into something that they forget the rest of the world and almost nothing can bring them back until they've finished what they set out to do. It worries her, how like his father Sam is in his blind dedication. But where Flynn was calm and reserved, Sam is hot-headed and reckless. Someday he's going to get himself into trouble, and Quorra is terrified she'll lose him to. (Like she lost Flynn, and Radia, and Anon.) She's lost too many already, and she'll do anything to keep from losing Sam.

"Wanna grab some coffee? I think a break would do me some good. Everything's starting to blur together now," he chuckles, oblivious to her inner turmoil.

She gives herself a mental shake and gives him a quick smile. (She loves coffee. One of the greatest things she's discovered in the User world so far.)


(She ignores the feeling in her gut that's screaming this will be the last time they go out to get coffee at her favorite little cafe downtown in a long time. Something's coming, even if they have no clue to what it is. Something big. Something that will change everything.)

note3: Inspiration! It struck! But seriously, I need to get to the Grid. And Tron. I miss Tron.