Ice Rain

Warning: Sap alert, me being the horrid Glenn/Frog fangirl I am. XP Oh, I'm *WORKING* on beating CT, so half of the concepts of where people are is from reading spoilers. Oh, and there's some base on an RPG, so don't brick me. I'm pretty much pulling plot as I go... x_X;

Chapter 1: Company on a rainy night

Frog walked mutely through the Cursed Woods to the local stream to refill his water supply. Since the battle with Lavos, the former knight of Guardia (and current hero) was pretty bored. Bored out of his froggie mind. What helped ease it a bit was the rain that trickled through the leaves causing a soft mist in the woods; it added a sense of mystery that although made him uneasy, he somewhat liked it. Atleast, tonight. As he reached the stream and started filling his bucket, he caught sight of a human across the stream with a camp site set up. It seemed to be a lone female with a sword strapped to her back in a leather sheath. The grip was wrapped in green leather and the gold hilts was covered in strange runes that glowed a pale blue. Frog squinted for a better look, but only saw a flash of silver hair as the girl disappeared into the mist surrounding her camp site with it's rather dwindling fire. Frog shook his head and resumed filling his bucket.

While Frog was busying himself with water, his sword was having a conversation with itself. "Was that what I thought it was, Masa?" Came a quiet voice. "I think so, Mune. Let's check it out while Glenn is busy." Came the response. The sword glowed faintly and came out of it's sheath of it's own accord, splitting into two yellow creatures in long white robes, brown shoes, and bands across their necks to tell them apart. One had green, one had violet. Both looked otherwise the same; bald, with somewhat beaky noses and green eyes. Both hovered and slipped over to the opposing campsite. There they spotted the female from before, with long silver hair, and long bangs parted in the center, coming down to her shoulders. She had emerald green eyes, and a black jerkin lined with red. Under the jerkin was a white shirt, and she wore tight black leggings, and rabbitskin brown boots that came up to her knees. The sword was carefully laid out next to her, as well as a good size brown bag, which seemed designed like a backpack. Masa looked at her eyes before making the presence of him self and his younger brother known. He blinked. They seemed so sad... Masa shook his head then floated up, followed by Mune. "Hello." Masa said. The girl glanced at them. "Hello." She said. Mune bounced slightly, causing the girl to quirk an eyebrow. "Who are you two?" She asked. "I'm Masa." Masa said. "I'm Mune! I'm the wind!" Mune said, bouncing again. Masa glared at Mune. "You are NOT." Masa said, irritated. Usually he haid paitence for his brother, but not right now. "Let him have his dream. It certainly would be nice to be the wind." The girl said calmly, looked somewhat amused. Mune peeped over her shoulder, doing a slight jig. "Who are you?" Mune asked merrily. "My name? It's Reiketsu." She said, turning back to her fire. "Why are you in the Cursed Woods on a night like this? Don't you have a home to go to?" Masa asked. Reiketsu shook her head. "I have no home. It was destroyed.. A long time ago." Reiketsu said quietly, poking at the fire. Masa touched her shoulder. "Everyone has a home, even Mune and I. Sometimes, you just have to find it." Masa said calmly. "What's that supposed to mean?" Reiketsu asked. Masa smirked. "You figure it out." Masa said smugly. He glanced in Frog's direction. "It seems we should depart. A pleasure meeting you, Reiketsu. Perchance we'll meet again." "Bye, Reiketsu!" Mune said, waving before following his brother across the stream. The two soon fused back into the Masamune sword, and returned to their sheath. Reiketsu blinked, and got up to see where they had gone when she tripped into the stream. "GYAH!!" Reiketsu yelped, pulling herself out. Frog blinked at the muddy mess in front of him in suprise. "Art thou alright, m'lady?" Frog asked, sweatdropping. Reiketsu blinked, looking at him, and nodded. "I'm OK. I think." Rei said. Frog nodded. "What art thou doing on a night such as this? Surely thou art not out travelling these woods?" Frog asked. Reiketsu shrugged. "Yeah, I am. I'm a drifter. I'm Reiketsu. But friends call me Rei." Reiketsu said, getting up. She was certainly a sight in her muddy clothes. Frog bowed. "My name doth be Glenn, but I request that thee call me Frog, as this form is not of mine own choosing, but that of a wizard called Magus." Frog said. Rei twitched, and seemed to say something rather un-ladylike about Magus under her breath about Magus. Frog blinked. "Art thee going to be out in these woods all night? It doth be dark, and thine campfire appears as if it doth be extinguishing." Frog said. Rei grumbled. "Yeah. And I've been trying to keep that campfire going all night. I haven't even eaten tonight." Rei snorted. Frog blinked again. "Doth thou not have a place to go to keep dry??" Frog asked. Rei shook her head. "Nope... No home. Like I said.. Drifter. My village was destroyed... A long time ago." Rei shrugged. Frog looked contemplative.

"Perhaps, tonight, thou canst stay in mine home. It doth be dry and safer there than out her, M'lady." Freog said. Rei looked uncertain. "Well.. If you say so..."