Hi guys! Yet another story... Hope you like it! Minor cursing... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Disclaimer:If I owned DC comics or young justice, I would currently be hugging a life size robin doll. Do you see robin anywhere? *looks left* *looks right*. I didn't think so.

It sucks to be me

Robin POV

Everyone tends to think that being the 'boy wonder' is easy. I pick up things and it just comes to me naturally. Nope. Not at all. I'm still a (pretty) normal kid. I go to school, have homework, study for tests. I do all of this at Gotham academy where I spend my days as Dick Grayson. During my free time though, I'm Robin, ninja hacker of the young justice team. I'm not complaining, I have a pretty asterous social life. I mean, even though I have like zero free time, I have an awesome girlfriend, a best friend, and a team of people I love like family. But let's get back to the awesome girlfriend.

Zatanna Zatara. Her name just flows like silk doesn't it? Gorgeous, smart, funny, fellow mangler of the english language. She's the total package. I might even just love her. Heck, I do love her. But the B-man said that I can't trust anyone with my secret identity. Which is how I end up here, Monday morning at Gotham academy, staring straight into the sparkling blue eyes of my girlfriend as Dick Grayson. Shit.

Zatanna POV

Can't believe dad is making me go to this stupid stuck up prep academy. I mean seriously?! Who in their right mind makes girls wear uniforms like this. Still, Gotham. It's Robins city. My boy wonder might even be going to this school! He let it slip once that he actually does go to school... not some private tutor or something. Still, it's hard going to a school where you don't have any friends. Wait. There's only one person on earth with that mane of blonde hair... "Artemis!" I called to my friend across the square. Yes, this school has a SQUARE. She glanced up at her name and grinned when she saw me. "Zatanna! What are you doing here?" I rolled my eyes. "Now that I'm living somewhere *ahem* somewhat permanent" AKA the cave. "The B-man said that I have to go to school. I didn't know that meant some snobby private prep academy." She grinned once again. "Of course, now that I'm here It'll make things a little more bearable, right?" I nodded. "For sure!"

After comparing schedules with Artemis, we learned we have third and last period together as well as lunch. She said she would introduce me to some of her friends later, so I'm not so worried about making friends anymore. Apparently I have some kid named 'Dick Grayson' in my homeroom. Friend of Artemis's, so not a stuck up prep. As I walked into the classroom, I almost crashed into a very cute boy with pretty blue eyes. "Sorry!" I squeaked and jerked back. He just cocked an eyebrow. "It's fine." He said, "You must be new, I'm Dick Grayson." His voice sounded so familiar! I just couldn't place it at the moment... "Zatanna. Zatanna Zatara." I said back to him. "That's a nice name. It flows just like silk." He replied. I blushed. Zatanna Zatara you cannot think like that! You have a totally awesome ninja boyfriend! "Well, we'd better sit down. Class is about to start." "Sure, sure..." He seemed kinda... distracted? Hmmm. Well.

Time skip to lunch

Ugh. Class was so boring. At least I get to see Artemis and Dick now. Where were... Ah! Over by the window. I walked over to them and sat between Dick and Artemis while they introduced me. "Bette, Barbra, this is Zatanna." Bette was a pretty blond girl and Barbra was a redhead. They both seemed pretty nice. "You totally look like a pimp Dick. Sitting at a table with three older girls? You've got guts." Barbra commented. "I don't know..." I began. "If I were in his position I'd be feeling pretty asterous." Everyone laughed at that. Nobody even asked me to explain! These people were perfect. "Well. I think any girl who can abuse the english language like that is totally asterous too." Dick said back to me. I blushed, again. Artemis was the one to intervene this time though. "Knock it off." She said with a friendly nudge. "This girl has a boyfriend you would NOT want to tangle with."

"Ohhh a boyfriend!" Bette exclaimed. "Tell us about him." I thought about what I could and could not reveal for a minute before answering. "He's super sweet. He's also really funny and can cheer me up even when I just want to wallow in misery. He's always got my back too. He's just the knight in shining armor." I said thinking about Robin. He's just the perfect guy for me. No flirty cute Dick Grayson could change that.

Robin POV

As I listened to her talk about me, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. She really thought that about me. I just about felt myself blush. Too bad for me, it didn't go un-noticed. "Are you... blushing Dick?" Barbra said inspecting my face. I shook off the feeling of content as the blush faded. "No..." Seriously Dick? That's the best you've got? "Let's lay off the mushy talk Zatanna. looks like someone is getting embarrassed." Bette said. Whatever. Let's just let this blow over. As the bell rung, signaling the end of lunch, Zatanna shot me a curious look before moving to her next class.