Chapter 2

I wake at 6am and go for a long run. After 10 miles I need a shower and a hearty breakfast. I call Anastasia and tell her what a nice time I had with her last night. I tell her I'll be here until tomorrow morning. I know she'll be busy moving, but maybe I could ask if she needs any help, my brother Elliot will be here overnight, maybe Ana can introduce him to her roommate and keep him out of my hair for the evening. Taylor headed back to Escala last night for a few things so Elliot tagged along back here with him this morning and he dropped me off some extra clothes. Ana said yes to seeing me tonight and I'm thrilled. She said she will be here around 5 pm. Elliot wants to go party tonight with me and is surprised to hear that I have a date. So am I.

She knocks on the door of my suite and I kiss her hello softly. I can hear Elliot gasp knowing how surprised he is too see my date is with a woman. She arrives on time looking stunning in white fitted linen pants and a baby blue top that compliments her extraordinarily beautiful eyes. After a few minutes I offer her some wine and I ask her embarrassingly to sign an NDA. She has no clue what it is but I explain to her because of who I am I need my privacy protected. She doesn't bat an eye and just signs it. Even after I tell her to read it thoroughly she shrugs and signs it without a further glance. My brother is itching to get out and go find some college girls and hopefully get laid tonight keeping true to his usual weekend ritual at least he uses protection, He brought 2 full boxes of condoms with him, I think he's delusional and highly doubt he needs 24 rubbers. He said he brought me a box in case I got lucky. Ha, how right he already is, I'm feeling beyond lucky since I met the lovely Miss Steele yesterday, but I don't think she's going to sleep with me so quickly . A guy can dream though. I'm pretty sure that up until a few minutes ago when he saw me with Anastasia he thought I was gay. Everyone in my family and the media thinks that too. I go a very long way to keep my private life private so I couldn't care less what they gossip about. I am secure enough where I don't have to comment on my sexual predilections. Ana is on the phone with her roommate asking her if she'd be interested in a blind date with my brother. I can't make out what she just whispered but I'm guessing she described my brother as very good looking. He is, all the Grey's are attractive, not biologically related but somehow we all have striking good looks and height. Elliot is 6'4", I am 6'3" and my sister Mia is 5'10". Dr. Grace knows how to pick em we always joke!

After some coaxing and Ana showing him a photo on her cell of Katherine Kavanagh My brother has decided to go over to Miss Steele's apartment to meet with her roommate for dancing and drinks on a blind date. I don't think they are a match. Kate is a cold bitch and Elliot is the complete opposite, a warm and fun loving happy guy, but I hope they hit it off long enough for me to have some time alone with Anastasia. I pour her another glass of wine and we spend several hours just talking about, art, music, books and other interests. For a girl who hasn't had the most affluent upbringing she is well versed in just about everything. She is a complete intrigue to me. I want her so badly. She looks so sexy as she sits next to me on the couch with her shoes off and legs crossed while she leans towards me. Suddenly the atmosphere changes and we lock eyes.

I swoop down and kiss her hard then slow it down to an intimate passionate kiss. She is stunning; she's completely lost in me and I her.

"I wan't you so badly Ana" I whisper "Me too" and she kisses me again. I pull her up and press her body tight next to mine and I take her hand and lead her to my bedroom in the elegant presidential suite. "I want to make love to you Anastasia "I murmur into her ear.

"I want to also but I'm scared Christian" huh? Scared, why is she scared? I step back and look at her for a moment. "Why are you scared Anastasia, have I done something wrong?"

"Oh no, it's just umm.. Well I'm not sure if I'll be any good" she answers timidly and she looks downs again at her knotted fingers. Why would she think that? Surely I should be the judge of that. She must have had a bad experience before. Perhaps a previous boyfriend told her she wasn't very good in bed. I couldn't imagine ever saying that to a woman even if it were true.

"Why would you say that? I look at her amused "have you had a bad experience Ana?"

"No, it's just that, oh this is embarrassing" she says "Tell me" I snap I'm getting anxious.

"Christian….. It's just that I have no experience at all, I've never had sex before" she peeks up nervously, waiting for my reaction

"Never?" and she nods

"You're a virgin?" and she nods again and whispers a mortified yes to me.

