Frog caught the last leaf as it fell from the now barren tree and handed it to Rei, smiling. Rei smiled back, admiring it before climbing a tree and picking apples, tossing them down to Frog. Only a month had gone by since Muramasa's destruction, and already she could tell it would be an early winter. Crono had taken Epoch after Magus and Lucca announced they were using a Gate Key to return to 600AD after showing up hours after Rei and Frog had awakened. Whatever happened, Serra said she suspected it involved baby making.

Frog half worried about what Rei would do during the winter. He was sure that he'd hibernate due to his frog form, like usual, and after her initial few days in Guardia Castle, he prayed she wouldn't drive everyone insane. For now, he decided not to worry, and to just enjoy the time he had before he would hibernate for the winter. Quietly, he watched her toss him apples as her caught them, turning things over in his mind before deciding to merely savor what he was doing.

Crono watched Serra and Dalton both practice their magic in Serra's yard. After Dalton had quietly explained to Crono that he had manged to overcome his dark side--his past, he said he wanted to help his mother improve her magic. Although Serra had adopted him, he still felt she was his mother. Crono had to admit, Serra was certainly improving. Crono turned his head, boggling to see Lucca returning. She had a satiated grin on her face. Crono walked over, and gave her a look, asking what was up. Lucca just smirked.
"Nothing at all.. Magus just had things to do." Lucca said coyly. Crono sighed, just shaking his head.

Magus sat alone in his castle. Finally, he felt, the world seemed safe. But still, he longed to find... His sister. Still... He felt contented with Lucca. Magus glanced out the window. It would be winter soon, which meant that Frog would be hibernating soon. Frog certainly was a perfect cross between frog and human. He just wondered if the child would come after him about it. Magus merely grumbled, finishing cleaning his magic chamber. Quietly, he began examining one of his many books in an effort to locate Schala.


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