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Like lemon heads or war heads.

I gasp and jerked away, sitting up fast. I panted heavily and looked around." Another nightmare…" I muttered and rubbed my eyes. I dreamt of my mother and father. Their screams where horrible and painful to listen to. I sighed heavily and looked out the window. The curtains had been pulled back. Alex had been here and was returning soon. I leaned my back against the headboard, waiting for my butler to return.

Alex had return with a tray with a tea pot, cup and a croissant on a plate. He smiled at me." Good morning, master. I noticed you were having a nightmare. I have made some earl grey tea with cream and sugar." He said and placed the tray on the bedside table, handing the tea cup to me.

I nodded my thanks and took a sip, sighing contently." It's very good, Alex." I said and let my eyes slide close.

"Master, you have an invitation to a ball. It's from Earl De La Fontaine's son, Ezra. He is hosting a ball for his father's birthday, and wished for us to join them for the evening. It is supposed to be a costume masquerade ball." Alex said and handed me a letter, as he refilled my tea cup with the pale, sugary liquid.

I read over the parchment while I sipped my tea." I shall attend then." I said and sat the paper in my lap, yawning softly.

"Very well. It starts at noon, which gives us around two hours to get ready." He smiled and stepped out of the room, letting me get dressed, myself.

I slid out from under the covers, standing on the plush rug fitted underneath my bed. I stepped onto the normal carpet to the vanity. I looked at the mostly –healed bruises and cuts. It has been a week or so since the incident, and all my wounds were healing very well and closing as they should.

I walked to my closet and looked through my things, sighing. I didn't have anything I wanted to wear. I called Alex back to my chambers and he helped my make a new outfit for the both of us. They both sort of matched. Alex was the god Erebus, the god of darkness, and I was his daughter Apate, the goddess of deceit.

I looked in the vanity mirror, twirling around in my new dress. It was all black, and very thin. I had a top that was cut off at some parts, to show my stomach and sides. There was a piece draping over my shoulder with the demon seal on it. The top connected to the bottom with two pieces of fabric crossing like an X on my stomach. The bottom was a vertically ripped piece of black fabric that started mid-thigh to upper calf. Alex had made me a pair of dark brown gladiator sandals, with the straps going almost to my knee. My mask was a partly transparent mask except the lace and fabric over the sheet of thin plastic, with half being black and the other half a white. There were small jewels around the frame and down the bridge of my nose. A black ribbon held the mask in place over my face. My hair was curled, and pinned back in some places to hide the black strap of the mask. Alex had done part of my makeup, helping me with painting my lips a dark blood red color, and placing a black and red eye shadow on my eyelids.

Alex's costume was a bit more complex, but worked well with his entire being. Being a demon had perks, like changing your appearance and voice. Alex had made his hair a bit longer, with his bangs in his eyes. He had sharpened his teeth and made his eyes a deep red, with the slits in his eyes, like a cat. His costume was mostly black, with silver and red mixed in. He had on a tight black shirt, tucked into a pair of black pants with a red belt, and silver chains coming from the belt and pockets. He had a pair of heeled boots that added two inches to his height. He had on a red tinted black jacket that went over his shirt. He had a black cloak with silver embroidery and chains connecting to the center piece over that. The end was frayed and ripped to look old. The mask he had chosen was one that only did one hand of your face. The mask went over his right side, and curled over the bridge of his nose, cheek, and forehead looking like black smoke or darkness.

I giggled and looked up at him." You look amazing." I said and played with one of my curls.

He smirked." Come, let's go. It's time we arrived." He said and led me downstairs into the carriage.

We arrived at the De La Fontaine manor within a few minutes. We exited the carriage and headed up the stairs into the manor. Ezra was greeting all of the guests. He was dressed as a vampire, with the face fangs and cliché cloak and outfit straight out of Dracula. He had greeted me with a kiss to the back of my hand. It still creped me out, after all those strange men kissing my hands. I disregarded the thought and smiled, stepping in. The whole mansion was full of bright colors, and beautiful costumes with eccentric masks and clothing.

