Sunlight streamed through the curtains and washed over the face of the Rosewood daughter. She, Oz and everyone went to the Reinsworth mansion to take a break from the bustle of Pandora. She started to open her eyes and sat up. She stretched and started to pull the covers off and threw her feet off the side of the bed. She slid forward to put her feet on the floor but misjudged how high the bed was and got off too soon causing her to fall off.

"What the…?" she picked herself up off the floor and realized that her nightgown was too big on her. "What?!" alarmed she stood up and realized that the side table barely reached below her chest when last night it was right at her hip. She ran to the mirror by the wardrobe. The girl started at her reflection, she raised her hand and felt her face. She was starting to freak out.


She fell to her knees and was breathing heavily. She could hear footsteps running down the hall to her room.


Reim, Oz and Break came bursting in to see what was wrong. They stopped at the doorway flabbergasted at what was before them. "A…lexis?" repeated Oz and Reim.

The Rosewood daughter looked like her fourteen year old self.

"What is going on?!" she cried out.


"Now what?" Break sighed. He didn't seem so surprised at the turn of events. They turned around and before they moved a door slammed open. "What the hell is going on here?!" shouted a young boy with short shaggy black hair in a large white shirt that was way too big for him. Oz looked utterly surprised at the boy. "Gilbert?! You look fourteen again too!"

The young boy looked over at the group in the doorway, "Too?" Alexis walked over to the doorway. The two stared at each other.

"What is going on?!"

Everyone was at the dining table for breakfast. Gilbert had borrowed some of Oz's clothes, which were a little big on him, and Alexis had borrowed some of Sharon's clothes, which were barely a good fit. The two hardly touched their food still in shock at their present state.

"Uh, are we going to do anything about this?" Oz asked curiously as he stared at his young again friends. Break glanced over, "Well it won't do if we just hurry into it without at least eating. Reim," the tall man jumped, "you've been really quiet and more fidgety than usual; do you know something?"

"Uh, well…" he hesitated. Alexis and Gilbert jumped up from their chairs and dashed over to him. "Reim, what do you know?" Alexis pulled on his arm. Gilbert pulled on his other arm, "Reim?" The man was getting flustered, "Well, Duke Barma wanted to check something from the books left by his predecessors." Alexis and Gilbert tightened their grip on Reim's arms, "What did he want to check?" He flinched, "It was a spell, that's all I know! I swear!" The two let go of him.

"I thought that would be the case," mumbled Break. He took a sip of his tea and stood up leaving his breakfast, "Well I'm up for annoying the bird headed duke. Come, Reim, let's find out what that master of yours is up to." Reim followed Break hurriedly not wanting to deal with Alexis and Gilbert again.

Sharon had finished her breakfast and was finishing her tea, "For the time being we'll leave this to Break, so right now we should stay put here." Oz looked over at Alexis and Gilbert, "Are you two alright? It looks like you guys are still in shock about this."

"It's strange that's for sure," said Gilbert, "but it's not hard to get adjusted."

"I prefer seaweed head like this any day," commented Alice who had been happily eating until then when she finished, "It's going to be way more fun now that we're about the same size." She smirked at Gilbert who returned it with a glare.

"Good morning everyone!"

Oz and everyone looked over to the door and saw Oscar. "Hey, Oz, how could you leave Pandora without telling me, I'm just glad I caught wind of where you were from Reim yesterday. I need yours and everyone else's help again." Oscar was oblivious about Alexis and Gilbert for the moment. "Morning, Uncle Oscar, what's going on, what do you need?" Oscar got serious, "I need you, Alice-kun, Alexis and Gil-…" It was right then that he actually noticed the situation the two were in.

"Alexis… Gilbert… what happened to you two?!" Oscar made his way over to the two as they explained. "Well when we woke up this morning we looked like we did when we were fourteen," explained Alexis. "And we have no idea why," added Gilbert. Oscar was right next to them, he started laughing. "This brings me way back! But," he stopped and turned serious again, "this could really be helpful in our mission."

"What mission?" asked Oz reluctantly.

"Last time didn't end well but this time we will get the information we want," Oscar explained. Oz and Gilbert sighed at realizing what he was talking about and that he was honestly serious. "What are you talking about, Oscar-sama?" asked Alexis confused.

Oscar turned to her, "We are going to find out who Ada is in love with!"

The group was in a carriage heading to Lutwidge Academy. They were all dressed in the school's white uniforms with the exception of Oscar who was dressed as he professionally did.

"Oscar-sama, why don't you leave Ada to her own business?" asked Alexis annoyed. Oz shifted, "Especially since this is the second time. Although you did learn to wear something more appropriate this time around."

