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Lonely Heart

Ch.10: The Dragon Spirit

Hana had a bad headache when she woke up. She found herself in a dark, damp room. She groaned and she sat up.

She found herself on top of a pile of the Cat Bureau. She landed on Baron's, Auron's and Muta's back. She blushed slightly. They were knock unconcious. She got off the pile and shook them up. "Guys, wake up!" She whispered harshly. Muta groaned, being at the bottom of the pile. Auron and Baron sat up, shaking the dizzyness they had.

"What happened?" She asked as she rubbed her head. Baron groaned as he stood up. "I don't know...I remember flying with you with Haru, Auron, Toto and Miyuki. The next thing I knew...we were knock out of the sky." Baron said. He was swaying slightly. Hana got ot his side and set him against the wall. "Easy, Baron. It looks like that your strength isn't back yet." Hana said.

Baron stares at Muta. "How did you find us, Muta?" He asked as Hana started to rub his head so that the dizzyness doens't overtake him. Muta grunted. "How should I know? I was knock out when I was just reading the newspaper when you guys took off." Muta said. Hana then noticed something.

"Where's Haru?" She asked.

Baron looked around and noticed that Haru was missing. Hana then noticed that they were in a dungeon. Toto and Miyuki were trap in another jail cell. "Baron...we're at the Cat Kingdom. Phoebus must of found us and made some cat guards to take us down." Toto said. Miyuki was prinning her feathers, having a sad look on her face.

"Hana...he wasn't happy that you killed his wife. He...took Haru and he's going to force her to marry him." Miyuki said. Baron gasped and tried to get up, but ended up back on the floor. Hana looked up and smirked. "Say, Baron...did Lune ever say that his father's mind is loose enough as it is?" Hana asked.

Baron stared at her. "...yes. He did mention that. Why?" He asked. Hana pointed up. "He wasn't smart enough to put us in a different cell." Hana said. Baron looked up and smirked.

It was an air vent, right over their heads. Hana stares at Muta. "Say, Muta? Can you give me a boost up?" She asked as she walk up to him. He smirked. "Sometimes, I don't know if you're the Hana that feeds me Fish stew anymore." He said as he lowered his back. Hana stood on his shoulders as she tried to reach up to the air vent shaft...but they were two cats short.

"Muta...I can't reach it." She confessed. Muta growled under his breath and lowered Hana down. "There has to be another way! That vent is are ticket out. I just need to throughh that vent so I can go outside of the cage and unlock us out of here." Hana suggested.

Baron then got an idea then smirked. "How about trying a new stragedy?" He asked.

Hana backed up. "What are you planning, Baron? I don't like that smile of yours-ah!" She was lifted onto Auron's shoulders.

"Muta, ready?" He asked. Muta laughed. "I like this plan."

5 minutes later...

"...okay, I hate this plan!" Muta growled.

Soon, Muta was balancing three cat figurines on his back while Hana tried to reach the air vent. Hana was on top of Auron's shoulders as he stands on Baron's shoulders.

"Warn me next time when you do that, you two!" She said. Baron smirked and adjusted his grip on Auron's feet. Muta was struggling. "Hurry it up, Chicky! I can't hold onto you three much longer!" Muta complained. "I thought that you can handle it since your little scandolous action with the fish in the lake at the Cat Kingdom." He said sarcastically.

Toto, Hana and Auron stared at Baron and Muta. "What about the fish in the lake?" Auron asked. Hana grunted. "Now is not the time, guys. We need to focus." He said.

Muta nearly toppled over, making the three cats trying to keep balance. Hana clentched onto Auron's top hat as they stop wobbling. Auron and Hana sighed in relief. "Muta, hold still! I almost got it!" She started to reach the vent. "...then how about we trade places so I can stand on your back?!" Muta yelled. Hana sighed in irritation.

Hana grabbed the air vent. "I got it!" She then scrambled herself inside the air shaft. Baron and Auron hopped of Muta's back as Muta rubbed his back. "You owe me big time, Baron!" He said. Baron smirked.

