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Hotaru: 16
Grownups: old
Trunks: 18
Goten: 17
Gohan: 27
Bura: 11

Fight Fire With Fire
Chapter One
Vince (Saturn Angels)

The senshi were in the middle of a battle now, three times greater then the battle with Chaos. Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune, Tuxedo Kamen, and Sailor Uranus had already fallen protecting their princess. Sailor Pluto was barely holding out against the enemy. No one had seen the evil entity coming at all…they weren't ready for another battle. After two years of false peace everyone had thought that the fighting was indeed over as there were no youma at all. That was when the thing attacked.

Sailor Saturn watched helplessly from her place on the ground that was by now littered by lifeless bodies. "…Hime…" she whispered watching as Sailor Moon sobbed over Mamoru's motionless body.

Sailor Pluto shouted out her attacks trying frantically to destroy this …monster. She soon was tossed aside as if she were a rag doll. Sailor Saturn's eyes widened as she watched the enemy drawing closer to Eternal Sailor Moon's crying figure. "U-Usagi…" she mumbled though she was trying desperately to shout it out, to warn her. The enemy laughed wickedly as it stabbed Usagi with its blade the end of the sword visible now through her, it went all the way through her and she was killed, everything was silent for a moment as her body fell next to her beloved. "Usagi!!!" Saturn called again her voice breaking the silence, "Usagi!!" Sailor Saturn cried in terror, "No…" it was less then a whisper now, all she had to do was die…and then the world…the world and all its people would be killed…this monster would kill mercilessly and endlessly.

All was silent again as Sailor Saturn prayed over and over that she would die quickly, without pain. Suddenly everything became deadly silent not even the creature's footsteps could be heard. She looked around her then saw Pluto holding her time staff up, "I stopped time Hotaru…there…is no hope left…you must live Hotaru…I couldn't bear it if you died too…" she said weakly as tears filled her eyes. "You must go…I will open a portal for you…use this key." Sailor Pluto handed her a small silver key, "…shout out…Dimension Warp…"

"What about you, Pluto?" Saturn asked trying to keep her tears back; she had to be strong for Setsuna-mama. Always for Setsuna-mama.

"I must stay here…and give it my all to defeat it…it thrives on the power of destruction…that is why…if you tried…you'd only," she paused here to cough, "strengthen…" she tried to continue then shook her head, "Just leave Hotaru. Forget about this place…"

Saturn shook her head, "I can't!" she protested.

"Please Hotaru-chan…my Hotaru-chan…you helped me overcome my loneliness…so please, as my last wish…just leave, and be happy and safe in where the key takes you.

Saturn began crying as she held the key up and whispered, "Dimension Warp…" a silvery glow enveloped Saturn and she began to fade from view.

"Be safe." Pluto said again as tears filled her eyes and again time went back in order though there were no longer any senshi alive.

~*~*Another Dimension*~*~

Sailor Saturn woke up to find herself in the middle of someone's front lawn with a very severe pain throughout her body. She looked around hoping that she was in her front lawn at home…and that it was a beautiful bright sunny day, and Michiru and Haruka were waiting for her in the kitchen so they could all eat. Setsuna of course would be there also, possibly already standing at the doorway about to get her up. Was that battle a dream? She began crying when she realized that she was in her senshi outfit, blood covering her gloves, clothes, and her skin. 'It was all real…' she thought silently as she began crying more, "Setsuna…why?" she whispered. "Why did you save me? I don't deserve to live…" she bit back the tears that welled up behind her eyes. '…Why not Usagi? She deserved to live…she deserved it most of all! She's had such a rough life…everything going wrong…she never wanted to be a senshi…she wanted to be normal…she should have survived! Not me…' she took a deep breath to calm herself down and dehenshined so that she was wearing a black shirt, and black leggings. She looked up at the building and through blurry vision she could sort of make out the words Capsule Corp. 'Capsule Corp?' she wondered confused, 'where am I?'