I had already spotted Ciel and Sebastian in the corner. Ciel was dressed as Romeo Montague, from Romeo and Juliet. I had known he was a Shakespeare fan but I would have thought he'd pick someone else besides Romeo, of all characters. Sebastian was dressed as an angel in all white. He had a white suit with grey accents, and a pair of while angel wings on his back. He did sort of stand out a bit, but I doubt he minded. Only Sebastian had a mask, seeing as Ciel's eye patch did fine as a mask itself. Sebastian's mask was grey with white feathers on the side, sticking up.

Alex and I headed over to the pair, smiling gently." Hello, Ciel." I said kindly, walking to his side.

Ciel looked down at me." Tear? I hardly recognized you…" He blinked and looked at my dress." You look gorgeous." He said and gave a kind smile at me.

I giggled and smiled." Thank you, and you look very nice as well, mister Romeo." I said and looked at Sebastian." And you look as… out there as you usually do." I teased, giggling softly.

Sebastian smirked and gave a small chuckle." Whatever do you mean, madam?" He said and smirked at me.

"I will say though, yours is as ironic as mine is." Alex said and looked up at the taller demon.

Sebastian gave a smirk and nodded." It is indeed. Although, I do not recognize who you are." He said and looked over Alex's costume.

"I am the god Erebus, from the Greek myths." Alex said and smirked." God of darkness." He said.

"Ah." Sebastian said and smirked.

The ball went on as normal, with Ciel and I talking constantly while watching everyone dance. Alex and Sebastian had been stolen away by a few girls, dancing in the middle of the hall with them.

Alex had slipped away from the girl he had been dancing with and smiled at me, coming over. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to the dance floor.

"Alex!" I whined, but followed him. Alex was much taller than me and more skilled at dancing, so I stumbled a bit over his feet.

After we had finished dancing, we had returned back over to Ciel, and Sebastian, who had a certain girl clung to his arm from the dance floor.

I giggled and grinned at Ciel, panting slightly from moving around so much.

Ciel chuckled and looked at me for a while before watching everyone.

The ball ended on a good note, and with Lord De La Fontaine in a very good mood. We headed back to our own carriages, and I said goodbye to Ciel.

"Goodbye, Ciel, I shall see you again soon, I hope." I smiled and looked up at him.

He nodded and kissed the back of my hand gently." Indeed. I look forward to it." He said and let go of my hand. He opened the door to my carriage, letting me get in. I stopped on the first step and leaned down to him, kissing his cheek.

" I had a fun night." I said gently and smiled. Ciel blushed slightly and looked away, muttering a quick "Goodnight" before closing the door and heading over to his own carriage.

I sat back in my seat and smiled, watching out the window at the London night sky. The stars shined brilliantly with the light from the half moon. We headed back home, only to be placed in a bed of dreams under a nice, warm blanket.

I slipped out of my costume, wiped my makeup off and got into night close when we arrived back home. I slipped into bed and smiled. Alex came in to tell me goodnight and blow out the candles, walking down the hallway with a candlestick that glowed a brilliant orange all the way down the hall, until it could not be seen anymore.

I awoke the next morning, rolled over on my stomach, the dark red quilt wrapped around my body. The curtains were still drawn, the dull light coming through the thin fabric. Alex hadn't come in yet, and from the smell coming from downstairs from the kitchen, he was making breakfast.

I sat up and stretched my arms over my head, looking around. I let out a gentle yawn and slid out of bed, onto the floor. I walked over to the window and drew the curtains back. I looked out of the window, out into the garden. It was a fairly windy day, and the trees and willow tree were shaking. I let a gentle smile on my face and walked out into the hall. I walked down the stairs into the kitchen.

"Alex…" I said and walked in, walking over to the store, where my butler stood, making breakfast in the pans in top of the burners.

He smiled down at me." Good morning. You are up early. I was about to get you up after I finished." He said and returned to flipping the bacon inside of the pan in front of him.

