A/N...I don't know much about medicine...maybe just from ER! Enjoy!

Sitting at the bar, Javier Peterson sat nursing a drink. Once the owner sat next to him, he took a big swig from the glass and turned his head to talk to the owner. "I need your help buddy. A medical job has come my way, but I don't know where to start."

"You need my help? Aren't you the one who has the medical degree?"

Peterson laughed. "True, but you know the secrets of the town. If I was looking for four Americans, one of whom might be hurt, where would I look? You haven't you heard anything about a group like this, have you?"

The owner looked at him shocked. "I was going to tell you that there are four Americans who need a doctor. How did you know?"

"I am psychic! What can I say?" Peterson said. "If I was looking to help the group of Americans, where would I look?

"I sent them down the street to where the old Hotel De Seville was. There is a tall bald man who speaks for the group." the owner said.
Peterson handed the owner money for his drink. "There is a nice amount of money I can give to you, as long as you keep quiet about the group." The owner nodded and quickly put the money in his pocket.

He left the bar and headed to the hotel. Looking in several rooms, Peterson didn't find the group. After looking in the fifth room, he heard a gun cocking behind him.

"I would move really slow, if you don't want me to blow your head off. Who are you and why are you here?" Sam asked.

Peterson turned around. "You are Sam Axe. I was told that you might be a little trigger happy. I just didn't expect you to try and shoot me before I got to see your friend."

Sam pulled the gun back and eyed Peterson suspiciously. "So, tell me how you know me, who sent you and why?"

"I have a mutual associate, Raines, he called me and asked me to find a group of Americans. You are Sam Axe, right? He said that even though you are older, you are pretty strong. He told me that someone in your group is hurt but he didn't know how badly."

Sam continued to eye him suspiciously. "How do I know you are a doctor? Did your medical degree come as a prize in a cereal box?"

"I will have you know that I am thirty-nine and I got my degree in California. I graduated early from high school, college and med school." Peterson said with a scowl on his face.

Sam pointed to his backpack. "Let me see what's in your bag."

Peterson took off the backpack and opened it for Sam to look through. "I have bandages, antibiotics, creams, salves, pain meds and some tools if I have to set a bone quickly without a cast or do some fast surgery." Seeing that Sam was still skeptical of him, Peterson said loudly "If you want me to look at your friend, I will. If you don't, I will leave. I won't even tell Raines where you are hiding."

Putting his gun down, Sam sighed and said "Come see my friend. He's in a lot of pain." Sam began to walk down the hall and Peterson followed. He stopped short and put an hand on Peterson's chest. "You do anything to hurt my friend, there are three of us who will kill you and bury your body where no one will ever find you. Understand?"

Peterson nodded. Once inside the room, he walked over to Michael. Seeing he was semi-conscious, Peterson announced loudly "Westen, I heard that you weren't feeling good. I'm a doctor. I am going to take a look at you and try to make you feel better. You are going to feel pain from me poking around but after I figure out what's wrong, I am going to give you pain meds and you will get some sleep." Peterson said shining a light in Michael's eyes.

"Axe, grab his arms. I need you to immobilize them so I can check his ribs and chest." Looking across the room he saw Jesse in the doorway with Fiona. "Big bald guy, you must be Porter. Grab his legs and hold them so I don't get kicked."

Jesse looked at Sam questioningly. "Who is this and why are we holding Michael down?"

Sam looked at him and said "He is a doctor. I told him he will be buried someplace no one will find him if he doesn't take care of Mikey properly.

Fiona, hearing an unfamiliar voice, entered the room. "You must be Glenanne. Raines told me Westen's gal would be with the group. I need you to keep him calm. The calmer you can get him, the faster I can do this."

Fiona looked at Sam and Jesse. Before she could raise any concerns she might have, Sam told Fiona "It's ok. I checked him out, no weapons and I will personally let you kill him if he steps out of line."

Fiona leaned into Michael's ear and whispered to him. He let Sam and Jesse hold him down while Fiona distracted him. "Let this guy check you out. It's going to hurt but I am here. Focus on me. Remember that horrible knife fight we got involved with in Belfast? I think I was the worst patient ever. Remember I punched that nurse in the doctor's office where you got me help?"

As Peterson felt Michael's ribcage, Michael got his hands free and punched Peterson square in the jaw. As Michael hollered in pain, Peterson continued his exam. Michael continued to fight against being restrained. Finally Fiona had enough and said "Michael, stop being difficult. I know this hurts but you need to let the doctor examine you. If you don't behave, I swear I will make Sam sleep with you until you are better and you will not know the warmth of a female for a long time."

Michael stopped fighting and let the doctor finish his exam. He gave Michael a shot for the pain and talked quietly to Sam and Jesse in the room. Fiona stayed with Michael.