Hana then finds herself outside the cage she was in. She turned her claws into dragon claws and tried to unlock the cage gate. Within moments, Hana unlocked it. She then unlocked Toto and Miyuki's lock.

"Good job, Hana." Baron said as they ran out of the dungeon. Toto and Miyuki went to Lune's castle to warn him about his father. When the others rounded up at a corner, they crashed into familiar two cats. It was Natori and Natoru. They were in a big pile.

"Why do we end up in a pile today?"Hana asked since she was at the bottom of the pile.

"Where is Phoebus?" Baron asked. Natori gasped. "He's at the main hall! We better hurry!" He said as he guided them to the main hall. They crashed through the door ways.

Phoebus was with Haru, trying to force her into marriage. Hana glared at Phoebus. Her dragon claws started to show. Haru managed to have the opportunity to stomp on his paw, making him let go of her. Haru ran towards the Bureau.

Haru threw her arms around Baron, hugging him tightly. He stroked her hair, hugging her tightly in return. "Shh. I'm here, Haru." He whispered. Haru was crying softly into the crook of his neck as he kissed her cheek and tighten the hug as much as he could without hurting Haru.

Auron then noticed that Hana was struggling to keep her emotions under control. Part of her arm was starting to grow scales and talon like claws. Wings then grew out. Auron then noticed what was happening.

Phoebus was shaking in fear as Hana started to slowly turn into a dragon-

Auron cut her off by embracing her tightly. He couldn't bare to see her in pain and lose her again. He tightened the hug; praying that Hana would calm down. He felt the power to started to fade away. She wrapped her arms around Auron, a single tear of pain runs down her cheek.

They both collapsed to their knees; still lock in their embrace. "...I'm sorry. I...couldn't bare to see another life taken away." She whispered as she buried her face into the crook of his neck. He stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. "...I know, Hana...I know..." He whispered.

He then gently puts his arms around her shoulders and under her knees, carrying her gently. He glared at Phoebus. "...I hope you learned your lesson from this, Phoebus. Lune will come later and decide your fate because I don't think that only retirement will be enough for you." Auron said as his icy glare then softens as he stared at Hana.

She passed out, her forehead resting on the crook of his neck. He smiled sadly and sighed. "Well, Baron?" He asked.

Baron nodded and opened the portal to the Cat Bureau. Toto and Miyuki came. "Lune will be here, soon. He said that he'll take care of his father." Toto said. Miyuki then noticed that Hana was passed out in Auorn's arms.

Hana wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. She was gasping and sweating. She saw herself back at her home at the Cat Bureau. She felt tears running down her furry cheeks. She was shaking in fear.

She walked outside and stared at the stars. She then noticed the red house' light was on still at this time of night. Hana walked up to the door and knocked. A few minutes passed and the door opened slightly. Auron wasn't wearing his black jacket. Only his yellow vest was showing and his white shirt. He was suprised to see Hana up this late.

"I know it's late and everything...but...can I stay with you for the night, Auron?" She asked. He sighed sadly and guided Hana inside the house. They went upstairs and found a small bedroom. A dresser was right next to a window as a large bed was on the opposite end of the window.

Auron laid down on the bed as Hana laid next to her. He propped himself up as he stroked her shoulder length hair. "Hana? Is something wrong?" He asked. She was shaking slightly. He wrapped one arm around Hana and squeezed her as he laid back down. She held his hand as her back was against his chest.

"...I had a bad dream. I guess...I needed comfort from you." She confessed. He stared at her. "...do you want to talk about the dream? Or do you want me to stay up with you until you fall back asleep?" He asked. Hana shivered; making Auron hold her a little tighter.

Hana took a shaky breath. "...it was about my mom coming back to life and...she killed everyone I knew..." She said as tears started to flow down her cheeks. He started to purr a soft lullaby as she turned to face Auron, burying her face into his chest. He stroked her hear and purred softly. After awhile, his soft purr lullaby lurred her to sleep.

He smiled sadly and kept nuzzling the top of her head; purring a soft lullaby until the sleep consumed him. Before he fell asleep, he heard Hana softly purring in her sleep.

