Hi! A new story for you. I'm so excited. I'm still finishing a few of my other ones, but in the mean time enjoy this one, and tell me what you think.

Before we get started I just wanna say I don't own anything but the plot and any character you might not recognize.


Bless the Music:


I'm Max.

Appearance wise, I have sandpaper blond hair, a wholeheartedly tomboy look with a kick of an attitude and chocolate milk eyes. I have a knack of spaceyness especially when music's involved. I have a golden retriever name Trick. Night time I refuge deep into the thoughts I don't think about during daylight of who I am or the person I will become. My comfort food is homemade chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk.

It's all grand and totally boring you, yeah?

Just keep reading.

… and I'd met "the one," "my soul mate," … "my other half," whatever you wanna call it from karate chopping Justin Bieber in half.

Halt! Before I'm chased down by "Bieber fans" with sharp, pointy pitch forks and torches aflame, listen. It wasn't legit Justin Bieber…

You know what? Why don't you just read my story?

A story of love, Justin Bieber, and most of all music.

All I can say…


It's sooo short, but it's only because it's the prologue. All the other chapters are normal length I promise. And Justin Bieber isn't really in this story, just when Max chops him in half... uh, you have to wait and see... and this story is totally Fax. They're be tons of it;) reviews will be totally appreciated and It'll speed up the updates, so review!