Chapter 9

Ok let's fast forward.

The shop had a tournament. I got into the finals, but of course Mr. I'm-So-Cool beat me. but we were going to regionals! We were in the van. The manager was driving off to who knows where and I was using Kai's shoulder as a headrest. Kai shot me a cold stare, but I just ignored him.

"Stop moving," I muttered.

I felt Kai sigh and I fell asleep.

No one's POV

Misaki looked at Emma leaning against Kai's shoulder.

There cute Misaki thought to herself.

Kai glared at her as if to say, Don't you dare get any ideas.

Misaki just laughed quietly as she told the manager to turn left and of course he turned right.

Kamui was thinking about what would happen if he won the nationals.

Oh you are the best Kamui! Emi said.

I know I am! Now where's your great lunch! Kamui laughed.

His day dream popped as he noticed Emma leaning against Kai. He smirked. Kai DID like Emma. No matter how many times he denied it.

Aichi looked at Emma's peaceful face as she slept. Sure Aichi might have a little crush, but Emma was Kai's and Aichi knew that.

"Stop moving," Emma muttered again.

Kai just shook his head.

Emma opened her eyes.

"Will you stop moving?" she asked and she went back to sleep.

The manager peered out of the rear view mirror.

Those two he thought they look great together. When will Kai just admit he likes her? Then again, he is Kai.

Kai glanced at the sleeping girl on his shoulder. Her soft hair brushed against his neck. He sighed softly. His childhood friend didn't change at all, unlike most of them. As he glanced at the clouds he wondered if he would meet Tetsu and Ren at Regionals. Then he would set things right. He knew Emma was thinking about the same thing.

This time he would set things right.

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