Hana then felt someone nudging her. "Hana, wake up." The voice said. Hana fluttered one of her eyes open to see Haru. Hana looked around and saw herself back in her own home. She smirked; knowing who carried her early in the morning. "Yeah, Haru?" She asked.

Haru hesitated. Hana then became concern? "Does this have to do with Baron?" She asked. Haru laughed nervously. "Well,...yes and no." Haru answered. Hana propped hersel up from the bed. "Well, what is it?" She asked.

"I was wondering...if you can change me...into a Cat Creation?"

Hana stares at her and smirked. "Sure. But are you sure that you want to go with this decision, Haru? Once I change you into a Cat creation, I can't change you back. The effect will be permanent." Hana asked. Haru nodded. "No one will really miss me. Hiromi's married to Tsuge and Machida will probably never see me again. So, I'm sure." Haru said.

Hana smirked. "You didn't tell Baron about this?" Hana asked. Haru shook her head no. Hana then thought of a plan. "Then let's make this an early birthday present to him." Hana said.

She grabbed Haru's hands and closed her eyes. She let her dragon powers flow between them.

"Dragon spirit that's within me, Let me grant this wish

Let this human girl grant one wish

From the skies and earth from undone

Change this girl into a Cat Creation."

The light glows inside the room. Soon, the light faded and Hana stares at Haru. She smirked. "Now for the suprise."

(thirty minutes later...)

"What is this about, Hana?" Baron asked.

Hana was covering his eyes with her hands. "Uhh...think of it as an early birthday gift from me. Trust me, you'll love it." Hana said. Toto and Muta were chuckling evilly. Baron then stop walking when Hana stop. He was about to pull Hana's hand away until Hana covered them again.

"No peeking!" She ordered

Baron chuckled. "Auron, is the 'surprise' ready yet?" She asked. Auron smirked. "Yes, it's ready." Auron called. Hana smiled and uncovered Baron's eyes. He was suprised from his early birthday suprised.

Haru was standing infront of him as a Cat Creation. She had dark brown ears with her brown shoulder lenght hair. She had hands and feet, but her face had a light shade of brown. She was wearing a yellow dress with shades of white on the sleeves. She smiled slightly while blushing. Baron stares at Hana.

"...she wanted to be a Cat Creation like us, so I used my powers to give her what she wanted to wish for. She did it for you, Baron. She want's to stay with you." Hana explained. Baron stares at Haru and smiled warmly as he opened his arms open to Haru.

She ran at him and wrapped her arms around his neck; hugging him tightly as a single tear of joy runs down her cheek. He returned the hug tightly; stroking her brown hair. Haru pulled away, her arms still draped around his shoulders as she stared at his emerald green eyes. He smiled sadly as pulled closer for a gentle kiss. She returned the kiss; purring softly.

They pulled away from the kiss. He gently whispered into Haru's ear. "...will you marry me, Haru?" He asked.

Haru smiled and hugged him once more. "...yes." She whispered. Baron smiled as he tighten the hug as much as he could without hurting Haru in the progress.

Hana smiled; glad that he liked his early birthday gift. Auron wrapped one arm around Hana; pulling her close. "...you did good, Hana." He whispered. Hana smiled. "I know..." She said. She noticed that she started to sway slightly.

Auron knew what was happening and swept her into his arms. Haru and Baron stares at Hana. "You okay, Hana?" Baron asked. Hana gave him a thumbs up. "Just used too much energy is all." She whispered. She gently rest her head against Auron's shoulder. Auron chuckled.

"I'll take Hana in so she can rest. Hope you enjoyed your suprised, Baron." He smirked. Baron chuckled as he wrapped one arm around his new fiance'. Hana was already fast asleep in Auron's arms as he carried her upstairs in her arms. He gently laid her down on the bed; stroking her hair.

He then gently pressed his lips against hers and kissed her softly. When he pulled away; he smiled as he laid next to her. He wrapped one arm around her as he puts his other arm under his head. He then gently fell asleep; holding Hana close to him.

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