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I decided to write a fanfiction on Darker than BLACK finally. It was actually the first anime that I had ever watched, but I got so caught up in stuff like Fairy Tail, DuRaRaRa and such and such, that I didn't write a fanfic on it.

Here's my first DTB fanfic: Middle School Hell.


Disclaimer: I really wish I owned DTB, so I could make the girls stop dying. :|

BTW: This fic take place just after season 2.

"So, I'll become even more powerful if I drink this?" asked the assassin carefully.

"Not exactly," corrected the flying squirrel. "It's supposed to condense your power, making it faster and more agile."

Hei's mouth straightened into a firm line. "I don't want it."

"Why wouldn't you?! It's a great opportunity! You can finally get rid of the Syndicate!"

Hei turned around briskly and headed down the alleyway, Mao close behind him. "Come on, Hei, don't be stubborn! You need this!"

Hei didn't look back, his black trench coat blew back in the wind. "I've made up my mind."

He turned the corner, and disappeared.

The squirrel wasn't pleased. "Damn him and his caution. This is an opportunity he can't refuse. I'll get it to him, somehow."

The next morning, Hei rubbed his eyes until he was awake, afterwards yawning and stretching his arms. This routine had been easier and less confusing for him after he had learned that he was actually human. It was a normal human thing to do.

He walked across his room to his fridge, pulled out a half-gallon of milk, and chugged it down before setting it on the counter. He then brushed his teeth, leaving his hair slightly bedraggled. (Me: OMG, OMG, OMG, HEI IS SOOO HOT!)

He changed into his regular black t-shirt, jeans, and hoodie. Since he didn't have any jobs to do for today, (well, at least for the organization…) he could go and buy some more clothes. His jeans had some holes in them, after all.

He exited the apartment and headed to the train station, which would take him to Tokyo.

It was a 3 hour train ride.

During this expedition, he twiddled his thumbs, looked out the window, and formulated what he would do after that. He might be able to get some ramen at the ramen shop he used to go to. He didn't think he'd have to worry about the Police or Kirihara, because the only places he'd been active were places far outside of Tokyo. They probably hadn't looked twice at that area.

Kirihara. He hadn't thought about her in a while.

He kept his face mellow as he stepped off the train, startling some high-school girls who were sitting at the stop and chatting. It was a Sunday, after all. They didn't have classes today, so they were probably waiting to head out somewhere to have some fun. They all gave him 3rd and 4th glances as he passed by.

Hei sighed. It was always like that. Maybe he should wear a tuxedo to throw them off. No, that would probably just make it worse.

He found a department store near the shopping district in the city, and he walked inside, avoiding the security cameras.

It was uneventful, to say in the least. A couple girls who were shopping giggled as he walked by, but he didn't look at them, lest they remember his face. He picked out a pair of jeans, and was about to try them on (a practice that he hadn't tried in a while.), when he felt a pang in his stomach.

He doubled over, as the crippling pain spread from his stomach to his chest, and then to the rest of his body. Hei struggled over to one of the changing rooms to find out what on earth was happening to him.

He sat on the bench in the changing stall, clutching his midsection and grimacing. He shoved some children's clothes off to the side, and locked the door. What was causing this pain? Did he eat something bad?

He thought back to what he had eaten that day. Nothing but the half gallon milk he drank this morning. Wait… that milk…

His eyes widened in realization. The milk! Mao had said earlier that the formula he wanted him to drink had to be taken with liquid! Had Mao actually sneaked some of it into his milk jug? It had already been opened, so it was possible…

Hei blinked, pausing a moment in shock, because the pain had stopped.

He stood up, and noticed something horrifying.

For some reason, he was a lot shorter, and his clothes felt baggy and long. He looked down, and almost screamed.

He had been shrunk.

Hei quickly assessed the situation, struggling to take it all in, and calm down. He set his jaw, murderous intent within his dark eyes. Mao wouldn't get off so easily with this. If he couldn't get fixed, he was going to get him back.

He changed into the children's clothes that he had shoved off of the bench and put his cash and identification in his new, smaller pocket. It didn't fit.

He exited the changing room, not worrying about if the security cameras got his face. They wouldn't be able to guess it was him anyway. He went and retrieved a backpack from the 'back to school' section, and put his real clothes and his identification (ie. Driver's license… of course, a fabricated one.) in the bag. He walked up to the front desk and asked to pay for the backpack. Of course, he had already removed all the tags off of his children's clothing, so he could leave in it. He was wearing modern kid's clothing. Not really school stuff, but a t-shirt and cargo pants. He wasn't sure if that stuff would fit, but it did, thankfully. He figured he was about the size of a 14-year-old. Great. Just great.

The woman at the cashier smiled down at him, probably thinking what a nice boy he was.

"What is it you need?" she asked sweetly. "Do you need 'back to school' supplies?"

"Yes." He said. He jumped a bit when he heard his voice. It was much less deep than it was before he shrunk. He shook his head and held up the backpack. Her smile faltered.

