I watch the night sky of London pass me in the carriage, with Ciel beside me. The carriage stopped after a big bump. I look at Ciel; he shrugged and looked at the other members in the carriage, Alois and his butler, Claude. Alex jumped down from the driver seat." Seems we may have hit something…" he said opening the door to see us. I nod." I can tell…" I mutter and Ciel snickered. Alex chuckled." We also have another problem. The wheel is broken…I'm going to try to fix it, while Sebastian sees if the thing we hit was okay…" he said and I nodded." Alright…" I say. I see a pair of silver eyes staring at the carriage. I blink and shake my head. "I'm not mad…am I?" I ask myself and shrugged. Ciel looked at me." Are you alright?" he asked. I nodded and felt dizzy. Damn claustrophobia….i thought and got out of the carriage. I take deep breaths of the cold summer night. It was oddly cold for summer. Ciel followed me." Are you alright?" he asked again." Yes…I just hate crowded places…" I say and leaned against the carriage. The eyes got closer." C...Ciel?" I said and he lifted his head to the eyes. He blinked." What is it?" I ask and look at the shady figure coming towards us. Ciel growled lowly." An angel…" he said.

I nod remembering what my brother, Sam, said." Don't trust angels…they will betray you at a blink of an eye…" I nod at the voice in my head. Ciel watched the angel nearing us. He gave it a look. I look at the two and look back at Alex under the carriage. I kick dirt towards him. He sighed." Yes, master?" he asked pulling her head from the bottom of the carriage. I motion towards the angel." Eh hem?" I said and he stood, dusting off his tail coat. He looked at the angel." Ah…" he grinned, demon like as always. His eyes glowed a purple red. I look at Ciel who was now looking at Alex's eyes. He grinned at me and took his eye patch off, opening his eye, a beautiful purple. I smiled at him." Beautiful…" I said talking about the mark and color. Ciel smiled, but said nothing. I see my mark start to glow; I rip the part of the dress from my collar bone to the tip of my shoulder showing the mark. I drop the black fabric on the forest floor and dogged the white feathers flying at us. Alex caught some and dropped them. I get my knife from my boot and throw it in the angel's wing. She screamed." IMPURE!" she said and ran towards me, my knife in her hand. She threw the knife close to my head, going into the door of the carriage. I stand motionless. Alex looked at me." Move!" he said. I stayed in the same position, standing still. The angel shot feathers at me and Alex covered me, I scream as two go into my leg, they felt like razors cutting through butter. I pull them out and growl." Alex! Kill the angel!" I order, my mark glowing brighter than ever. Alex nodded." Yes, master…" his eyes glowed a deep red and threw the feathers back, turning them black. I threw the two in my hands, hitting her wings, pushing her back into a tree. Alex got out his forks and shot around her, the forks sticking into her clothes, keeping her stuck to the tree. I walk to the angel." Impure? You impure!" I said and shot her in the chest with my pistol. She screamed and her body went limp. I fell to the ground on my knees and dropped my head. Alex came to my side and picked me up, setting me in the cart, and tended to the cuts. Ciel sat next to me and tied his eye patch back on. He looked at Alois. Alois blinked." What was that?" he asked, smiling." My tactic…" I mutter and lay my head on the cold glass window. Ciel sighed and looked at my leg. I didn't notice, just watched the night sky pass us up as we return Alois and Ciel home. I sighed and get ready for bed. I lay me head on the cold pillow and yawn." Night, Alex." I said and he smiled, leaving the room.

After breakfast and my touring I went into the gardens to my tree farm. I have a lot of gardens….fruit, flowers, trees, and for my entertainment, part of it is the place I love, woods." Alex, go do something for yourself….im going to tend to the gardens." I smile and he left me in the trees. "Tend to the garden"' is code for "leave me alone I'm going into my woods". I walk to the forestry part of my garden and sit in my tree. I start to sing a song.

Alex finished his cello song and heard a knock on the door. He opened it." Welcome to the Black manor…" he said and looked down at Ciel." Why hello, Earl Phantomhive." He smiled and let them in." where is tear? I heard about the kidnapping thing." He said putting his hat on the hat rack next to the door." She is in the back… follow the path and you will find her…eventually…" Alex snickered, thinking about how big the gardens were." alright…Sebastian….help Alex, with whatever…he is doing." He said looking at alex with his cello bow in his hand. Alex smiled." Yes…you play violin, correct?" he asked Sebastian. Sebastian nodded." Yes… " he said and walked to the study with alex. Ciel rolled his eyes and walked into the gardens.

I sing softly and climb the tree limbs. I see Ciel walk into the gardens. I smile. I sit on a high branch for him not to see me. I sing softly. He walks towards the tree. He looked around the forest. I jump down behind him." Hi…" I said softly and smile sweetly. Ciel turned quickly and sighed." You scared me…" he said and looked at my cheek." Is the bruise better?" I shrug." A bit….and I was aiming to scare you." I smiled wickedly and wipe my hands on my shorts. Ciel smiled at me." Well you succeeded…" he said and looked at the big tree I was in." you like climbing trees?" he asked looking back at me." Yeah…it's fun…I added this section for a place to be alone….it doesn't need tending or watering, but the other gardens do…" I said and patted the big oak tree. Ciel nodded." Yes…it is peaceful…" he said." I have something to show you…" I said and walked off deeper into the woods. In the middle there was a field with a weeping willow with a little bench against the stump. There was a little stream near it, surrounded by flowers. I smile." Isn't it beautiful?" I asked Ciel, who was behind me. He nodded." It is…" he said and blinked. I walked to the bench. I moved the limbs out so I can sit. I patted the seat next to me." Come sit…" I said and he sat next to me. I smile." My mother made this when I was little…she had the field in the middle of the gardens. When she left, I moved the tree and the bench to this spot that I cleaned out just for my mother's tree and bench. My father picked out the bench just for me and my brother, Samuel, most of the gardens where made by my mother and father…I got my fruit garden and Sam got his flower garden. His favorite flower is the lily. He had so many of those flowers. I still have some." I said softly and touch the bench. Ciel nodded." It is beautiful…" he said and looked in my eyes. He put his hand on my cheek." Beautiful eyes….such a rare color…purple…." He said. I blushed." Thank you…" I said and smiled. He smiled sweetly. The wind blew again, he looked in my eyes. I smiled back at him. He kissed me. I blushed a deep red. He pulled back and smiled at me. I literally think I just died a bit. I blinked at him, my face still red. he chuckled and slid his hand into mine.