A voice interrupted her thoughts, which was saying very distinctly, "Oh my god! Bura! Trunks! Get over here! This girl needs help!" Soon she saw a woman with short blue hair standing above her worriedly.

"Ami-chan?" Hotaru asked euphorically though quietly, "You're alive...?"

"No…I'm afraid I'm not Ami…my name is Bulma. What happened to you?" the woman asked as looked the girl; whom was covered with blood, over.

"I died…" Hotaru answered sadly.

"Well, you're still alive…quite alive." Bulma said confused.

"…I may be here in body…but not in spirit…" she answered bitterly then passed out.

Bulma was about to go and call the police when the voice of her son could be heard.

"Mom! What happened?" Trunks asked as he ran over to the unconscious girl; unconscious bloody girl, and his mother.

"I don't know! Get her inside!" She yelled as she too rushed inside to get towels and other things needed.

A few hours later Bulma had successfully cleaned most of the dried blood off and she looked at the girl solemnly hoping that the girl would survive, even though a doctor was treating her now…she had so many injuries… Bulma's thoughts were interrupted as the doctor cleared his throat. Bulma looked up at him; "Well?" she asked preparing herself for what the doctor had to say.

The doctor looked at Hotaru gravely and shook his head, "I really don't know. She may or may or may not be able to survive the night…how did she get in this extreme condition?" he asked his brow furrowing.

"I don't know…I found her on my front lawn…"

The doctor looked at her unbelievingly then shrugged his shoulders, "At any rate, there is nothing more we can do for this girl…besides pray. You should let her have her rest…she's in pain' he said quietly then walked out.

"Hey mommy? Why don't we just give her a senzu bean?" Bura asked as she walked over to her mother.

"We've already tried that," Trunks said rolling his eyes. "And plus, I don't know why her dying would be so much of a deal. We don't even know her."

Bulma looked aghast at what her son had just said, "Trunks!" she scolded, "You're turning out more like your father everyday!"

"Yeah! How would you like it if you were in her condition, and someone found you on their lawn, and then they just let you die?" Bura said angrily as she stomped over to Trunks.

Trunks just rolled his eyes once more, "Whatever. I'm going to go and see if Goten wants to spar."

"How can you think of fighting at a time like this?" Bulma asked irritated.

He only shrugged, "I guess I got it from dad."

Bulma watched as her son left, "Yeah. You sure got it from Vegeta, I don't know anyone else you could have got it from…" she shook her head and began watching Hotaru again.

Hotaru stirred a bit and groaned she was having nightmares.

~*~*Hotaru's Dream*~*~

It was just like the battle. Everyone lay dying, blood was everywhere staining everything, and everyone. Sailor Moon's white senshi uniform was dyed red with her blood. Everyone's senshi outfit…was now a ruby color…their eyes were wide-open and stared to nothing. She was the only one left…the enemy was approaching, only this time Sailor Pluto was already dead. Dead just like all the others. She began crying, her tears turning the small pool of blood beneath her more watery as it too turned her seifuku (uniform) red. "No…" she whispered as the enemy stood next to her now. "No!" she repeated louder.

~*~*End Dream*~*~

"NO!" she cried shooting up in bed resulting in a very sharp pain in her side. She lie down again quickly holding her side. "Ow…" she muttered shutting her eyes, then she realized someone's gaze on her, she opened her eyes again to see Bulma staring worriedly at her. Hotaru only glared, "One moment…" she said then proceeded in holding her hand over her side, she closed her eyes and what seemed the next moment she was glowing purple, it was a soft glow, like an aura or something. Bulma watched wide-eyed as all of her wounds began to disappear. She stopped after she had finished all of her wounds and was now completely healed, she looked around her and sighed, "Thank you for bringing me inside, Bulma was it?" she said quietly, she didn't pass out because when she was reborn after the battle with Chaos her body was no longer weak, as it was no longer possessed by Mistress 9.

