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So this little nugget has been dancing around in my head since the start of the first season. I don't watch much TV but when I do I ted to play what if in my head. This fic steams from one of those what ifs.

This story is set during the summer after the first season. All of that happened with two exceptions. The Lady in Black wasn't Nick mother. Nick killed Akira Kimura and was cleared of any wrong doing. Juliette was saved by Monroe and Rosalee. She doesn't remember Nick telling her about the Grimms and Wesen.

That should be it. A lot of things in this fic is purposely left unsaid but if you have questions I'd be happy to hear them. I look forward to your thoughts on this story.



Thanks to my betas for taking the time to look this fic over.

When Two Worlds Collide

Chapter One

Detective Nick Burkhardt was having the worst week ever. His normal detective and Grimm duties would be enough to send most people over the edge. However, he thought he was coping quite well. Even with the problems he and Juliette were having lately.

That was until this latest string of murders.

Hikers had stumbled upon a badly decomposed body. That fact, alone, certainly wasn't an uncommon occurrence in Portland. That was, until one body turned into two and then four. The count was now up to eight.


Eight dead bodies in two months. And the worst part, at least for Nick, was the fact he knew there were more. The late nights and long hours were starting to wear on the entire department. What they all needed was a long vacation. Only that wasn't going to happen, especially since they had no leads in such a major case.

Nick leaned over his desk studying yet another case file. His eyes were starting to water from reading so much but there wasn't much he could do about it.

He glanced over at his partner, Hank Griffin. The man didn't look much better than he felt. Of course since he felt like he'd battled a bunch of Reapers that wasn't saying much.

His eyes were starting to glaze over when Sergeant Wu approached their desks. He, as usual, had several files in his hands.

"The captain wants to you both in his office," Wu told the two detectives sympathetically. Truth was even the, normally, cool headed captain was starting to crack over this particular case.

Sharing a look the two men reluctantly headed to the captain's office. This was the second time today that Renard had called them in. Neither detective was looking forward to telling the man they'd made no progress.

The Captain was seated at his desk looking the closest Nick had ever seen to frustrated. There were also two men, both wearing suits, that he'd never seen before. Apparently, the Captain was having a meeting of some kind. He was immediately curious as to what they were doing in the captain's office.

"You wanted to see us sir," Nick asked stepping further into the crowded office. There was no place to sit so he chose to lean against the door.

"Agents Adams and Taylor these are the two detectives I was telling you about," Renard introduced the everyone. He almost smiled at the sight of the men sizing each other up. Almost. This case was too important... too public for infighting. "They're here about your case."

"No offense," Hank said unapologetically before turning to his boss, "but, Captain, we don't need the FBI poking around our case."

"Our case," the older of the two men insisted. It was clear to Nick that the man had no intention of simply walking away. Too bad he felt the exact same way.

"Excuse me?"

"This is, technically, our case."

"Is that so," the detective challenged unwilling to simply hand over weeks of hard work.

"We've been working a similar case for over three years, now," the other interjected hoping to smooth things over a bit. He'd rather have the detective working for them instead of fighting.

"And you think our cases are related?"

"We think so," Taylor added, "of course, the condition of the bodies..."

"Makes knowing impossible," Nick finished for him. To be honest, the bodies were barely identifiable.

"Three years is a long time to be working a case like this," Hank needlessly pointed out. The entire room knew that three years was almost an eternity to work on a murder case. It was time the detectives didn't feel they had.

"Well, it took two for us to even connect them."


"Five states. Eleven jurisdictions. Not counting Portland."

"Damn," he mumbled shocked by how serious this case was turning out to be. Refusing to cooperate wasn't going to be possible. Especially, if the look the Captain was giving him was anything to go by.

"What I think Detective Griffin is trying to say that we'd be more than happy to work with you," Renard said firmly more to the detective than their guests.


The tension was broken by a ringing cell phone. "Hello? What? When? I can't believe this. Where's the scene at? Okay someone will be right there."

"Another body," Renard asked the moment the call ended.

"Yes, sir."

"I believe that makes nine," he said quietly before suddenly raising his voice. "I want this guy caught no matter what it takes. Am I making myself clear?" The harsh tone startled all four people in the room. All Hank and Nick could do was nod. "Good, because I expect to updated frequently."

And just like that they were all dismissed. However, their orders were clear work together and find the person responsible or else. Nick and Hank were certain they didn't want to find out what or else was.

"Is he always like that," Taylor asked running a hand through his spiky red hair after they'd exited the office. He'd been yelled at before but they had nothing on Captain Renard. He did not want to be on that man's bad side.

Nick thought about the question for a moment before answering. "Pretty much. Although this case has gotten to us all."

"Hell," Adams cursed shaking his head, "and I thought our supervisor was bad."


Renard watched the four men talking just outside his office. Hopefully, his message had been received. The mayor was already breathing down his neck about the murders. The last thing he needed was his people fighting with the FBI. The press would love to run a story, or several, about that.

Of course, he would never allow that to happen. Nick and Hank were two of his best detectives. The Captain knew they would put the case before everything else. Including their pride.

His cell phone, the one used for personal and not police business, vibrated in his pocket breaking the solemn mood. "Hello?"

"How did the introductions go?"

Renard relaxed slightly at the familiar voice, "About as well as we'd hoped."

"Everyone agreed to cooperate then," a soft chuckle accompanied the question.

"Another body was found," he admitted honestly. There was no need to lie, after all, the person would learn of the body no matter what, "and I believe I was clear."

"Somehow, I don't doubt you."

"Will you be joining them," Renard asked curious how this situation might play out.

"I don't know. Maybe. There's a few leads I need to follow up on here."

"You'll keep me updated?"