Oh, hello there~! I didn't see you walk in! Are you here to ask me to experiment on your dreams? No? What's this? A list of people I've been romantically paired with? Well, I guess I'll give this a look at, but you have to promise me you'll let me check out your dreams!

AlienDreamShipping – Fennel x Invader Alien

You mean that costumed alien from Pokéstar Studios? Haha, that's silly!

AWorldOfPureImaginationShipping – Fennel x Worker Willy

Oh my, what a creative name! Although, as for who that is, I have no clue.

BauxiteShipping – Fennel x Clay

Clay? Oh, no, no, no. I don't have an interest in him, but he is a nice guy underneath that scowl!

BedroomShipping – Fennel x Hilbert

O-oh my—! Um, I dunno if I approve of this…

BiochemistryShipping – Fennel x Elesa

I wouldn't say Elesa and I are close because we haven't really spoken much, but I do admire her!

BrazilShipping – Fennel x Brycen

I've seen Brycen in Pokéstar Studios. His movies are fantastic! He's so fascinating to watch on screen! Same with Sabrina.

ChristmasDreamShipping – Fennel x Santa Claus

Wow, is Santa Claus real? Or is that the joke?

ConsciousShipping – Fennel x Nate

I-I would not date the younger trainers!

DarkDreamShipping - Fennel x Ghetsis

Oh… No way! He's such an evil man! I could never.

DoAndroidsDreamOfElectricSheepShipping – Fennel, Clembot x Mareep

Um, pardon?

DreamCuisineShipping – Fennel x Cilan

Oh, Cilan and his brothers are so cute! I go to their restaurant every Sunday for their Sundae Special. Cilan's normally the one that serves me. He's such a charmer!

DreamFighterShipping – Fennel x Marshal

I've actually never met Marshal. But the Elite Four intimidate me for some reason… Maybe it's more Grimsley and Caitlin than anything.

DreamfinderShipping – Fennel x Looker

Looker came by once asking about Team Plasma, but that was it. I didn't get to know him well at all.

DreamLabcoatShipping – Fennel x Professor Burnet

Professor Brunet and I work together on the Dream World project and we're really great friends just like Aurea and I are.

DreamlandShipping – Fennel x Munna

Haha, I can't date a Pokémon! I do love my Munna, though!

DreamPopShipping – Fennel x Roxie

Roxie can be pretty obnoxious. I mean, she's a good kid, just…

I wonder if her dreams would just consist of jammin' all the time?

DreamstateShipping – Fennel x Caitlin

Caitlin sleeps a lot, so I'm pretty sure she has a lot of dreams. She's also pretty laid back, but her demeanor frightens me. I'm not really sure what it is…

Maybe she suffers from nightmares? I wonder…

DreamVampireShipping – Fennel x Grimsley

H-huh? Grimsley is the most intimidating of all of the Elite Four! Is he…? He's not a vampire, is he?

If Santa is real, I wouldn't doubt that vampires are, either…

DreamydustShipping – Fennel x Musharna

Haha, again with the Pokémon? I do love Musharna, but not in that way!

DreamyHairShipping – Fennel x Colress

Colress? He stopped by my lab one time to ask me about research… He's pretty handsome, but very mysterious. He just kinda left my lab and I haven't seen him since.

FollowingShipping – Fennel x Cheren

Cheren's a pretty ambitious kid. He seems like the type that would be much too busy for a girlfriend.

Aurea tells me that Bianca seems interested in him.

HaunterShipping – Fennel x Shauntal

I actually hang out with Shauntal from time to time. Her novels are so great!

…Maybe a little on the dirty side, but we don't have to talk about that!

HerbalTeaShipping – Fennel x Cress

Cress is also a delight. He's so cool and collected.

InceptionShipping – Fennel x Emmet

Emmet's the Subway Master that always smiles, right? I always seem to forget which one is which… I've seen pictures of them, but I've never actually met either of the brothers.

LabCoatOrgyShipping – Fennel, Colress, Professor Oak, Professor Burnet, Professor Ivy x Professor Juniper


LeReveShipping – Fennel x Burgh

I love visiting Burgh's museum in Castelia! His artwork is so amazing. He's a nice person, but I don't really know if he's interested in relationships. He seems to be in love with his art!

OneironautShipping – Fennel x Black

Haha, I'd really love to tap into Black's dreams! He's so ambitious and his Munna always has to eat his dreams so he can focus on the task at hand!

Ahh, I'm getting so excited just thinking about it! I should give him a call.

PaprikaShipping – Fennel x Chili

Chili is the hyper brother, but he's still really nice.

Haha, I just adore all of the Striaton Brothers~!

QuestionableDreamsShipping – Fennel x Conway

Who's Conway? And why would his dreams be questionable?

RechercherShipping – Fennel x Amanita

Amanita's my little sister! I can't be in a relationship with her, silly!

ScientificShipping – Fennel x Professor Juniper

Aurea is my best friend! We hang out all the time and she's such a great person!

Romantically? U-um, I don't know… How does she feel about me?

SenninShipping – Fennel x Alder

No, haha. Alder's really great and all, but I couldn't see myself in a relationship with him.

SexyResultsShipping – Fennel, Professor Juniper x Colress

…Oh boy…

SleepoverShipping – Fennel x Hilda

Still, no to the young trainers…but I could consider Hilda a good friend. She stops by all the time to help with my research!

TrollTrapShipping – Fennel x Stunfisk (Cilan's)


UnbearableShipping – Fennel x Bianca (BW)

She's a very flighty girl…she kinda reminds me of myself in my younger days. I wonder if she's got big dreams?

VibrantShipping – Fennel x Rosa

I've seen her and Nate working with Brycen and Sabrina at the Pokéstar Studios. Now that I think about it, I wonder what their dreams would consist of?

WetDreamShipping – Fennel x Will

I'm not sure who Will is…but that ship name is troubling…

WildernessShipping – Fennel x Iris

She's really adorable and aspires to be a Dragon Master! Her dreams must be plentiful.

WorldSoWrongShipping – Fennel x N

That poor boy… I wonder if he suffers from nightmares?

YumeShipping – Fennel x Ash

Ash is much too young for me. But he's very ambitious! I would really love to check out his dreams!

Final Thoughts

Well, that was fun! I'm not really too interested in relationships, though; I've got enough to handle with my dream research.

Which, by the way, you promised I could examine your—wait! Where are you going? Come back!