p style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;"I gasp and fly up from my bed. I panted, holding my head, trying to clear my head. Alex comes in and saw me." Hello master…bad dream?" I nod." Well we have an Earl Grey with milk…the milk helps sooth, especially when you had a bad dream." He smiled and poured e some tea. I drank and set the cup down." You have been invited to a ball, at the crystal manor…" he smiled and handed me a letter. I nod and he bows." Yes…I will get you a dress…" he smiled and left the room. I sigh and stood I walked to my mirror on my dresser and looked at the cuts and bruise." I sigh." Not as bad as I thought it would be…" I mutter and wait for Alex to bring my was black with red lace, the boots where black with red laces, with a red neck lace. I smiled and got dressed." Well at least the colors are nice…" I mutter and twirl, looking into the mirror. I smiled." Ciel will like it…" I say softly and walked down the steps. I saw Ciel at the door and smiled." Hello, Ciel…" I said and looked at his clothes, blue and white, as always. He smiled back and nodded." Hello" he said and walked me outside to the carriage. I got in the he followed, Alex and Sebastian sitting in front. I smile at Ciel, who was looking out the window./p
p style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;""Here…" Alex said to us and stopped the carriage in front of the silver colored manor. Alex opened the door and I see a young boy with a butler beside him. He had blond hair, a bit longer than Ceils; he looked to be about fifteen. He smiled at us." Welcome to the Crystal manor…I'm Scythe Crystal." He smiled and kissed the top of my hand. i smile, but yet again, disgusted. I had a reason to be grossed out when it was Alois. I was at one of his many balls, and he tried to 'steal' me….apparently he has done this to many people. I wipe the back of my hand on my dress as I walk inside, Ciel gave Scythe an odd heels clack as I walk in, but no one noticed, as usual. I sigh, knowing im horrible at dancing, I sat in a chair near the wall. Ciel does the same, we proved that he is bad at dancing as well, but I still want to dance with him…but like that will happen again. Alex took my hand and pulled me up." Come…" he said and started to dance with me." Alex!" I said and laughed. I stepped on his foot." Sorry…" I said, he smile." its fine…" he said and twirled me, my black hair flowing. I giggle and look at Ciel; he smiled at me and played with the top of his walking stick. Alex pulled me in and danced again. I smile and sat back down when the song ended. There was a gun shot. I jumped and looked around. Alex shielded me and looked around. I hug my knees close and she another bullet, it shot the lights out." Alex…" I said softly and h nodded." I know…" he said and looked at Sebastian doing the same as him. I look over to Ciel; he looked at me with an emotionless face and sighed. I put my face down on my knees and sigh." Get this over with, Alex…" I said quietly. Alex smiled." yes, Ma'Lady…" he said, his eyes glowing red. He looked over at sebastin and nodded. Sebastian smiled." Lord…commands?" he asked Ciel." No…" he said and shook his head. Another shot, it shot Ciel in the side. I gasp." Ciel!" I yell and try to help him. Alex held me in place." No…don't move from his spot…" he warned. I nodded and sat still. Ciel fell over and held his side." S…Sebastian!" he yelled at his butler. Sebastian nodded." Please hold out a little longer…" he said and looked at me. I kept my face in my knees." Alex, hurry…." I said louder. Alex nodded and left my side for a moment." Everyone! Get in here!" he yelled and opened the door to a cellar under the stairs. Everyone got in, even Scythe and Ciel. Axel put me in there and closed the door. Sebastian, Alex, and Scythe's butler, Alexandria stayed to fight the gunmen. I stayed at Ciel's side and looked at him; he smiled up at me and passed out. I sigh and hear bullets, then silence./p