"Don't you think you need a bigger one? I can-"

"No," he cut her off. "This will do."

She blinked, examining him more carefully. "Okay. It will be 40,000 yen, please."

Hei handed over the money and took the backpack, walking out the door without another word.

The woman looked after him, and took a photo of his back. She logged into the computer on the desk and went into her photo files.

She clicked on the file under 'BK 201' and looked at the pictures. They were mostly of Hei's shadow, or of him in his mask. One of them showed him grabbing at a camera.

She added the new photo she took of the kid into the file folder. Suddenly, the lights went off, and the computer screen turned dark.

That was when she screamed, and felt the electric shock.

Hei looked down at her in disgust. Who would've thought? A Syndicate member working at a department store? Not likely. He turned the electricity back on and turned the power on the computer again. He loaded all of her files and information onto a stick and wiped the computer, smashing the motherboard and hard drive just in case.

He frowned and seemingly left the department store.

When the manager of the department store go there a few minutes later, he found that every single security camera in the place had been destructed, the cashier at the front desk was dead, and the computer with all of that valuable information on BK 201 was wiped and destroyed. He clenched his teeth, looking through the tapes from the salvaged security camera videos.


Not one face shot of him. He had planned this all along- wait. The manager saw a strange point in the tapes. The BK 201 had entered the changing room, but he hadn't come out. The person that came out was a child, not an adult.

He began to dial Kirihara.

"Not so fast."

The police arrived thirty minutes later to investigate a hold-up at the entrance to the store and a dropped emergency call. They found the security tapes fried, along with two dead bodies and a star check that said BK 201 had been active in that area in the last hour.

A crowd had gathered at the entrance of the department store, gaping at the wreckage. A boy with the appearance of a 14-year-old student walked slowly away from the mess.

Kirihara arrived at the scene minutes afterward. Though she wasn't with the Police anymore, she was still involved in the investigation of BK 201, so she had to be there.

It was mysterious, though, the fact that Li had only been active outside of Tokyo. After his star hhe'd been very active. ad started shining again, She had suspected he'd been living inside of the city limits for a while. Now she was skeptical. He wouldn't just become active in the very place they were searching for him. It wasn't rational. She knew Li only for a while, but she thought she understood a little bit of him. He could be very rational at some times, but he wasn't all bad. He was intelligent and capable. The ideal assassin. He wouldn't plan something like this.

All of these things pointed to the fact that he probably had a very good reason to use his contractor powers and become active. Kirihara strode into the building, nodding at the officers, including the two dorks she was working with before she left. She stepped over to the computer and attempted to turn it on.

Of course, it was completely blown on the inside, that wouldn't work. She opened it and saw that it was destroyed. This computer must have been the reason he was here.

She left the building and scanned the crowd, hoping to glimpse him and perhaps instigate a confrontation. She had some questions for him.

It would be like Li to stand from a bystander's point of view, watching the investigation before walking away like a normal civilian that was bored with watching the police. For a change, he wasn't there.

She looked over the crowd again, this time more carefully. She didn't see the man she knew as Li Shengshun. She did, however, see a young teen with dark hair wandering around just like Li would have. The former police chief smiled, thinking of her new cover job. She might just see that kid very soon.

Then Kirihara noticed something odd.

The kid was no older than 14 or 15, yet he was wandering around near a crime scene. He had the same dull look that some contractors, and even some dolls had. He couldn't be a contractor, though. He didn't have the aura of one. But, then again…

It was the exact same look that Li had when he was watching the police.

She walked over to the kid, annoyed that he was as tall as her, and probably going to be taller after another growth spurt.

"Hey, kid!" she called, waving in his direction.

He looked her way, the same bored look playing his features, that is, until he saw her face. When that happened his eyes widened , revealing he could actually make another expression. Her eyebrows rose slightly. He resembled Li. Perhaps that was why she called him out, because she was curious.

"Ma'am?" he said, blinking, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No," she replied, "I was just curious as to why a boy like you was walking around by himself. You have friends you can hang out with, right?"

"I like being by myself. It's comfortable for me."

She blinked, then made a worried expression. "I don't think it's safe for you to be walking around the city alone. Can I take you home?"

"No." he said bluntly. He started to back up, looking like he was supposed to leave. "I have to go now."

"Wait," she called, "What's your name?"

"They call me Aki," he said, lying through his perfect teeth.

"Well, Aki, what school do you go to?"

'Aki' was caught. Hei didn't know any of the schools in this district.

Kirihara triumphed. She thought so!

"You're coming with me. I'm a teacher. You'll probably be in my new class if you live around here." she said, grabbing his arm and leading him towards her car. He didn't resist.

I can't harm her, he thought worriedly, If I use my contractor powers on her, they'll know it's me. Everyone will. I don't want that to happen, but I don't want to go to school, either, it'll just slow me down.

He sighed inwardly. For now, Hei decided to do something he had never done before.

He would go with the flow.

Maybe it was a good thing to keep an eye on her anyway.

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