"What are you making, anyways, Alex?" I asked and looked down at the pans. One of them had poached eggs in them, another had a yellow hollandaise sauce in a sauce pan on an unlit burner.

"Eggs benedict." He answered and smiled, turning the burners off. He had a crumpet split in half on a plate. He grabbed the plate and dished out a poached egg, placing it on top of the half crumpet. He drizzled a few spoon fulls of hollandaise sauce on top.

"There we are." He smiled and walked over to the little tale near the door." I will make you some teas as well." He said and placed the plate down and headed back to the stove to boil some water.

I sat at the table and began eating, smiling at the taste. Alex had set down a cup of tea after a few minutes and went to clean the mess he had made.

"What are our plans today, Alex?" I asked and sipped my tea, looking over at him. I had finished my eggs benedict, and just was finishing my last cup of tea.

"Mmm… Nothing as of now but I had been meaning to call the tailor for her to come and get some new clothes for you." He smiled over his shoulder at me." Nina has been bothering me about a new design for you." He chuckled softly.

I smiled softy." She knows she can come by any time she likes. I enjoy her company." I said and stood, stretching my arms again." Call her and tell her to come visit. I need new things to scare the women in town." I giggled and headed out of the room, up to my office.

A few hours had passed by, with me mindlessly writing and signing papers on the desk in front of me. I let out a gentle sigh, leaning back in the chair as Alex walked in, the brunette tailor trailing behind him.

"Master, she is here." He smiled and stepped aside, letting Nina walk in, grinning.

"My my, lady Tear. How are you? It's been quite a while since I last say you!" She said and walked to my desk, leaning over it, looking down at me." You've grown so much!"

I smiled kindly up at her." It's nice to see you, Nina. I've been well." I said and pushed away from the desk, standing up. I walked out from behind the desk, looking up at the brunette tailor.

"So what am I making for you today?" She asked, looking down at me." I have a new dress catalog and some really cute ideas for you!" She grinned and walked out into the hallway, heading to the room connected to my bedroom that we use for tailoring.

I giggled and followed her." Whatever you want, really. I've been needing some new clothes." I said and followed after her, opening the door and stepping in. The room had a podium-like stage in the middle, with a sewing machine and a box of thread and needles on a desk near the wall. A small cabinet that stored fabrics and scraps were on the wall next to it. There was a rustic-looking panel divider in the corner, for changing and trying on clothes. I stepped onto the podium, looking down at Nina.

Nina had set her stuff on the desk, rummaging through the bag she had brought." Let me see here…" She hummed, looking through a book, stopping on a few pages." Yes! There we are!"

Nina had taken my measurements, and picked out the fabric types and colors. She had already began starting on the first dress she had picked out for me. Seeing as her fashion was a bit different than others, and was considered unladylike, she had a few ideas for clothing like she would wear. I agreed to it. I adore her clothing and find it perfect.

A few hours later, Nina had almost finished. Amazing how fast she can work. She had left me with four new outfits and a few accessories for anything I'd like. She had taken off to go to another appointment she had.

I slipped into one of the dresses she had made me, looking into the large mirror in the room." Wow…" I said and smiled, twirling around." It's perfect."

Alex chuckled and nodded." Quite good handy work, as well. I'm never disappointed." He said, watching as I tried on the other ones, seeing how they fit and looked in the mirror." You'll have to show them to your adoring Earl Trancy and Earl Phantomhive. They might just fall in love enough more." He teased, grinning.

I rolled my eyes and giggled." As if that would happen." I turned to him." Let's go out into town today." I said. He nodded and we headed out into town to waste the evening away.

We had spent all evening out on the town. We went to a bakery and had a few things to eat. We shopped at a few shops, and had traveled aimlessly around town, entering new shops or shops we had never been in. When it got dark, we headed back home. Alex had made dinner and after tea, I headed to bed.

I slid into bed and smiled to myself. Today had been a good day." Goodnight, Alex." I said and curled up on my side.

"Goodnight master." He said and blew the candles out, heading out into the dark hallway.

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