I am literally in shock; I knew she was innocent but a fucking virgin, a virgin? Holy fuck I can't do this. I mean I want to so desperately but I'm stunned to silence. I'm feeling immobile. She is cautiously staring at me, waiting for me to speak. I feel like a kettle of hot water bubbling over, steam rising and hissing and I feel dizzy. What am I doing with this girl? I can't do this; she's a goddamn virgin I can't take that from her. Even I know how wrong that would be, but I've never desired a woman more in my life and by some miracle she is ready to surrender her virginity to me. If she only knew the wicked things I want to do to her.

After a few minutes she looks at me embarrassed and asks me if I'd prefer if she left. "No of course not, I like you here, please stay" I say softly.

"I'm sorry I didn't mention it to you, it's just that we barely know each other and I just wanted to be honest"

"Don't be sorry, Anastasia, I'm glad you are so honest" I pull her close and kiss her again; she is so pure and beautiful. I want her all for me. She wants me too and I don't want her to give up this gift of her virtue to some sleazy frat boy or some other guy that comes along. I want her all for me. "Anastasia, I still want to make love to you" I say as I slowly kiss her neck. "Do you still want me to? Are you sure?"

"Oh Yes" she moans and I deepen our kiss.

I want her first time to be special; she will surely remember this forever, her first time making love. I want her to never desire another man besides myself after tonight. I'm taking no prisoners. I continue kissing her softly on each corner of her mouth and trail kisses on her neck and behind her ear. She softly moans and I can feel my cock throbbing as my erection grows quickly and painfully trying to push its way out of my jeans. I grab her hair and wind it around my wrist forcing her to look at me while I kiss her luscious sweet lips. I have to place one arm around her waist to hold her up because she is so dizzy from our kissing she can barely stand up straight. I sit her down on the bed and unbutton her blouse. It falls on to the bed and I get my first glimpse of her beautiful breasts. She has on a soft white lacey bra and her pink nipples are visible through the material. I slowly peel the straps down and pop open the clasp freeing her full milky white breasts. "Oh Ana, Your breasts are perfect" and she stifles a moan. I reach up down and take her breast into my hands. I close my eyes momentarily and savor the feeling. Her nipples are a dark pink and swollen from my touch. I roll her nipples between my fingers and she cries out with ecstasy in her voice.

I push her so she is lying down on the bed and take her nipple into my mouth. I slowly lick round and round making her writhe and moan. I close my mouth and suck hard devouring her as she continues to groan with pleasure. I repeat the assault on her other nipple and slowly kiss down her stomach placing gently kisses as I go along "Oh" she cries and desire ripples through my body sending tremors coursing straight to my thick throbbing cock. I want her pussy so bad already but I have to slow down. "Ana, you are delicious I want to be deep inside you so badly". I take my shirt off and give her glimpse of my muscular chest. She will be too lost to even bother trying to touch my" No Go Zone" I will distract her from it somehow.

I slowly open the button on her soft white pants and slide the zipper down. I climb back up and kiss her mouth as my hand dips down between her thighs and I rub her through her pants. I want to get her nice and wet and warmed up for me. She lifts her pelvis and moves slowly as I rub her. She likes the friction and is panting and wanting more. I slip my hand inside and rub her pussy through her panties. I can feel the moisture as I rub her round and round. I feel like if I don't come soon I'm going to burst. I need to slow it down and make it last though, no quick-draw McGraw with this exquisite woman. I must exercise control, as I do in ALL things.

I stand up over her while she lies on the bed and I pull her pants off of her. She is stunning; her legs are so long and flawless. Her white lace panties are see-through just like her bra. I can see she has a small bit of pubic hair on her. I bend down and inhale her scent. Her pussy smells divine just like the rest of her body. I lift her legs up gently and peel her panties down slowly while my breathing picks up. I have never seen such a beautiful woman in all of my life. From head to toe she is perfect. Her patch of pubic hair points to a small V down to the top of her sweet pussy lips. I can't help but leaning in for another smell. Her pussy is so beautiful. I push her knees up so her lips spread open and I can get a better look. She is so pure looking and I am turned on so much like never before. I feel almost proprietary of her sex. I would never want another man to have the pleasure of her body. She was made for me. She was sent to me by the divine providence and I want to worship her and make her beg for more. Although I am tempted to lick every fold in her wet pussy I climb on top of her and take my pants off freeing my very large and swollen cock.