Oscar clenched his fist, "There is no way that I will allow someone to steal our Ada's heart without being approved by me! And besides, now that I've learned what not to do, and the fact that you and Gilbert look fourteen again, things might go more smoothly." Alexis sighed. He could be too overprotective sometimes. The carriage stopped. Oscar jumped out and headed for the wall that surrounded the school grounds.

"Oh no," Gilbert realized suddenly, "Elliot's returned to school. How am I going to explain this to him if he sees and recognizes me?" Alexis shrugged, "Just tell him the truth; you don't know. How can you possible explain something you yourself don't understand?"

"Alright, let's go!" The two turned around and saw the opening in the ground. Alexis took a step back surprised and turned to Gilbert again. "Don't ask," he explained as he walked forward to the opening. She followed them in. It was dark besides a light Oscar had, and Alexis wasn't going to lie to herself and admit that she was a little freaked out by the pitch black darkness. And she was certain she had overcome that fear after her sixteenth birthday.

Oscar stopped and the light went out. She flinched and closed her eyes, grabbing the arm of whoever was closest to her. A light filtered in as Oscar opened an opening right above them. "You can open your eyes now, Alexis." She opened her eyes and looked up at Oz whose arm she was clinging to and who was smiling down at her. She sighed, "Sorry, Oz." Alexis felt like they had been thrown ten years back in time.

They all climbed up and found themselves in a storage room. "It's a different passage?" asked Oz. Oscar went to the door, "No, we just took a different turn. I thought it would be better if we came in through a way that gave us time to plan things out."

"So what are we going to do?" asked Gilbert a little irritated at doing this again. Oscar glanced out the door, and once sure it was clear he looked back at them, "You and Alexis are going to find Ada first of all, and after you've found her tell her to meet us somewhere private so no one can interrupt us. But maybe you can talk to some students along the way and ask if they know anything about this."

"What about me Uncle Oscar?!" Oz was shocked that he wouldn't be out mingling with the other students. "It's too risky if you or Alice-kun go; the teachers might remember you from last time," Oscar explained. Alice glared at the Vessalius Duke. "So you expect us to be in this closet all day!" she shouted. Oscar and Oz tried to settle her, "We can help out too during classes when little to no people are out." Oscar pointed to the door and looked at Alexis and Gilbert, "Now off you go!"

Sighing, the two left the storage room. They looked down the hallway before walking. "So there are no students out right now," observed Gilbert, "What should we do if anyone asks who we are?" Alexis thought for a second, "Well I think we should be alright using our own names."


"What are you two doing?!"

They froze, had they gotten caught? Already? The two turned around slowly and saw a pair of identical twins, except for the fact that one had dark red hair and the other had dark blue hair. "We asked a question, underclassmen," the red haired one demanded. "And we expect an answer," the blue haired one added. So they hadn't gotten caught, those two thought they were students.

Gilbert stepped forward, "We're trying to get to class but you're holding us up." Alexis wanted to strangle him, he had remembered to act like a student but he still had his adult glare and tone. "Watch that tone, underclassman," shot back the blue haired one. "Well who are you to stop us?" Gilbert retorted. Alexis grabbed his arm, "Gilbert!"

The twins smirked. "Who are we?" they repeated in unison.

You're talking to Ash," started the blue haired twin.

And Aaron Aster," finished the red haired twin.

Alexis remembered the family. She had met Viscount Aster once at a ball the Reinsworth family held. The family focused on trade and was usually traveling abroad, but they weren't especially missed since very few nobles actually liked them. The males of the family were notorious womanizers and Alexis had the displeasure of experiencing their skills first hand by one of the Viscount's eldest sons. 'These two must be the youngest sons,' she thought.

"So who are you two?" asked the twins. Gilbert gritted his teeth. "I am Gilbert Nightray and this is Alexis Rosewood." They snickered. "Nightray and Rosewood, huh," started Aaron. "Sorry but your family names don't really matter much here where the upperclassmen are on top," finished Ash.

"Tch, you guys can't be older then sixteen," scoffed Gilbert, "There are other students older then you." Alexis pulled on his arm, "Gilbert, let's go, we're late as is." The twins were glaring at Gilbert. "You better listen to your girlfriend and get out of here while we're still giving you a chance," said Ash. Alexis pulled his arm one last time and they left.

When they were far enough away Alexis stopped. "What was that about?" she asked annoyed. Gilbert shook his head, "I don't know. I just got so angry at how cocky they were I couldn't control myself."

