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The sound of the river hummed in their ears while the wind played with their hair as they walked along the path beside the river. Sawako's heart thumped silently in her chest as she glanced over at Shouta who was still holding her hand. She thought of how his existence made her who she was today. She thought of how nice it would be if she could stand by him for the rest of their lives, and she wondered if she had never met Shouta, whether she would have been able to make more friends without him. She shivered at the thought. She knew Shino was trying her hardest to help her, but it still wasn't enough. Everyone eventually left her in the end. Without Shouta she would have gone through middle school not knowing how if felt to have true friends.

As much as she longed to stay by his side she knew she had to go at some point. Once they were close enough that she could see her house, she gently pulled back on his hand. "This is fine." She said quietly, looking down at her feet so he wouldn't notice she was blushing.

"Ah," He stared back at her in surprise. I want to spend more time with you though, he thought. He looked at their hands, causing his ears to grow red at the tips. We've been holding hands his entire time... He lifted his gaze back to Sawako who was observing her shoes as if they were the most fascinating thing she had ever seen. She tried dropping her hand, but Shouta tightened his grip unconsciously. "Uh..." He panicked and looked around quickly, thinking of what he could do to spend just a little more time with her if he could. He set eyes on the river. Perfect. "Do you have time?" He gestured towards the river with his head.

She looked up at him with big, brown eyes. When she met his gaze, she unintentionally jumped back and looked away quickly. He felt his heart tighten and gave her an assuring smile which she saw, making her blush a hard red. He didn't give her a chance to object and pulled on her loose hand, making her follow him. She stared at the back of his head wondering what he must be thinking. Questions filled her mind while they walked in almost complete silence. The river was their only companion, offering what it could to keep the mood light. She shyly fixed her grasp on his hand and smiled to herself.

Once they reached the river's bank he retrieved his hand from hers and sat down. He looked up at her as she held her hand with the other and stared absentmindedly out at the river. He tried to gain her attention by patting the ground and as Sawako turned her head to glance at him, she saw something behind him. The ghost-like image was back. She wanted to scream, but no sound came out when she opened her mouth.

"Is everything alright?" Shouta asked, worried.

She readjusted her eyes to his face and gasped. "Ah! Um… D-Do you see that?" She shakily lifted a finger and pointed at the monstrous thing.

Shouta quickly looked over his shoulder to see; he saw nothing. For a split second he thought maybe she was faking it, however he realized he was making that assumption over someone like Sawako. It was impossible that someone as innocent as her could be lying. He confirmed that whatever she was seeing was frightening by the look in her eyes. He wanted to do something to help her, however, all he could do was hope that whatever she was seeing would disappear. "Kuronuma..."

His voice startled her and she jumped back on reflex. She realized that she was paying more attention to something that her eyes played than the person she liked. She returned her eyes to him quickly. "Ah, s-s-sorry!" She stuttered. She couldn't help her curiosity nonetheless and her switch her focus to the figure for a short while. She was trying to figure out just what in the world it was. She suddenly felt an odd churn in her stomach as she grasped a thought that frightened her: The more she looked at the small, petite face, the more it looked somehow familiar. This made her question the thing with her curiosity and began to think that it wasn't all that scary. She thought it looked cute and more scared of her than she it. "Eh…" She began, but Shouta interrupted her train of thoughts.

"Y-You relaxed... Is it gone?" He asked.

She realized that her expression must have changed once she thought the thing was less frightening and blushed. He was worried about me... "N-No." She ended up saying quietly. As she studied the figure more closely she realized what it was. It's a little girl!

In the silence that Shouta heard her voice even though her lips never moved an inch. "D-Did you just say something?" He stuttered.

Sawako looked at him while she knelt down beside him. "Eh? N-No…"

"Ah…" He directed his eyes to the ground and scratched the back of his head as a nervous laugh came from his mouth. "I-I see…" His laugh came to a hesitant stop and he seriously considered what he had heard. He spoke again, "Is it a little girl?" He said this as she was fiddling with her fingers.

She froze and blinked. Her mouth dropped and she lifted her eyes to meet his. "H-How did you know?!" She leaned forward onto her palms and stared into his eyes.

He moved away reflexively and looked over to the side. Too close, too close! He blushed. Did I hear her thoughts? He pondered this, but waved it away quickly. That's impossible. While Shouta was distracted, Sawako had caught sight of the little girl behind him.