Peterson began to give the results of his exam. "He has several broken ribs, random burns from what I think is a cattle prod, bruising and cuts. The good news is his lungs are strong, his reactions to pain and light are both strong, and I think once he sleeps a bit, he'll be talking more. The bad news is that I think his leg has a hairline fracture. I am going to immobilize the leg and tomorrow I will come by with a cast. He can't walk until I set it."

"Thanks doc." Sam said.

"Do you want me to tell Raines where you are? He is going to call me later and he'll want to know if I found you. If you don't want me to, I won't say anything." Sensing their hesitation, Peterson added "Talk it over. I will be back in the morning to put him in a cast."

While the men discussed Michael's care while they were stuck in the hotel, Fiona kicked her shoes off and pulled Michael into her arms, being careful to not hurt his ribs. He groaned into Fiona's chest as he tried to get comfortable. "Find your spot, find your spot" she repeated softly, letting her Irish accent creep into voice. She would always try and settle him with that soft phrase whenever he was being restless in his sleep.

"Raines, tell them to send for Raines." Michael said. He let out a muffled cry and said "I can't get us out of this. I can't save you. I need to get you home. I can fight Card better in the States."

Fiona could tell Michael was getting agitated and was trying to fight the pain killer he was given. "Don't worry about saving me. I just need you to get better. Close your eyes and sleep. I promise I will tell the boys you want to get home. It will be ok." Fiona said, letting a tear fall down her cheek.

As she wiped the tear from her face, Sam walked into the room and asked "How is he?"

"He wants you to have Raines come for us. He's upset he can't get us out of this and he thinks he can fight Card best on American soil." Fiona said, wiping more tears from her face. "He's tired Sam. He needs to sleep for a bit."

Sam looked at Fiona, whose limbs were wrapped protectively and gently around Michael. "You get some sleep too sister. You need to keep your strength to care for Michael when he wakes up."

Fiona took Sam's advice and closed her eyes, allowing herself to be lulled asleep by Michael's soft breathing.

Sam walked out, giving Michael and Fiona some privacy. He found Jesse sitting in the other room they took over and sat next to him. "Fi says Mikey wants Raines to get us out of here and then he will work on bringing down Card."

Jesse asked "How do you feel about that? I mean we can keep our heads down and just keep driving and maybe find a plane or a boat back to the States. Fi and I can pickpocket to get cash."

"Jesse, its an incredibly long drive and we have a stolen car. With his injuries and from what I see in the other room, Mikey is in a whole other world of pain right now. We can't get far with him like this. I think we need to consider having Raines help. Let Michael sleep the rest of today and we can decide in the morning when the doctor comes." Sam said. "We are all tired and Mikey has finally hit a wall. He needs sleep, even if for a few hours. Let's worry about getting Mikey better and getting the hell out of here somehow."

The next morning the team was woken up by Peterson. Michael was a little more alert and talkative. "How did you know we were here?" Michael asked.

"Raines called me. I am what he likes to call an asset. He recruited me when I was in college. He helped me hone my skill-set and the CIA threw some money my way to offset the cost of college. I just had to keep getting good grades, which I did and assist with cases now and then. Now he throws special medical cases my way and I assist." Javier explained as he set Michael's leg in a cast.

Michael shifted in the bed, trying to get comfortable. "How did you end up in Panama?"

Looking at Fiona, who was sitting next to Michael and holding his hand, Peterson answered "Love. I met my wife who was in California to visit family and after two days of being with her, I realized I couldn't be without her. So I graduated and flew out here to be with her. We've been married for 7 years now. I flew back and forth to finish med school."

Peterson asked, "How did you guys end up here?"

Noticing the darkness that came over Michael's face, Fiona answered "That is not something we are answering. Ask another question or be quiet."

"Ok. I apologize. I am done anyway." Peterson said, wiping his hands off. After giving Fiona some pain killers for Michael and instructions on his care, he asked "So, am I telling Raines where you all are?"

Fiona got up from the bed and walked across the hallway, bringing back Sam and Jesse. She asked them "Michael and I both agree that we should have Raines come for us. Do you agree?"

Peterson entered the room and said solemnly "Before you guys decide, just keep in mind that he has broken ribs on either side and that fracture I just set. He can't travel until tomorrow at the earliest. That gives whoever you are hiding from extra time. They will find you if you stay or try to travel on your own. You have to get out of here fast, judging by his wounds and all your attitudes."

Sam nodded and said "Fine, call Raines but I am not happy about this. It's Mike's mission and if he can't complete it, then we need to call in the big guns to help. I just hope we won't be screwed again like Card screwed us."

"Card, as in Tom Card? That son of a bitch is involved? You should have mentioned something to me before. I'm out of here." Peterson yelled as he backed his back and ran out the door.

"What was that about?" Sam asked.

Jesse put on his shoes and ran towards the door. "I'm not sure, but I'm going to find out."