Modern Love

A Kingdom Hearts fanfic by Raberba girl

Summary: Roxas is never going to figure out life, ever.

A/N: Man, the "Modern Love" theme for Fire & Moonlight is freaking hard! DX This is one of the failed ideas. The real version will probably use the same interpretation, but it kinda needs to involve Saïx in some way, shape, or form. *sweatdrop*

In most of my fics, the CoM team survives at least a few extra months, because writing the Organization is not nearly as fun without them. :(


"Hey, Axel?"


"I'm kind of confused about something."

"You say this like it's a new thing," Axel chuckled, taking another bite of ice cream.

"Uh- So, I just wondered why we're the only ones I know about who have a boyfriend and a girlfriend."

Axel swallowed wrong and choked on the sea-salt suddenly burning his throat.

"Well, I guess Xion has two boyfriends, but it's still different."

"Wait, what?"

"Or...would you be a manfriend, not a boyfriend? Because you're grown up? Except I've never seen 'manfriend,' I've only seen 'boyfriend'...are you allowed to be a boyfriend, Axel, or can you only be a friend?"

"Did Xigbar and Demyx get hold of you again?" Axel demanded, already starting to go into Beatdown Mode.

"...I messed up again, didn't I."

"Roxas, tell me what you are talking about!"

Roxas gave a very long sigh. "Axel, he asked mechanically, "what is a boyfriend and a girlfriend, because I guess it doesn't mean 'friend who is a boy' and 'friend who is a girl.'" He threw his arms up in frustration. "I hate this! I thought I'd figured it out by myself this time! Even when I'm smart, I'm still dumb."

"Roxas Number XIII Key of Destiny, I need some backstory now before I flip out more and start setting things on fire."

Roxas pulled out a book titled Modern Love. "Marluxia gave me this, because he said it'd make me a man. I'm sick of being a kid, so I said okay, but it didn't work."

Axel plucked the book out of his hands and started scanning through it. If he was a Somebody, he would have been in danger of fainting from horror. "Flaming...pants, Roxas, how much of this have you read?"

"I dunno...ten pages, maybe? Reading's hard."

The book immediately turned to ash in Axel's hands. "Roxas, Marluxia is a troll. Never listen to him."

"What's a troll?"

"Someone who thinks it's amusing to make my mentoring life miserable."

"You have a different life?" Roxas said in confusion.

"Well...not really, come to think of it..."


Author's Notes: The "Modern Love" theme has been plaguing me for ages, I still haven't come up with a suitable plot bunny for it yet. I do know that I want it to be a book title and for there to be amusing awkward, but that's it. This morning, I guess Roxas got impatient or something and started playing the scene out, giving me dialogue and stuff, but...not a trace of Saïx, so I rejected it as an F&M drabble. However, today I worked at the job where I have a lot of time to write, so just for the heck of it, I scribbled out this Axel/Roxas version in my notebook. I still need some kind of Axel/Saïx version, though. -.-