She heard laughter as the girl came out from behind him and twirled around, letting her dress twist and flutter around her. She stopped and brushed her foot along the ground before setting it back beside the other. She grasped her elbows behind her back and smiled cheerfully. Sawako's eyes followed her as she teetered from her heels to her toes in a rocking motion. Sawako sat back and closed her gaping mouth. What is going on?! The little girl stepped lightly over to her and stood behind her. Before Sawako could react, the girl rested her hands on her shoulders and squeezed them tightly. Shouta noticed Sawako's eyes roll back into her head. "Wha?!" He gently shook her shoulders, but her eyes continued to loll in the back of her head. He felt a chill run down his spine. The next second, he felt small, bony fingers under his hands. Misty, white hands began to appear. The fog continued to form arms and climbed up to outline shoulders, and the rest of what appeared to be, a little girl. He looked into her eyes while two white, glowing eyes stared back at him. Hair floated up behind the little girl, reaching out behind her bizarrely. He realized that this is the little girl Sawako must've seen as he stood motionless, petrified to the core. Her lips curved into a devilish grin.

All of a sudden, a bright orb flashed and swallowed Sawako and the little girl. Shouta retracted his hands quickly and jumped back, standing up. He felt an agonizing sting stab through his fingers. It felt like an icicle had just shot through them and it followed up his arms causing an abnormal chill run down his spine again. His legs were glued to the spot. Either he was too terrified to move, or it was the effect of the chill as well. He felt his eyes widen at the sight of the ball of light. It began to fizzle and then evaporated as quickly as it came into speckles of dust. Shouta was mortified in confusion. He saw her eyes were closed and an unfamiliar smile on her face. She stood up slowly and walked the short distance between them. That's not Kuronuma, and then it hit him. It was the little girl.

"Shouta Kazehaya…" She grinned, eyeing him with a glare and scoffed at the expression on his face. "What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" She smirked as she tapped his shoulder before he coud even utter a word. The touch sealed his mouth shut. He could not move and he could not speak. What did she want?

"This is my new body, new soul. It's funny that my sister fell in love with my present life form…" She softly caressed his cheek in her hand and whispered into his ear, "That's right, I'm her sister." She slid her hand off his face and shook her head as a giggle punctured the air, "How funny." She repeated quietly, looking up at the sun-burnt sky.

Shouta's eyes followed her; they were the only thing he could control. She squeezed her eyes shut and rubbed her temples. She noticed something stirring inside her. She was not used to a body that could show emotions. She tried laughing once more, choking on her own saliva. She soothed her throat with her fingers and looked over at Shouta who was still as a rabbit. She felt something wet glide down her cheeks.

"Huh?" She extended her hands out and drops of water fell on them. "What?!" She was startled and quickly brought her hands to her face. Her hands trembled and her fingers started to twitch when they came intact with her tears. "Oh, right. I'm in a human body now. I... Can cry." She laughed again, but soon her laugh became a bone-chilling scream.

She collapsed onto her knees and covered her face with her hands. She sobbed heavily into them and scratched at her face, trying to stop her tears. She cut into her flesh with her nails leaving small marks. They still wouldn't stop. Why did this have to happen to me?! She thought angrily. She slammed her fists onto the ground repeatedly, completely out of control. She didn't have enough willpower to stop herself. All the feelings she had, all those feelings that were built up inside her waiting to be let free, burst out at this moment.

She didn't want to die; it just happened. She wished she could've stopped it. The truck had suddenly slammed into her side of the car, what else could she have done but wait until her time came? Her life was fragile; she was only five years old. She was five years old and already out of the life God had given her. She eventually started to believe that it was her time. Then she thought, "How could my time be done when I'm so young?" She just wanted to live and find love to be happy. Why did she have to be taken away from everything she loved? Why did she have to go?

When she was lifted from her corpse and into the thin air of the afterlife she couldn't believe her eyes seeing the limp, motionless body lay on the hospital bed. She wanted to cry out to tell the doctors she was still there. She was still there and able to hear! How could they not see her? She realized that nothing would change even if she screamed her loudest. She became another ghost. Another nobody that would be forgotten with time. Why was she taken? She tried to cry, but God was cruel. She couldn't even if she wanted to. She might have been happier just crying there and then accepting it, but without be able to spill out her feelings, it was impossible.

Days passed, it must've been less than three, but it felt like eternity. She was suddenly pulled from her spot as she was roaming the streets and brought to the side of a baby boy. "Just what the hell was this?" She thought, but she had the feeling that he was the one to carry part of her soul on. She felt happy for some odd reason, and she didn't care if it was God's trick to get her to accept reality. She decided to never give in from the start, but just the thought of having some of her still with the real world made her happy. She quickly found out that his name was Kazehaya, Shouta. "Shouta..." The name sounded nice and she was glad that someone like him would carry on her soul.

Everything changed when he entered high school though. She realized that it was the school she was going to go to when she was older and she finally felt her heart that has been dead for so long thump slightly in her chest. She was ecstatic, but her excitement quickly faltered when Shouta met a certain girl.

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