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Clint's personnel file had more lies in it than Natasha's did.

Shield File: Clinton Francis Barton was born in Clinton, Iowa to Catherine and Barney Francis Barton five minutes after William Francis Barton and four years after Barney Francis Barton jr. The Barton's hadn't been rich but they'd been happy, Mrs. Barton a waitress and Mr. Barton a mechanic before the elder Barton's died in a car accident and the boys spent two years in foster care before running away to the circus.

Truth: Clinton Francis Barton had been born and raised on the fringes of society, in a circus that was home to a diverse group of gypsies and outcasts. His mother, Katarina Konstantinov, had been the circus's beautifully exotic dark haired silver eyed fortune teller while his father, Barney Francis Barton, had been a blonde blue eyed drifter that stuck around the circus just long enough to father three sons before walking away. His mother was still very much alive and kicking though he wasn't sure about his father.

Shield File: Clinton Francis Barton was functionally illiterate having never gone to school after joining the circus.

Truth: Clinton Francis Barton had never gone to school but he was fully literate in multiple languages: Russian, English, French and Polish were some of them and he was fluent in Romany as well. He just really hated reading and writing reports.

Shield File: Clinton Francis Barton had apprenticed under Trickshot before Bullseye had handed him a bow. By the time Clint was fourteen he'd been better than both of them and made the star performer in Carson's Travelling Circus. Trickshot had made Barney his partner crime well before they left the circus. Trickshot had meant to kill Clint the day he left.

Truth: Trickshot hit him exactly where he meant to. He wasn't stupid enough to kill the gypsy witch's favorite son.

Shield File: Clinton Francis Barton never served in any countries' army in any capacity though his brother William had before being recruited by the IMF.

Truth: Clinton Francis Barton joined the army in lieu of a prison sentence under the alias James Lee when he was sixteen and spent five years as a black ops sniper before being 'KIA'. With some help from a local gypsy clan he made his way home and rejoined Carson's Travelling Circus without anyone in the military or government noticing.

Shield File: Phillip J. Coulson found and recruited twenty four year old Clinton Francis Barton codenamed Hawkeye: the Best Marksman in the world at Carson's Travelling Circus three years after Phil himself was recruited by Fury.

Truth: Former Army Ranger Captain Phillip J. Coulson recognized Corporal James Lee who'd 'died' holding the line for the rest of their unit within moments of seeing Hawkeye. Phil had known Lee was too fucking young to be there the first time he'd laid eyed on him no matter that his papers said he was eighteen. Lee had followed Coulson's lead for five years through cake walk missions, bad missions, fubar missions, how the hell did we survive that missions, he'd even gone home with Phil on leave because he had nowhere else to go. Their unit had called Lee, Phil's puppy, but there hadn't been one of them that hadn't owed Lee his life. The only time he'd failed to follow orders had been the last time Phil had seen him. He was waiting in Hawkeye's trailer when Clint finally finished for the night and Clint followed him to Shield two days later. They spent one of those two days making up Clint's history and agreeing on just how much of the truth he was willing to share. Not much for Shield but all of it for Phil. Phil spent the other day being interrogated by Clint's mother and the rest of their clan before being made an honorary member of the clan. The morning of their departure Clint's mother had waylaid Phil before Clint woke up and had words with him. Phil still to this day refuses to tell Clint what those words were. His mother just cackles every time he asks.

Shield File: Agent Barton's visual acuity was in the top one percent of unaltered human ability.

Truth: Clint always lies during his vision tests. He switches out the scope for a plain glass replica every time because he knows how to hide in plain sight and someone is always watching. He had just a touch of the Sight his mother had in spades but never regretted that he didn't have more. William had about the same amount but it manifested differently. He saw patterns that no one else saw and remembered everything he'd ever seen. Barney had taken after their father with his complete lack of Sight. The jealousy and anger he held for his brothers, their mother, and even the rest of the clan had eaten away at him until there was nothing salvageable left in him. The twins had never understood why Barney had been jealous in the first place, the Sight was just as much a curse as it was a blessing. Clint had excellent vision, the distances he could see were amazing, sometimes he even got glimpses of peoples' souls but there were down sides to all of that. There wasn't anyone to share the view with. Sometimes souls were horrifyingly awful to see and sometimes he had to watch as beautiful souls were cut down around him, he couldn't forget either. Plus both twins suffered migraines that were physically paralyzing when they hit.

Shield File: Agent Barton only willingly works with Coulson as his handler. He does on occasion work with Sitwell, Wu or Hill as his handler but no one is very happy during those occasions because he didn't play well with others.

Truth: He'd lost eighty percent of his hearing during an op gone wrong because his handler at the time refused to listen to him. Coulson, Sitwell, Wu, Hill, Fury and medical are the only ones that know about his hearing loss. Coulson, Hill, Sitwell and Wu are the only handlers that are also proficient in ASL so they were the only ones assigned to him in case his hearing aids get damaged. Coulson is actually the only one he trusts when shit goes to hell.