She gasps and I can feel her heart rate pick up. I long for her to touch my cock. She looks so frightened like she doesn't know what to do. I take her hand and place around me. I have a bead of moisture on my tip and I graze my thumb over it and place it in her mouth and she closes down and sucks on my finger gently. She gently strokes me watching for my reaction, I pump my hips back and forth and say "like that baby, mmm" I can feel her legs spreading apart slowing almost begging me to enter her already but I want to make her nice and wet for me. I slowly rub her clitoris round and round with my palm and slide my fingers though her wet pussy lips. She is moaning low and fast while my other hand rubs her nipple and my mouth meets hers and my tongue mirror the actions of my hand. I slip a finger inside her and she is so wet. I push my finger fast in and out of her, making sure my thumb rubs her clit with every stroke. She is building and it won't be long until she detonates and comes hard. Her first orgasm I believe.

"Ana, come for me sweet girl" and she stiffens her legs as she grinds up and down while my finger pushes in and out hard and fast. "Please oh, oh, Ahhh" she cries and her eyes roll back as she lets go all over me. Her pussy is dripping wet for me and I take my finger out and suck it and rub her wetness all over her. Yes she tastes so sweet. After I fuck her I must eat that mouthwatering pussy. After she climbs down from her orgasm, my aching cock can't take anymore. I slide the condom on me and hover over her. I kiss her deep. "I want to fuck you now, please Anastasia" "Oh Christian, yes please, please" she begs. I position my cock at her wet entrance and slam into her and she cries out hard. I keep still letting her absorb my large cock and the intrusive feeling of fullness that's she's never experienced before. I want to pull back and slam into her again but instead I just press deeper into her and rotate my hips in a circle to stretch her sweet sex. "Feels good? I whisper "Yes, please I want more" and I smile and Pull my entire length slowly out of her except for my tip and she growls. Her pussy is so fucking tight like a vise grip on my cock.

I slam into her again a few times, she is so fucking wet and I just slide my cock easily deep inside her, in and out until she looks high from me. I push deep inside her again and grind my hips in a circle deep and hard trying to bury myself inside her but she is so tight and I really have to grind hard and slow. She is begging me to go faster and I pace myself and slowly build up my speed while my hand rolls her clit with my thumb and forefinger. I suck her tender swollen nipples hard then kiss her mouth devouring her tongue. Every part of this girl is tastier than the next. I begin to fuck her harder and harder as she lifts her pelvis off the bed and circles herself trying to feel every inch of my cock. "Oh yeah baby, give it to me" and she's over the edge shouting incoherently and saying "I'm coming, I'm coming" as her legs stiffen and her body goes rigid she cries my name softly and it takes me spiraling to a vicious release as I slam her pussy hard a few times and come deep inside her grunting loud. I still myself and fall on top of her and kiss her tenderly. Our bodies entwined with each other feverishly kissing now and slowly I slide out of her and she winces slightly.

"Oh Anastasia, that was incredible, I have never made love like that in my life" Shit, I have never made love to any woman before, just fucked em , flogged em, spanked em etc. "Are you alright baby?" "Yes I'm fine" she smiles and wraps her arms tight around my neck and hugs me and pulls me into a deep kiss. I already feel my cock coming to life again. I pull of the rubber and check that another condom is in my reach. I still want to eat her sweet pussy and I know when she comes I'm going to have to fuck her hard.

As she lies on the bed looking satisfied with a grin. I gaze into her powder blue eyes and say "now I want some dessert" and her breath catches as I slowly start kissing down her body from her neck down to her pale flat stomach. My hands gently glide over her silky body and I slowly make my way down to the sweet delicacy waiting for me between her thighs. When I reach my target I gently push her knees up and spread her thighs apart. I can't help but groan when I see her sweet pink pussy glistening wet for me. I bury my nose on her pubic hair and inhale deeply. My hand gently traces her pubic hair and some of the hair on her wet pussy lips. She is writhing and whimpering in anticipation. "Oh Anastasia, do you want me to kiss you here baby?" I ask as my finger gently slides around her opening "Oh please yes Christian, ahh" she begs "have you ever been kissed here before?" I ask with my face practically buried in her.