"Well we'll just have to be careful not to run into them," said Alexis, she looked around, "We're going to have to split up if we want to find Ada soon." Gilbert looked around too, "We can separate at that intersection and meet back up here in an hour or two." She nodded, "Alright then see you back here." They ran off in their directions.

"So where is your master?" asked Break as the carriage started off. Reim looked up at him, "Well he's at his villa in Reveille right now. He said he didn't want too many people around while he went through the books." Break sifted through his candy and picked out a lollipop, "So what is in those books?" He unwrapped the candy and popped it into his mouth.

"Uh, well, I'm not sure," started Reim, "All I know is that they contain the work from over four generations of the Barma family."


Break bit the lollipop in half. Knowing the history of that family, whatever was in those books was bad for anyone besides the family members themselves. "What kind of magic are you messing with," he mumbled to himself.

It had been about two hours and Alexis still hadn't spotted Ada anywhere. Once she had to hide to avoid students going to their next class, but she kept an eye out to see if Ada happened to pass by. But after a while she started getting frustrated at not having had found the girl. 'I should just go wait for Gilbert.' Agreeing with herself, Alexis did a turn around and went back to where she and Gilbert separated.

She was just walking around the corner when she heard music, it was a piano. She stopped and listened. 'That's beautiful~' It would stop every few minutes and start again a minute later. The girl ended up staying there for a good ten minutes listening and getting lost in the music.

"Well, well, what do we have here?"

Alexis spun around and saw it was one of the Aster twins who had spoken to her, Ash she believed. "What do you want? And where's your cohort?" she scoffed. Ash walked towards her smirking causing her to back away from him. "Well we're not always together," he had backed her into the wall and was right in front of her, "I noticed you weren't with that mouthy boyfriend of yours so I thought you smartened up and was looking for someone better." She glared at him, "Sorry but I wouldn't be looking for you if that were the case, and he's not." Ash looked down at her and put his hand on the wall right next to her head and got closer, "Don't be so mean, I can be real nice if you let me~" Now she saw the family resemblance.

She glanced away blushing, "Back off and leave me alone." 'Why did I look away? And why am I blushing?!' Alexis couldn't control her emotions or actions, why?

Ash grabbed her chin and turned her head to look at him again, "You sure about that?"

"Hey Ash! Are you harassing girls again?!"

Alexis pulled away from his grasp and looked over at who had saved her. Her eyes widened. "This doesn't concern you, Nightray," Ash said sharply, but he backed away from Alexis. Elliot Nightray marched over and stood in front of her protectively. "If you're harassing this girl then it is my business," he shot back. Ash turned away, "Tch, whatever." He left without saying anything else.

Elliot sighed and turned to her, his eyes widened for a second. "Are you alright?" he asked after a brief pause. Alexis wondered if he recognized her. "Yes, I'm fine," she answered, "Thank you for helping me, Elliot." He raised an eyebrow, "How do you know my name? Do I know you from somewhere?" Alexis could have smacked herself right then, how was she going to explain this?

"Elliot, you didn't cause much trouble did you?" They looked over at the newcomer. "I didn't cause any trouble, Leo!" defended Elliot. "He actually helped me," added Alexis. Leo stared at the girl for a few seconds before recognition sparked in his eyes, "Miss Alexis, is that you?!" Elliot spun around and looked at her again confused, "Alexis?!"

She sighed and looked straight up at Elliot, "How could you not recognize me?" He flinched back a little, "What do you expect?! I saw you not so long ago and you were older and now… you're…"

"About our age," finished Leo. Elliot nodded. "Well actually I'm two years younger than you two, but I can't explain," she started, "When we woke up this morning-…"

"We?" interrupted Elliot.

"Me and Gilbert," she elaborated, "When we woke up this morning we looked like we did when we were fourteen. And not even an hour after discovering this Oscar-sama dragged us here to find Ada."

"So what are you going to do now?" asked Elliot. "Just keep doing what we came here to do and look for Ada," she answered, "The sooner we find her the sooner we can start looking for a way to change us back." Elliot glanced away, "Leo and I have a free period right now, if you'd like we could help you find her so you can finish quicker." Leo smiled at him, "That's really nice of you, Elliot." He shot his head around to his valet, "I just want to make sure that Ash doesn't bug her anymore." Alexis covered her giggle and walked over to him, grabbing his arm, "Thank you, Elliot, that would be helpful, and that's sweet of you to care."

The Nightray son blushed lightly at the gesture and comment, "Well those Aster twins need to be knocked down a couple of pegs every now and again…" Leo and Alexis simply smiled as the trio walked down the hall.