I still couldn't believe Jan, even if she was telling the truth. It just seemed too odd and so sudden that it made me feel shocked. Greg and I didn't even know that much about each other. I don't think it would even work if we liked each other.

I finished my snack, thinking about these things. It latched onto my brain, chanting so that I could not think about anything else. The girls would sometime tap my shoulder to keep me from drifting off.

"Well, the good thing is that…Greg is very," Marcia began, biting her lip as she searched for a word.

"Kind!" Cindy chirped, smiling brightly because she was proud of herself. We looked at her and shook our heads, counting that idea out of our heads until:

"Well, he kind of is to our friends," Jan stated, pressing her palms together as she thought back to when she invited her friends over, I reckon. "He has always been like that around girls, but the way he said that…man." She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at the table, thinking deeply.

"Around most girls that is," Marcia added, standing up as she took her bowl with her. I followed her, because I was obviously finished. "I've got an idea to get this out of our heads. Let's go in the backyard and go on the swings." We all fell into agreement on this and soon, we were taking turns on the swings. Cindy and Jan were on them first, whooping and smiling greatly as the wind blew back their hair.

"I'm wondering," I whispered to Marcia, turning around to the house. "I wonder Marcia….what do you think about this whole thing?"

"I think it's just a crush now. Nothing too big," Marcia replied, smiling weakly. "If you don't want it to happen, I bet you could stop it from becoming into something bigger."

"I hope I can," I added, nodding slightly as I turned my gaze back to the swing set.

"Besides, he knows it would be weird between us," Marcia added after my sentence, standing up for Jan had left her swing. "It would be really awkward." She sat down on the swing and began, finding Cindy's rhythm with the swing. Jan took a seat next to me and smiled.

"I think Marcia is wrong," she whispered.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"I think it's not a crush. I know for sure that it is something huge. Greg doesn't let up easily on crushes either," Jan replied, twirling her hair between her fingers. "You are in the hole now, Mirai."

"Gee, thanks Jan," I muttered under my breath, crossing my arms.

Greg's POV

"Hey Greg. What was that all about?" Peter asked me, placing his hands on his hips as I walked into the room. I shrugged lightly, hoping he wouldn't call me out on this in front of everyone. "Don't shrug, we all heard it."

"Yeah," Luke said in agreement, nodding quickly as he looked out the window. I bet the girls were outside. "Are you crushing on my sister or something?"

"Crushing? Are you kidding me?" I snapped, sitting down on my bed as I frowned at them. "That's stupid. Girls are weird anyway."

"That's not what you said about Mirai," smirked Peter. "Gotcha there!" It was the truth, they did get me. I couldn't fake it for this long, but I could lie to them. They were dull minded anyway. Bobby walked into the room and leaped onto his bed, pulling out his small baseball. He tossed it in his hands, like a kitten with string. Poor Bobby didn't even know what was going on.

"So? I'm nice, unlike you brats," I snapped at him. Luke and Peter both raised their eyebrows and exchanged looks.

"Being nice isn't the situation we are talking about," Luke said, snickering.

"Gosh, you guys are so annoying," I murmured as I hid my face in my hands. When would this torture end?

"We will stop being annoying when you tell us the truth," Luke replied, hesitantly.

"No you won't. If I admit, and I'm not saying I do, that I like Mirai, you guys will be on my back like a pair of monkeys," I stated, looking back up at them. Peter shrugged, and then itched his head, making a noise that a monkey would make.

"I guess we are monkeys now!" Luke laughed, climbing onto the ladder that led to Peter's bed. Peter joined him as they began to hoot and holler, like animals. I groaned and quickly walked out of the room, making sure I closed the door fully. Again, I felt bad for Bobby, who would have to go through that torture. I can't even believe that Luke was Mirai's brother. She was so sweet and kind, while Luke was a loud-mouth and an idiot. I walked down the stairs, heading for the kitchen. I was craving some pie from last night.

"Monkeys," I muttered, laughing slightly as I walked into the kitchen, remembering what I had said. It was quite funny, because it was true. Alice was in the kitchen, washing dishes. She turned to me and smiled brightly.

"Hey there kiddo!" she chirped. I couldn't help but smile. Alice was such a good soul, and she always brought smiles to us.

"Hi Alice," I replied, laying my hand on the refrigerator. I opened it and pulled out a tin which contained the pie. "Just craving some pie."

"Ah, that was my first cherry pie believe it or not. It's great that you guys love it so much," Alice stated, pointing at the tin and grinned. "I thought it would turn out into a disaster."

"Well, it didn't. It turned into a masterpiece," I said, laughing as I pulled out a plate from the dishwasher. Carefully, I took out the biggest piece and placed it on the yellow plate. I took a fork as well and went to sit down at the kitchen, and Alice joined me.

"It was nice of the Cutter's to visit today, wasn't it?" Alice asked, placing her chin on her hands as she looked at me. I nodded, and then frowned.

"Well, Mirai is always very nice but Luke isn't," I replied.

"Mirai is a sweet heart," Alice said, happily. "But Luke…I don't know about him. He's still a good kid but…I just don't know." My cheeks blushed when Alice called Mirai a sweet heart.

"Yes," I commented, placing my fork down as I smiled. "Alice, what do girls like in a man?"