"Y…Yes." Bulma answered still stunned from what she had witnessed, "What is your name?"

"…Tomoe Hotaru." She answered in monotone.

Bulma sighed a bit, "Well, it looks like you'll be alright. What happened?"

"I thought you would ask that sooner or later," Hotaru replied as she swung her legs over the side of the bed so she had her feet planted firmly on the floor. "I was in a fight" she responded with a shrug.

"It must have been some fight…how did you end up here?" Bulma asked wanting to know as much as possible.

Hotaru only shrugged, "I'm not exactly sure."

Bulma noted that the girl wore a mask of indifference, "Well…where are your parents?" Bulma asked then noticed that the girl suddenly had a very sad look in her eyes though it was gone and was replaced again by the cold façade quickly.

Hotaru fought to stay unresponsive but it was hard to cover up the shudder that she gave at the word 'parents', "Dead." She answered simply as if she didn't really care.

"…I'm sorry. Was it recently?" Bulma asked reluctantly.

"Very." She answered again in monotone.

Bulma then refrained from asking any more questions.

"Do you need a place to stay then?" Bura asked.

Hotaru turned for the first time and noticed a miniature version of Bulma, "Actually I do…" she said quietly.

"Well, mommy can she stay here? She can stay in one of the extra rooms? The one right in-between mine and Trunks'?" Bura asked smiling a bit.

"Well, it's alright with me!" Bulma said smiling. "I'll have Bura show you to your room then, Hotaru." Bulma motioned to the little girl who quickly nodded and tugged Hotaru along to show her to her new bedroom.

"Who's Trunks?" Hotaru asked walking behind the little girl.

"My older brother!" she answered smiling, "He can be alright sometimes." She said with a nod, "Any way this will be your room Taru-chan! Right next to mine so if you need anything just ask!" she said pointing to the guest room.

Hotaru nodded, "Thanks" she said smiling a bit and walked in, Bura following her.

"Bura! Come here!" Bulma called from downstairs.

"Why?" Bura shouted so her mom could hear her.

"I need you to help me cook dinner! Let Hotaru rest!" she yelled.

Bura sighed, "Well, I'll see you at dinner Taru-chan!" she yelled then ran off to help her mom in the kitchen.

Hotaru closed the door to her new room and walked over to the bed biting back her tears. 'Taru-chan…that's what Usagi-hime always called me…and ChibiUsa…what will become of her now that Usagi and Mamoru are…' she stopped her train of thoughts and tried desperately to think of something else.

Her eyes widened as she remembered about the key Setsuna had given her…she dug through her sub-space pocket and finally found it, though it was now a bronze color. She wondered what it meant but finally after realizing she would never know put it back in her sub-space pocket and waited to be called for dinner. Her lower lip trembled a bit when she remembered how she, Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru would all eat dinner in the living room of their mansion while watching movies…they would take turns deciding what to watch usually when it was Michiru's choice they were stuck watching soap operas. Hotaru smiled a bit as she remembered how Haruka would always whine and complain in that way that would make everyone laugh. She let her tears fall silently down her face as she realized that Haruka would never make them all laugh again…they were gone. Not coming back. Gone. Hotaru lost track of time as she tried to recall all of her memories good and bad up until…until that thing…that wicked person destroyed everything. What if one other senshi may have survived? What if she could return to check? Just to check? She then remembered about the key again and held it up, "Dimension Warp!" she cried. Nothing happened and the key remained bronze, and not working.

She cried and thrust the key back into her sub-space pocket angrily, "Why won't it work?" she asked crying. She felt just like ChibiUsa felt when she kept trying to return to the future, only worse. Much worse, because Hotaru knew that…she really had nothing to return to.


Vince: To be continued! Ummm Trunks/Hotaru. And remember Trunks acts that way cause this is Trunks; not future Trunks. This Trunks takes after his father, remember? Anyway, r/r!
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