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"Scotty, beam us up!" Kirk yelled into his communicator. He had both hands on the wound in his First Officer's chest, but green blood kept seeping through his fingers. "Dammit!" he yelled, noticing Spock's eyes begin to flutter shut. "Spock, stay with me!"
Spock opened his eyes just enough to see the fear on his Captain's face.
"Captain, I..." He gasped.
"Don't talk. You need to save your energy."
"But, I," Spock began, then looked around him. "Where's the rest of the landing party?"
"Dead. They're all dead. Now, be quiet. And stop moving! I'm trying to make the bleeding stop!"
Spock obeyed, and managed to make his mind, clouded with injury, list who had been on the landing party.
Lieutenant O'Riley, Geologist Roberts, Commander Hicks, Ensign Thompson, Nurse Melleck.
Spock's vision began to darken, and his thoughts faded. Nothing was able to process in his mind, as it was filled with one fact already.
I'm about to die.
Kirk realized this fact as well, and swore. He flipped open his communicator, once again trying desperately to contact the ship. "Scotty, where the hell are you?! Answer me!"
Finally, a static filled reply sounded. "Aye, Captain. How many to beam up?"
Kirk sighed shakily. "Two."
But Captain, I beamed down seven..."
"They're dead! Beam us up and have a medical team on standby."
Scotty picked up on the urgency in Jim's voice, and replied, "Stay where you are. I'm locking onto your coordinates right now."
Kirk tightened his grip on Spock, not planning on letting go until he felt the transporter pad under him. He began to feel the the nothingness that meant it wouldn't be long, and he was able to say one last thing.
"Don't worry Spock. Bones will fix this. I know he will."

Bones ran down the corridor; Nurse Chapel and three other medics behind him. He burst into the transporter room, and was able to see the glow of Spock and Kirk beginning to show. When they appeared, Dr. McCoy's jaw dropped. "My God."
Working in Sickbay on a starship for three years, and working in a hospital before that, had given Bones almost scary reflexes. It didn't matter who was hurt, whether he knew them or not, all that mattered was that they survived. Within seconds, he had gone into what the rest of his coworkers had dubbed the "Red Zone". He began shouting orders immediately, kneeling down next to the Vulcan.
"Nurse Chapel, get me fifty cc's of cortisone! Nurse Dar'Ek, get me my sonic healer and clogging gauze! Nurse Parker, get me my damn tricorder! Jim, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!"
They all followed their orders quickly, all knowing by the size of the pool of blood that was forming around Spock that it was becoming a life or death situation. Jim probably moved the fastest, knowing to be afraid getting between the doctor and his patient while he was in this state. A mass of medics formed around the Vulcan, all of them shouting orders and writhing in response. Kirk breathed a sigh of relief when green blood stopped pouring from between them.
Mr. Scott took a few cautious steps over to his captain, not wanting to get in the way. He had a file PADD in one hand, and gave it to the captain. Kirk sighed, accepting it, then began to write.
Landing mission report, deaths.
Captain Kirk: The planet K-701 was experiencing seismic activity that was unknown to our ship's sensors. Four of the five dead were killed by aftershocks, fifth killed by a falling boulder. Commander Spock in critical condition. I have no major injuries. I will update on Mr. SPock as I am informed.
Kirk gave the PADD back to Scotty, turning his attention back to the group of medics, more and more urgency filling their voices.
Kirk breathed a sigh of relief when green blood stopped pouring from between them.
"Get him a damn blood regenerator now!" McCoy called.
"Yes sir!" Chapel replied.
"Doctor McCoy, he's coming around," Nurse Parker called.
"Give him a sedative. I don't need the pointy-eared hobgoblin squirming."
After what seemed like hours, the medical team's shoulders slumped with relief.
"The bleeding has stopped, doctor. We can move him now," Nurse Chapel called.
"Alright. We'll have to do this the old-fashioned way. Nurse Dar'Ek, get me a stretcher," He began, then rolled his eyes. "NOW!"
The nurse squeaked, all of her six eyes wide, and rushed out of the room. She came back rolling the stretcher with her orange scaled arms, and rushed back into the swarm of medics. Scotty had been watching the whole time, and finally spoke up. "Doctor, don't you think we could just beam him down there? It could make things just a wee bit easier."
"He's right. It might be safer for him," Chapel agreed.
Bones sighed. "Christine, do you remember what happened last time we beamed a person who was stuffed with clogging gauze?!"
