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Spock sighed as he stood in front of cadet Uhura's door. He had been standing there for 2.8 minutes, trying to work up the courage to ring the bell. He held a small red rose in his left hand, gingerly,so as to not prick himself. As Spock felt his heart begin to race, and he tried to calm himself down.
I must think about this logically. I am here because no cadets or instructors would be out at this hour. Spock shook his head at the thought. No, that wasn't the real reason. I am here, because I love her.
Spock felt his face and ears go hot. Love. It was such a simple word, but Spock had grown up with a father who had shunned it. He still remembered when he was quite young and had asked his father what it meant.
"What does it mean?" Spock asked, looking at his father, who was sitting across from him.
They were in his office, the window open, allowing sand to blow into Spock's hair. He flicked aside a particle of grit as his father replied "Love, is an illogical human emotion of which you have no use for."
"But what is it?"
His father mentally sighed. "If you have no use for it, why should you know what it is?"
Spock took this as his cue to leave. "Alright Father." He stood quietly, his cheeks flushing green, and left the office.
Spock also remembered how angry his mother had been when she had found out what his father had said. Spock had come to her crying as soon as Serek had left him. After hearing what her husband had said she went all the way down to the Katric Ark to lecture him... in front of the rest of the ambassadors.
"Sarek!" She called from the other end of the corridor. He glanced up, and he raised his eyebrow at his wife's presence then stood and took a few steps closer to her.
"Amanda? What is it?" He asked.
"What is it?! How could you tell our son something like that?!"
"Like what?"
Amanda sighed, her brow furrowed in anger. "You told our son that love is illogical and that he has no use for it."
"Vulcans have no use for emotion. It is illogical."
The rest of the council watched, each of them with a look of fascination on their face.
"Illogical?! Illogical?! So you're telling me that what I feel for you and what you feel for me is useless and it shouldn't even be there? He's half human Sarek! He'll feel love for someone other than us one day. Do you want him to suppress it? It would crush him!"
"Amanda, we agreed he would follow the Vulcan way."
"I don't care! I let you arrange his marriage. I let you shun him for smiling. I stood behind you when you sent to school every day, even though he would be tormented, and would be too ashamed to show it. But this, this is too far. Come, we're going home to finish this conversation." She spun on her heel to leave, and Sarek followed behind. As Amanda sped out of the cave, she nearly ran into her son. "Spock, what are you doing here?"
Spock looked down at his feet then replied, "I was, curious as to where you were."
Sarek raised an eyebrow. "Did you hear our conversation?"
Spock blushed. "Yes, I heard it."
Amanda sighed, then kneeled down to look at her son. "Spock, look at me." When he did, she continued. "There is nothing wrong with loving someone."
"But father said,"
"I don't care what he said. I love you and your father. That should be enough evidence, right?"
"Yes, I suppose."
She smiled. "Good. Come on. Let's go home."
Spock was comforted by the memory. If his mother accepted it, there must be something logical about it, right? As he pondered the idea, he absentmindedly rubbed his fingers together. Spock winced and dropped the rose at Uhura's doorstep, having pricked himself in the finger. He heard a door open down the hall, so he quickly rang the bell and sped the other way, deciding he would leave the rest to her.
Uhura glanced up from her meal when her doorbell buzzed.
"I wonder if that's Kirk. He was supposed to meet me for lunch, but got detention," Gaila said, starting to rise from her chair. Uhura sighed, then laughed. "I wish you weren't so crazy over him. He's not exactly the type of person that you make your soulmate."
"He's not your soulmate," She replied as her friend headed for the door.
"Hold that thought." Uhura opened the door to find an empty hall. "Huh. Just when I thought the security cadets had gotten mature." She sighed and began to shut the door. She caught the door just before it closed, seeing something red on the doorstep. Upon closer observation, she was able to see every detail, every petal, every thorn. She bent down and picked up the rose carefully, trying not to harm the delicate petals. She heard Galia come up behind her, then look over her shoulder.
"Ooh, looks like someone has a secret admirer," She teased.
"It's not that big of a deal," Uhura replied, blushing.
"Of course it is! Who do you think left it."
Uhura paused for a moment before answering, then noticed something. As she twirled the gift slowly in her hand, a small drop of green blood glimmered. Vulcans are the only alien with green blood that could have left this, she pondered. And there's only one Vulcan at Starfleet Academy. Spock.
A smile spread across Nyota's features, and Galia noticed.
"So, do you have any ideas?"
Uhura thought for a moment, then replied, "No, not yet. I guess I'll just have to find out tomorrow."
With that, Uhura went into her shared room and flopped down on the bed. She was already in her bedclothes, and with a smile on her face and a warmed heart, she fell asleep.

Uhura had sat as still as humanly possible throughout the entire day, becoming more tense as each class went by. However, the worst class of the day was her last - Communications with Commander Spock. She had waited until the bell had rang and for all the other cadets to leave. She felt like she was going to explode.
She stood and walked over to his desk. Spock was consumed by the reports that lay in front of him, and had several PADDS spread across the desk like a game of solitaire.
"Excuse me, Mr. Spock?" Uhura asked.
He glanced up, and he felt his heart begin to race. "Yes, Ms. Uhura?"
She reached into her bag and pulled out the rose, placing it on his desk.
"Is this from you?"
Spock felt his ears go hot.
"Well, I..."
He wasn't able to finish, because Uhura placed a kiss on his lips. He had always thought human kisses to be, well, plain, but this was warm. When Uhura pulled away, she looked him in the eye.
"Thank you Spock. I'll see you tomorrow, right?" She smiled.
"R-right. I will see you tomorrow."
Uhura grinned, placed a peck on his cheek, and left. Spock turned back to his work, and finally had an answer to his question.
Yes, he thought.
Love is logical.

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