Shield File: Agent Barton gets injured often. Agent Coulson is Agent Barton's medical proxy for convenience sake. Agent Coulson always stays with Barton when he's in medical to make sure Barton stays in medical. They share a room any time both of them are injured.

Truth: Clint didn't trust hospitals and Shield medical gave him hives. The one and only time Clint had woken up in medical without Phil he had a full blown panic attack.

Shield File: Agent Barton spends a lot of time in the air ducts.

Truth: Usually he's hiding from Hill or Fury, scaring the baby agents or napping above Phil's office.

Shield File: Agent Barton flirts with everyone even Director Fury on occasion. Sending him to harassment seminars make it worse.

Truth: He only did it to hide his actual flirting with Coulson. He's extremely annoyed after the harassment seminar so he flirts even more outrageously.

Shield File: Agent Barton had an apartment outside of Shield.

Truth: Clint had gone home with Phil one night and never left. He sublet his loft to the barista at his favorite coffee shop because she always made his order as soon as she saw him even when the line was to the door and he decided to spice things up she always got it right. Phil joked that she was the coffee whisperer. Clint argued that she had the Coffee Sight.

Shield File: Barton uses every one of his vacation days every year but no one knows where he actually goes. Coulson's vacations always coincide with Barton's.

Truth: At least once a year Clint's vacation coincides with William's. Clint drags Phil along every time he visits Carson's Travelling Circus. Phil's gotten pretty good on the high-wire. Phil brings Clint home with him every Thanksgiving. His daughter had been just as attached to Corporal Lee as Phil had been. She'd known Clint since she was seven and she'd seen her parent's divorce coming way before Clint entered their lives. They'd been living separate lives for her entire life and the few times a year they spent together they acted like roommates instead of spouses. The split had probably been the friendliest most amicable divorce in existence. The fact that her mother filed the paperwork just days before Lee's 'twentieth' birthday hadn't surprised anyone but Clint. The only thing that had changed after the divorce had been her dad sleeping in Lee's room instead of her mom's.

Shield File: Agent Barton disobeyed direct orders to kill the Black Widow. It was the first time he completely disobeyed his orders in the nine years he'd worked for Shield. He had dropped off the grid for twenty four hours (Coulson conveniently disappeared four hours into Barton's disappearance) before he'd brought her in alive and cooperative. He offered no explanation or excuses to Fury as to why he did what he did he just gave a cocky smirk as he told him she's ours.

Truth: The thing that made him offer her a chance was the fact that her soul wasn't nearly as damaged as it should have been for one with her list of achievements. When he said she's ours he meant his and Phil's not Shield's as he implied.

Shield File: Agent Barton worked just as well with Agent Romanov as they worked solo. Their success rate was unparalleled even if it wasn't one hundred percent because bad intel was unavoidable at times. The undefined but clearly more than friendly relationship between agents Barton and Romanov is ignored because Fury doesn't give a rat's ass about the fact that Romanov follows Barton where ever it was he goes when he's off duty because they're entirely Coulson's responsibility. He brought in Barton and Barton brought in Romanov so all the shit they get up to off the clock was his to deal with.

Truth: Phil and Clint had a blast introducing Natasha to Carson's Travelling Circus. Natasha enjoyed fire dancing the most. Phil's daughter took a lot longer to warm up to Natasha than Clint's mother had but that had been expected. Clint's mother had liked Natasha well before she met her. Phil's daughter had to adjust to the fact that her Dad and 'Uncle' Clint had added a beautiful redheaded woman that was closer to her age than Clint's to their fifteen year relationship.

Shield File: Budapest had really bad intel. No one is exactly sure how Agents Barton and Romanov survived because the Higher-ups refused to give the okay for a rescue mission.

Truth: Fury looked the other way when Phil went off the grid. Budapest was the event that turned Phil/Clint and Natasha into Phil/Clint/Tasha.

Shield File: Agent Barton was disappointed he wasn't assigned to Coulson team when Tony Stark needed to be debriefed after escaping from the Ten Rings.

Truth: Phil refused to let them get within a mile of each other.

Shield File: Agent Barton argued against placing Romanov as Stark's PA and refused to talk with Coulson and Romanov during the op.

Truth: He'd visited Tasha quite a few times at Stark Industries. He'd been at Stark's mansion with Coulson when Phil got the call about New Mexico.

Shield File: Agent Barton hadn't interacted with Dr. Foster's group.

Truth: Clint had taken Phil's daughter out to lunch while Phil set up base camp. He'd also stolen her Ipod when he got bored.

Shield File: Watching over Dr. Selvig and the Tesseract was not a reprimand.

Truth: It was. Darcy spent three weeks yelling at her dad for stealing her Ipod. Phil was just getting even.

Shield File: When Romanov recovered Barton she was ordered not to inform him of Coulson's death.

Truth: She did anyways.

Shield File: Agents Barton and Romanov were indefinitely assigned to the Avengers.

Truth: Clint and Natasha quit after Fury admitted Phil wasn't as dead as he implied. Clint broke Fury's nose after Steve showed him Phil's cards.