I stand in the bathroom nervously, checking Reddit to pass the time. UGH! Why! Why am I so stupid?! One side of my mind snapped. ' This IS what you wanted isn't it?' the other side argued. ' Yeah, but I'm 14 How am I supposed to raise a kid?!'

' Who's the one who decided to be like, Hey lets have-'

'OKAYYYYY! I know!'

' You know they're gonna abort it...!'

' I just won't tell them...'

' After three months they stick a tube up there.'

' Not after five months, I'll wait till then.'

' Sure, good luck with that.'

I sigh. I noticed that the three minutes were up. I begin to tremble, 'Do I really want to look?' I asked myself. I turn my head towards the counter where the pregnancy test was. 'This little sign will change my life completely.'

I gasp, it was positive. That pink little + sign. 'What am I gonna tell Jarrett?!' I groaned. I look down at my stomach and poke it. I then stare at it intently, there is a little human in my stomach growing. In 9 months it will be screaming and crying.

A knock on the door makes me jump.

" What did it say?" Brittany asks just outside the door. I was in Brittany's bathroom, we found one of her moms older pregnancy tests.

"It says my parents are going to kill me." I mutter under my breath.

"WHAT!" She screams excitedly, she busts open the door. She pushes me out of the way to see the test.

"OH MY -" I cover her mouth with my hand.

" Shut up!" I Whisper. She licks my hand,

"EEEP!" I release her and wipe my hand on her shoulder. We both giggle, her mom enters the bedroom.

" Guys." She calls. Brittany takes the test and puts it in her back pocket. Her mom see's us in the bathroom and smiles.

"Jasmine your moms here." She says. Her mom walks back downstairs.

"Where is it?" I ask her. Brittany opens her mouth to talk but then she closes it again. She turns around and turns on the sink and washes her hands with a traumatized look on her face. I laugh really hard,

"Text me, when your done burning your pants." I laughed as I walked out the door. I head down the steps and onto the sidewalk.

My mother is waiting for me in my dads car. I try to act normal...as normal as a kid can.

" Hi, mom." I smile as she pulls out of the driveway.

We get home and I go straight upstairs to my room. I take off my current clothes and get into workout clothes. I run down the steps and grab some socks from the "No Pair" pile( or as I call it "The Forever Alone" pile). I grab my shoes and slip them on. As I walk out the door my mom catches me.

"Where are you going?" She crosses her arms. I smile sheepishly.

" Going for a run..." My mom raises her eyebrow.

"Really?" She smiles questioningly.

"Where else?" She caught me and she knew it. I sigh, I step in the house and shut the door.

"Jarrett's." I mumble. My mom looked angry.

"Uh-huh." I sigh.

"Be back by 8." She told me and she opened the door for me. I run out the door.

"THANKS MOOOM!" I scream over my shoulder.

I grab a bike instead of running (I hate running).

I get half way there and realize that I have no idea what to say to him. I try to think this out in my head. Which never works -_-.

' I could just go out and say it.'

' That would be awkward...'

' Got any better ideas?'

' Nope you're on your own.'

'But, you're my conscience.'

'Not for this situation.'

' sigh'

I trembled as I went down Jacoby road, with both excitement and fear, I can't wait to see his face when I tell him. Will he be shocked? Angry? Happy? Will he make me get rid of the baby?

I notice that I haven't even messaged that I was coming over. Oh well, I turn into his driveway. I get off my bike and put down the kickstand. I walk up to the door nervously, it always made me timid or nervous. Mainly because I was scared of his mom and step-dad. I knock on the door, a few seconds later Jarrett answers the door.

" Sorry I didn't text you. It's important." I sigh and give a guilty look.

"What?" He gives me a confused look. I shift my weight uncomfortably, I look down at the ground.

" I can't tell you here..." I begin. Jarrett nods, he gives me the " I'll be back" look from the first Terminator movie. I giggle, he's so immature. I like him like that though, he gives me the childhood I never had.