"No" and she nods while she tilts up on her forearms trying to see what I'm about to do to her. "Good girl, this is mine Anastasia, mine, you belong to me, this belongs to me" I say as my tongue flicks across her swollen clitoris. She lets out a cry of pleasure and says "yes, yours, only yours" Umm she is so sweet. I look up at her watching me and I slowly stroke the top of her pussy with my tongue slowly but forcefully and she falls back on the bed. She is soaking wet for me and I can still see her slowing dripping as I suck deeper. I suck gently on her clit until I make a tight suction around it and watch her fall apart. I continue my assault down her folds with my tongue flicking fast with long strokes devouring her trying to suck up the moisture but she just keeps coming I dip my tongue deep inside her and she whimpers some more. I put 2 fingers in her and pump fast while I lick and suck her spreading her legs apart while she bows off the bed and has a violent orgasm. I rip open the condom and slam into her hard, pumping my cock in and out as hard as I can grunting as I call her name. Oh I can feel myself building, my cock is going to burst. I have never had such pleasurable sex before. I'm almost scared to find my release, the feeling is making my cock throb and sing with pleasure as I climb higher and higher until finally I pump so fast that I explode my release hard into her, unable to speak I just groan and mewl as my aftershocks rip through me rendering me inert and immobile.

That was in another universe, off the charts, most incredible orgasm I have ever experienced in my life. Anastasia looks spent and weak but manages to caress my cheek and smile. We lay for a while quietly and try to recover from our explosive lovemaking.

"Oh Ana, I can't even express how good that felt, I never want to let you go baby" I confess

She blushes and kisses me softly and drifts off to sleep completed shattered to exhaustion. I hold her tight from behind and drift off peacefully in her arms.

A few hours later I awaken and glance at the clock. Its 1am and Elliot hasn't returned to the suite. I'm glad especially while I was making love to Ana. I send him a quick text.

"Where are you?"

He replies back a minute later "I'm with Kate, we had dinner now we are back at her apartment, she's hot"

How the fuck did he charm her cold ass? "Are you spending the night there?" if he says yes I don't want Ana to go back there. I'll have her stay here with me.

"I hope so bro, she's all over me, I think I'm in love"

"Don't be an ass, use protection, and let me know if you are coming back here so I can book you another suite"

"Did you get laid Christian" He knows I'll never tell, he's lucky he's my loving brother, nobody asks me about my sex life.

"No, and I would tell if I did, we are just enjoying each other's company"

"Gotta go bro, don't wait up, she's already naked, see you tomorrow"

"Be careful Elliot" I warn

I put my phone down and turn it to vibe. Anastasia is sitting up in bed. "I'm very thirsty, may I have a drink" she asks sweetly

"Of course you can baby" I head to the mini bar and get her a cold bottle of orange juice. She downs it and wipes her mouth with her hand and looks completely adorable and I can't help but lean down and smile at her. She has beguiled me.

I explain to her that my brother and Miss Kavanagh have hit it off and Ana already knows he'll be spending the night. Ana doesn't come out and say but her expression indicates that this would not be a first for her roommate. She agrees to stay the night and I offer to have a truck and movers assist her. She politely declines saying that would be very expensive. Has she no clue that I am a billionaire? I actually don't think she's aware of that. She is firm on her declining of my paying for her move so I just offer to help by carrying things to her car or truck whatever she drives. I have to go there anyway I'm sure to get Elliot in the morning. I'm not used to manual labor even though I'm very physically fit, from running, kickboxing and weights on a daily basis. She simply says it's not necessary but I want to spend more time with her. My sister is returning from Paris tomorrow and I have agreed to get her from the airport at 3pm so I'll have to head back to Seattle by noon in case there's traffic.

Anastasia and I stay up and talk some more. She is so beautiful in every way I just want to be in her presence however I can. I order up some room service and we each get a grilled chicken Caesar salad. She barely finishes her food, she is already quite thin.

"Eat your food Anastasia" I say sternly.

"I'm full" she squeaks.

"I don't like wasted food, you need to eat you are very thin" I narrow my eyes at her with a hint of a smile tracing my lips.

"Yes, Sir! You are so domineering Christian" and she giggles. I gasp for a moment and try to conceal my wicked grin with my hand.

"Oh Anastasia, you have no idea" but you will soon, love..very very soon.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this. I'll try to write again soon. All rights of the characters and book quotes go to EL James and the 50 shades trilogy. Laters' baby!