I imagine Missingno. to be a pretty upstanding and reasonable person / Pokémon / glitch / thing / whatever for some reason.


What, are you here just to duplicate your Master Balls and Rare Candies too? I mean, seriousl—what? You're not here for that? You want my opinions on people and Pokémon I've been romantically paired with? I didn't even know that was possible. Well, since you're so kind, I'll give it a look at…

000Shipping – Missingno. x Victini

This is named for the fact that Victini and I share the same index number. But I have met Victini before and he's pretty cool. A little overboard on the victory signs, but I guess that's the point.

AarghStopGlitchingShipping – Missingno. x Green (game)

I encountered Green once and he was rather startled and ran off. The usual reaction, sadly, but that's all right. I guess he went on to become Champion of Kanto for a little while, so at least he didn't attack me or I would have probably obliterated.

ASDFHAKSFHAFSOSAUFShipping – Missingno. x Noland

Someone apparently decided slamming the keyboard and adding my name to it was acceptable. And how would Noland think about this? I've only seen him briefly once, near the Seafoam Islands to capture Articuno.

AllINeedIsLoveShipping – Missingno. x Altaria

Don't we all need love? Altaria is a beautiful Pokémon. I'm sad to say I'm not friends with one, though.

AsiaStanzaBobShipping – Missingno. x Conway

…Must I comment on this one? The name is just silly.

BestGlitchEverShipping – Missingno. x Gary

I don't know how I feel about Gary. He didn't pay me much mind, but he didn't exploit me either. I guess it was just mutual.

CollapsingWorldShipping – Missingno. x Yveltal

I have not met a Yveltal before. I hear they're very few dormant in the Kalos region.

CorruptionShipping – Missingno. x Darkrai

I'm terrified to see how this would work out.

DataErrorShipping – Missingno. x Rotom

Rotom and I had fun in our days in the television in the Old Chateau. Then a trainer captured him and I got bored, so I returned to Kanto. Good times.

DesktopcoreShipping – Missingno. x Barry

This kid was so hopped up on caffeine and freaked out to see me that there was no time for explanations before he thrashed about and "flipped his shit" as the kids say these days.

DoesNotComputeShipping – Missingno. x Porygon-Z

I can relate to Porygon-Z. He is a result of a computer error, after all. But we are friends, along with Porygon and Porygon2.

GlitchShipping – Missingno. x 'M

'M is my sister, so an incestuous relationship is off limits. But being my sister, I do care for her very much.

GlitchyRedShipping – Missingno. x Red (game)

Red is a very interesting person. He doesn't talk much, but he captured me one day just to try to figure out exactly what I was. He released me, not because he didn't want me but because he didn't want me to feel like I was going to be experimented on or exploited. We remain good friends, as he visits me from time to time.

GodisdeadShipping – Missingno. x Arceus

…I'm not sure if Arceus would appreciate this one, but it does beg a question: did Arceus create me? Everyone still theorizes this today. He himself is not really sure, but he still accepts me for who I am.

HellFreezesOverShipping – Missingno. x Giratina

Giratina and I are good friends. He doesn't get many visitors in the Reverse World and doesn't feel very accepted, so I like to comfort him.

InfiniteRareCandyShipping – Missingno. x Old Man (Viridian City)

It's been thought that this old man is also the reason for my existence as well. I'd like to speak with him, but last time I tried to approach him, he was rather drunk so he probably just thought he was tripping out when he saw me. I'll try again another day.

KetsubanShipping – Missingno. x Lawrence III

I haven't met this man, but Articuno has and he has told me awful stories about this man from her sister on Shamouti Island. He sounds like a terrible person.

LostNumberShipping – Missingno. x Unown

Unown are interesting creatures. I have met several while vacationing in Johto and we all became great friends. Many claim that they hear strange radio waves near the Ruins of Alph, but most of that was me, sorry.

MischanceShipping – Missingno. x Absol

I dislike how everyone believes that Absol is in charge of all the disasters that happen when he is only trying to forewarn people of the danger. I've met an Absol before and helped warn the townspeople of the volcano eruption. I have yet to meet that Absol again.

MissingLinkShipping – Missingno. x Kangaskhan

Oh yes, the popular theory that I am the result of Kangaskhan supposedly being able to evolve from Marowak. I will disprove that theory, but it is rather interesting. Are Cubone really baby Kangaskhan? Who knows.

RandomXShipping – Missingno. (ghost form) x Haunter

Haunter asked me if I wanted to assist him in scaring children for Halloween once. I'm normally not into that kind of thing, but since it was for Halloween I went along with it. I made friends with everyone in Pokémon Tower after that.

RetardantShipping – Missingno. x Slowbro

Now that's not very nice.

RetconShipping – Missingno. x Leaf

Leaf is a friend of Red's. He introduced her to me one day and at first she was very startled, but she got to know me and became very friendly with me. She visited me once and gave me flowers. She's a sweet girl.

RickAndRollShipping – Missingno. x Mew

A meme reference? Mew and I get along as well. She's a very playful Pokémon and very accepting of everyone like Arceus.

SeverYourLegPleaseShipping – Missingno. x Wailord

Now as you may know, neither Wailord nor I have legs. Wailord aren't native to this region, so I have yet to actually speak with one. It must be the brunt of jokes in the shipping fandom.

Final Thoughts

Well, this was rather interesting. I hope you gathered all the data you need. Come back again sometime. I'd love to chat.

The InfiniteRareCandy entry is a reference to the fact that in the original Japanese Red and Green Versions, the old man was blocking the path because he was passed out after drinking too much, not because he had too much coffee.