He shuts his door. I can hear him call for his mom. A distant voice that is not understandable shouts back. I hated standing infront of peoples houses, it was one of the weird things about me that I didn't like. I stand there, I pull out my phone and begin to text Brittany.

'What should I say to him?' I send the message. Hoping that she would answer soon. I turn around and look at the forest. I sit on the ledge of the porch that was made of concrete, I wrap my arms around my stomach, it made me relax a little.

"That place is called the woods, it has a beautiful lake. Well reservoir, but I call it a lake, lake sounds so much better than reservoir." I smile. I always talked to myself but now it feels nothing like it. Maybe it would be weird to the people around me. I lean back a little, my head bumps into something. I look up, Jarrett was standing behind me looking down at me.

"Talking to yourself again?" He asks with a wry smile on his face. I stick out my tongue at him. He laughs, he holds out his hand and pulls me up. He jumps off the porch, I jump after him. We get to the entrance of the woods and a guy that looked a little it older than Jarrett stood in the entrance. I instantly moved behind Jarrett, the guy tilts his head. The n turns his head to Jarrett.

"Hey Jarrett." The guys smiles. Jarrett returns the smile.

"Hey Jake." Jake looks at me and points lightly.

"Who's she?" Jarrett grabs my hand and squeezes it lightly. He must have noticed that I was uncomfortable.

"I'm Jasmine." I say, ignoring my extreme shyness. A woman's voice calls 'Jake's' name. Jake sighs.

"I gotta go, Nice meeting your Ginger girlfriend." Jake nods his head and leaves us back on the path alone. I yawn, I should've went to bed earlier last night. I look at Jarrett and he yawns from me yawning.

"You look tired, when did you go to bed?" Jarrett asks looking at me concerned. I giggle,

"Late." I answer back and yawn again along with rubbing my eye. Dammit! I'm never going to be able to tell him if I keep yawning like this. Jarrett pulls me into a hug and rubs my back. After a little bit I move away from him and point towards the woods and begin to walk on. He follows silently, as we always do. It's like a thing, unless the other is hurt or lost, we don't speak as if it's a ritiual.

After about five minutes we come to the clearing ( Or airsoft pit as they call it). We sit in the usual comfortable spot that we always sit in. Jarrett wraps his arms around me as he sits next to me. I lay my head on his shoulder as I plan how i'm going to tell him this.

"Jarrett..." I just need to tell him this no matter what he says.

"Hmm?" He humms half asleep.

"I..." I close my eyes, this easier said then done.

"What?" I turn to face him, looking me in the eyes. His eyes show curiosity.

"I'm pregnant." I whisper it, barely a sound comes out. Jarrett's eyes widen. He looks down at my stomach and then back into my eyes.

"What?" He asks again.

"I'm pregnant." I say louder and more clearly. He begins to lean back a little, I wrap my arm around is waist making sure he doesn't fall back.

"Wh-When?" He asked, he seemed as if he was staring into my soul.

"I found out today, that's why I came over here." I manage a smile. He returned the smile and pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry." He mumbles into my neck.


"I got you pregnant and now you have to go through carrying it and giving birth." He whispered. I shrug, he pulls back and looks into my eyes.

"If it's with you I don't care, I can go through a few months of pain." Jarrett shakes his head.

"Jasmine, how do you expect to give birth. The pain medicne has to be put in through IV and by your spine, you can't handle a simple shot without passing out and having a seizure." I shrug again.

"No medicne then, I'm just worried about my parents. When they find out what will they do?" Jarrett shuddered.

He pulls me onto his lap, then kisses me. Jarrett placed a hand on my stomach as we kissed. All of a sudden I became extremly tired, we broke the kiss and I laid my head on his shoulder. His breathing and smell made me so comfortable. I closed my eyes and fell into the most restful sleep i've ever had.