Christine shivered at the memory. Worst eight-hour surgery in the galaxy, she thought.
"Alright, sir. Are you ready to move him?"
The team grunted as they lifted the Vulcan off the floor and onto the stretcher. The sudden movement had knocked some of the clogging gauze lose, and blood began flowing again. "Dammit! We need to get him to Sickbay now!" McCoy yelled. The team began moving at top speed, Kirk rushing to follow. The last thing he had said to Spock rang in his mind. "Don't worry Spock. Bones will fix this. I know he will."
"He better," Kirk whispered.

The entire bridge crew had been tapping their feet, drumming their fingers, or anything else of the like for the past hour and a half, waiting to hear about Spock. Nothing seemed to be happening in space at the moment, the Enterprise was for once not closest to the action. Finally, Kirk's communicator chimed. "Kirk here," he responded.
"Jim, we just got Spock out of surgery. You might want to come see this."
Kirk stood, gave command to Chekov, and rushed to the turbolift. Chekov looked over at Sulu, smirking. "Maybe the rumors are true. Maybe zey are together."
Sulu chuckled. "No, Kirk likes his women way too much for that."
Chekov smiled, making Sulu's heart melt. "You're right. Hey, do you zink Spock and Bones vill ever get together? Zeyed be so cute!"
Sulu dropped his voice to a whisper. "Nothing's cuter than you, Pasha."
When Kirk slid through the sickbay doors, he could already see Bones standing down the corridor. He strode over to the doctor, and Bones just looked at him. Kirk could already tell what it meant. Spock was alive, but it was touch and go from there. He looked deeper into the doctor's eyes, he saw something that is usually saved for his little Joanna. Jim couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was, but had never seen it directed at Spock.
The Vulcan's biobed was curtained off from the rest, which wasn't necessarily a good thing. McCoy waved him inside, then followed his captain through the curtains. Jim nearly gasped, taken aback by the sight. Spock laid on the biobed, unconscious, with what seemed like a thousand tubes running from him. "He lost a lot of blood," Bones grumbled. "We don't exactly have a lot of Vulcan blood in stock, so we had to this," He finished, gesturing towards the life-support devices.
"Is he... going to be able to heal?" Jim asked. Spock was one of his best friends, and he refused to believe that it could end that easy.
"Most likely. It's that damn green blood of his. Nurse Dar'Ek is an expert on Vulcan biology. They go into a sort of 'healing trance'; that's why he's in a coma."
Kirk shut his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Can... can you wake him with a steroid?"
McCoy sighed. "He'd die almost instantly. We have to let him wake on his own."
"And you have no idea when that'll be, do you?"
"Not a damn clue," Bones chuckled, but it was grim and dry.
The intercom whistled, and Uhura's voice rang through. "Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk."
Kirk strode to the intercom, and answered. "Kirk here."
"Captain, we need you on the bridge. You need to sign a death report for the last mission."
Kirk sighed. "On my way."
Kirk left Sickbay, and Bones sighed. He stepped back through the curtains, sitting down in the chair next to Spock. He checked the life support systems, the heart monitor, and everything else in the room, then found himself staring at Spock's sleeping face. Every line, from his lips to his eyes to his ears. He sighed again, putting a shaking hand on the biobed. Bones wouldn't admit to it, but he was, well, scared. Not as a doctor, but as a friend. Maybe more, Bones shook his head to rid of the thought. That's when he decided to start talking. "Dammit Spock. Don't you die on me, alright? I care about you too much," Bones dropped his voice to a whisper. "In fact, I-I think I love you."
Bones took a breath, thanking God Spock was in a coma.
"You do?"
God must hate me, Bones thought, feeling his face go red. "Well, I..."
Spock sat up, grabbing Dr. McCoy's wrist in the process. "It would be illogical, with all you have done for me, to not love you back."
Bones's eyes widened. "You feel the same way?"
McCoy scowled. "You're lying."
"Vulcans cannot lie."
McCoy smiled, then eased Spock back down as the Vulcan began to wince. He placed a small kiss on Spock's lips. "You rest. I'm not having you get yourself killed."
He turned to leave the curtained room; to find a stunned Chapel in his way. Bones blushed, then scowled. "Yes. He doesn't love you, he loves me. Deal with it Christine," He was smiling by the end, then pushed past her. She glanced around, making sure no one else had seen what had happened. She decided, smiling, that she would suffer and keep this bit of gossip to herself. She then chuckled, excited to see, based on their previous interactions, what a lover spat is going to be like.
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