p style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;"The door opened, Alex smiled." All better…it may be best to return home and forget about this…" he said and the many people rushed out and into their carriages. I stayed with Ciel and waited for Sebastian to get him. Sebastian tended to the bullet wound and smiled." It would be best if you two got home…I will get the carriage started…." He said and left me, Alex, and Ciel to wait. Ciel groaned and woke up. I look at him." Are you alright?" I ask and held his shoulder, so he doesn't fall. Ciel nodded." Yes, just dizzy" he said and held his head; I walked him out to the carriage and opened the door for him. We walked in and I sat next to him. Alex started the carriage with Sebastian on his side. Ciel laid his head on the window and huffed. I sigh." I'm sorry, Ciel…" I said softly and he smiled weakly." What for? I regret nothing…neither should you." He said weakly and Alex opened the door to the carriage for me to get out. I kiss Ciel on the cheek and step out. I see him blush and I smile. I waved as it left the black gates. I walked back inside. I walk upstairs and got undressed into my sleeping clothes. I lay on the warm bed and sigh. Alex walked in and closed the curtains. Good night, master…" he said and blew out the candle he carried, walking into the dark hallway/p
p style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;""Time to wake up now…" Alex said and opened the curtains. I open my eyes slowly and sat up. Alex poured me a cup of tea and left me with my clothes. I got dressed in what I would normally wear, but black and blue. I smiled and walked down the steps to the kitchen. Alex made some breakfast and I ate." Plans today?" I ask. Alex nodded." Yes we have received a letter from the queen. I opened it and read it." Kidnapping of young girls…" I said and put it down." Alright.." I said and walked up stairs to my closet. I got a regular dress and out it on." Let's go." I said walking back down the stairs and Alex nodded, getting the carriage ready. I got in the carriage and looked out the window. I sigh and looked at the Big Ben. It was 9:15 in the morning. I yawned and looked at the children playing." I wish I can be that happy again…" I mutter. Alex stopped the carriage. He opened the door and I got out." You know your job and I know mine…." I say and walked off in a different direction./p
p style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;"Alex nodded and walked off to look around the city, while I prance around like the little girl I'm supposed to be. That's the puppets job, play dress up and get snatched. I sigh and pranced around the streets, some know I'm the heard of the Black manor and most do not, so it's at my advantages. I see someone looking at me." Hello good sir." I bow to the man. The man smiled." Hello, little lady, what's your name?" he asked." Lilly Forgeron." I made my accent a French one. The man smiled." Nice to meet you Lilly." He said and took my hand, and kissed the top of it. "emWhat is wrong with pervs kissing my hands?!"/em my head screamed. I smiled." What is your name?" I asked in the best French accent I can make. He smiled." Thomas Johnson." He said and pulled me into a shadow. I was, yet again, drugged, so I passed out./p
p style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;"I woke up, with my hands chained to the wall and me feet bound. I sigh and looked to my sides. Other girls tied up the same as me. 'Thomas' held my jaw in his hand." Well well…we meet again…" he grinned. This was the same room as the murders accrued before. I grin." Good eye… Joan Smith" I say. He slapped me." Don't play cute, girl, I don't know your name but I will find out and…." He was cut off. I sigh." Alex, save me…now." I say and my shoulder glowed venom green. Joan's eyes widened and let go of me. He ran out of the room. My head dropped and my cuts bleed." Catch him!" I yelled lifting my head, I'm not going to fail the queen this time. The silence of the room was broken. There was gun shots, the other girls lifted their heads to hear, while some kept their heads down. Alex walked in with Joan over his shoulder, tied with rope. I smiled." Thank you, Alex, now get me and the other girls out of these chains…they are most uncomfortable…" I say. He smiled and set the unconscious Joan on the ground. He untied me first then the other ten girls. I rub my wrists and wiped the blood from my face." Joan smith…" I said and kicked his ribs." That will hurt when he wakes up…" I mutter and looked at the other girls. The hugged me." It's going to be fine…let go please…" I say and they let go." All I need is your names…." I said looking at the girls. They gave me their names and I nodded." Come with me and we will return you home…" I said and walked out of the building with the girls and Alex following me./p
p style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;"I got all the girls home and nodded to Alex." Job completed…." I said and walked to the carriage. Alex drove us home. Alex fixed my cuts and nodded." There…all better…" he smiled and left me to my room for the night. I laid my head on the pillow and yawned./p