The end of summer vacation could not come soon enough in Harry's opinion. Wednesday was getting to be an absolute nightmare, gabbling on about this or that which she had unearthed in Harry's old course books. Nor had she put down her wand since she got it.

It was not of Ollivander's make, but from an American Wandmaker they found in New Orleans. It was made of ebony wood with an Augurey feather core, which Wednesday liked to remind everyone in the family once every ten minutes.

She only stopped when Pugsley threatened to throw it into the fire, and the only reason she did that was because she was too busy trying to skin her eldest brother to brag.

Then there was some sort of confusion with a magical creature that appeared out of no where one day while they were in the living room.

It was no higher than Harry's waist, had large ears, wide green eyes, and a long, pencil nose. It blinked and gave a small stumble before it looked around at them all, squeaking as he realized what an audience he had popped in on.

"Hello." Gomez smiled, putting his live cigar back into his pocket. "Have we been introduced? No, let me guess! You're Cousin Itt's old roommate from Harvard! I believe we met the year he brought you to the family reunion-"

"Of course this isn't Itt's old roommate, dear." Morticia spoke up. "Clarence had three eyes, remember?"

"Oh, yes..."

"Children, this isn't one of your pets you've dragged home, is it?" Morticia asked them.

"No mama." all three said at once as they got closer to the little guy. He looked at them rather nervously.

"He looks yummy." Grandmama said, throwing her two cents in. He squeaked again.

"No eats Dobby!" he finally spoke up. "House elves is not for eating!"

"Well, we'd never know if we didn't try." Uncle Fester pointed out.

"What's a house elf?" Wednesday asked Dobby.

"Why are you here?" Harry added.

"A house elf is a servant to a wizarding family, and can only be free if given clothes." the small thing explained. "And Dobby is here to warn Harry Potter not to go back to Hogwarts next year!"

"Addams." Harry, Wednesday, and Pugsley all corrected at once.

"Not go back to school? Why not, mon petit?" Morticia asked.

"Tish! You spoke French!"

"Not now, Gomez."

"There is a plot." Dobby said, sounding a little less sure of himself now. "Bad things will happen this year. It is too dangerous for Harry Po- Addams to go back to school!"

"Dangerous?" Harry repeated. "Sounds fun."

"Can we eat him now?" Grandmama asked.

Dobby did not stick around for much longer.

Finally, September the first arrived.

Thanks to Wednesday's enthusiasm, she and Harry arrived at King's Cross incredibly early. They had a bit of trouble with the barrier at first, but as more students arrived and remained similarly stuck on the muggle platform, attention was called to the situation and the problem was fixed shortly after.

On the train Harry met up with Hermione and Draco while Wednesday went off to go find friends of her own.

"I wonder where Ron is." Draco said, peering out the window as if he expected to see the Weasley in the hall. "Too nervous to show his face, most likely. He learned I'd gotten better at chess and couldn't bear to face me-"

"You are an idiot, Draco." Hermione told him without looking up from her book. "Ron would never hide from a chess challenge. I'm sure he'll be along soon."

But he wasn't. The train ride dragged on, and there was still no sight of the red-head. Eventually, they decided to go looking for him, but though all the other Weasley's were accounted for, Ron had yet to appear.

"I talked to Percy." Hermione said once they had converged after their search. "He said Ron should be here. They were a bit late coming to the station, but they arrived just in time."

"Strange." Harry hummed. Where could he be, then?

Draco and Hermione shared a nervous look over their friend's absence, but Harry remained nothing more than curious. He knew Ron could take care of himself. He had gotten even better at knife throwing since last Christmas.

"We should go check on Wednesday." Harry said at last. "Make sure she isn't holding Ron hostage and terrorizing him with Homer."

"Who is Homer?" asked Hermione.

"Her aracomantula." Draco explained to her as they followed after Harry.

"You can keep those as pets?"

"Hagrid does." shrugged Draco.

"Yes, well, Hagrid tries to raise illegal dragons inside wooden huts." Hermione pointed out.

Harry came to his sister's compartment and opened the door. Ron wasn't here either. Just Wednesday and a pale, white blonde girl with wide blue eyes.

"Un fantôme!" Harry cried with mock surprise before bowing his head towards the stranger and giving her hand a small kiss. "Enchanté, mademoiselle."

"The pleasure is mine." the girl returned in a wispy voice. "You must be Harry. My name is Luna."

"La belle lune!" Harry said. "It is an honor."

"No!" Wednesday shouted, pushing her brother from the compartment. "Luna is my friend and you can't flirt with her! Out!"

Eventually the long train ride came to an end, and the second years followed the rest of the upperclassmen to the carriages pulled by skeletal winged horses. Harry gave one a pat on the flank before following Hermione and Draco into one of the coaches, and riding up to the castle. When they reached the Great Hall they split up, Harry and Draco heading over to the Slytherin table while Hermione went with the Gryffindors.

Not long after they were seated, the first years were led into the Great Hall, and the Sorting Hat brought out. It gave it's customary song, and finally it was time for the ceremony to begin. Professor McGonagall pulled out her scroll with all of the student names, and called out loudly;

"Addams, Wednesday!"

Harry didn't miss the small groan that went through the crowd. Apparently they thought one Addams was enough.

He watched as his sister glided up to the stool and the old hat was placed upon her dark, braided hair. It sat there for a long time, and Wednesday stayed patient and still underneath it. Harry wondered if they were having a conversation, or if she was just waiting for him to make a decision.

Not a sound was made as the Hall waited in anxious anticipation.

Finally, the hat seemed to come to a conclusion and straightened up taller on her head, opening his brim mouth wide.

"RAVENCLAW!" he shouted.

Harry began clapping, which was followed by a polite smattering of applause from others as well.

But not from the blue and bronze table. They just sat in a sort of shocked daze.

Wednesday took no mind and skipped over to them, taking a seat with a broad smile on her face.

Author's note: Yes, yes, Wednesday is a Ravenclaw. Don't filet me just yet. If you notice, I've been leading up to this from the first few chapters. Wednesday has always been dedicated to learning, and isn't past doing extensive research to get what she wants. While she is very cunning and ambitious like a Slytherin, those are not her only attributes. Not only that, but I believe Wednesday will be happier in Ravenclaw house. The Ravens will be much better victims to terrorize than the Snakes.