Oh hey, look who's got another story right here! Trust me, this one came out of the blue today while I was in my Pop Culture and the City class. We were talking about how the city (specifically New York City) is portrayed negatively and positively in film. One of the things mentioned for positives was that the city is a place for chance encounters. So, naturally, my mind wandered and somehow ended up thinking about Clint and Natasha. This is the outcome. I hope you like this one you guys.

It was a crisp and cool fall day in New York City. Golden leaves littered the ground as the wind whipped through the trees and sent more of the crunchy and decaying leaves fluttering to the ground.

Students of Bedford Academy High School hopped off of the bus and onto the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Clint Barton hopped off of the bus with his friends, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, and Bruce Banner, and joined the rest of his classmates in front of the massive museum steps. They gathered in a semi-circle in front of their English teacher, Mr. Coulson, as he began to explain their assignment for the next couple hours.

The high school students groaned when they learned of the work they had to do for the day. They were instructed to find a piece of artwork in the museum and relate it to a piece of literature that they already read in class. Not only that, but they had to hand in a five-page report about it on Monday. On the bright side, at least they had the weekend to finish the assignment.

Once the student were instructed what to do, Mr. Coulson handed their tickets to them and sent them on their way. As the students dispersed, Mr. Coulson shouted that they were to meet outside of the museum at one o'clock so they could head back to school in time for dismissal. The students waved off his comment as they mounted the iconic museum steps and headed into the massive building.

The English students branched off into various directions as they went to find an exhibit to relate to the literature in class. Clint, Bruce, Steve, and Thor had no idea where to start. They didn't know the first thing about art and they didn't particularly care for it. Therefore, they were going to procrastinate on the project as much as possible.

They found a café in the back of the museum and immediately ordered something to eat. They quickly grabbed a table and sat down to eat their food.

"You know, we really should be working on our project," Bruce said sheepishly. Bruce was the quietest out of the group of friends but he was also the smartest. Though Bruce preferred science over art and English, he still understood when he had to get his assignments done. Even if they were assignments that weren't his forte.

"Don't worry about it, Bruce. We'll get it done before the day is over. We'll just put it off 'til the last second like we always do," Steve said, waving off Bruce's comment. Steve was unofficially considered the leader of the group. He somehow became the person Clint, Thor, and Bruce go to when they're struggling with something in their lives and he always became the voice of reason when need be.

"I'm going to go get another Panini," Thor said as he slid his chair away from the table. Despite eating two already, Thor was obviously still hungry as always. Thor was the resident goofball of the group who always made any of the other guys laugh when they were down. He could also eat an entire Junior's cheesecake in a couple bites. Steve, Clint, and Bruce constantly joked that Thor should enter the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island every Fourth of July. Though they joked about it, Thor always believed that they were serious.

Clint picked at his sandwich as Steve and Bruce started to engage in a conversation about the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire. As Clint glanced around at his friends, he realized that there really wasn't anything special about him compared to his group of friends. Bruce was a science whiz. Steve was the star player on the basketball team. Thor was the best wrestler in the school.

What exactly did Clint do to make him stand out from his group of friends? They would be graduating in June and Clint would have nothing special to show for it. He didn't do any extra-curricular activities but his grades were decent. They could be better if he applied himself. That and if he didn't smoke so much pot.

Clint had to admit to himself that he was just boring. He lived in the greatest city on Earth and he had never even done anything remotely exciting. Sure he would hang out with Steve, Thor, and Bruce on the weekends and go to parties with them but he never did anything outrageous. He would have one or two beers and then call it quits.

He didn't even hook up with girls. Despite constant advances from a girl named Bobbi in his class and his friends' encouragement, Clint never considered it. He'd made out with girls before but he was never interested in any of them and he felt like he couldn't just take advantage of them only to end it several minutes later.

As Clint pondered this, he made the decision that he would take chances for his final year of high school. It was too late to make a name for himself in high school so he was going to have to settle for taking on whatever adventure life threw at him. If there was party, he was going to have three or four beers and maybe a couple shots. He'll make out with that girl, Bobbi, and maybe even go to second base with her.

Whatever life was going to throw at him, he was going to take that chance. It was time for Clint Barton to live a little.

Clint, Steve, Thor, and Bruce ran down the steps of the Met to join their classmates. It was almost one o'clock so they were going to head back to school in just a few minutes. Though they didn't care about spending an entire day in a museum, Clint, Steve, Thor, and Bruce figured it was better than spending their day in the dreary classrooms at Bedford.

"Well what about that one with the statue on the wall? The one that looked like Spider-Man?" Steve suggested.

"And how exactly are we going to relate that to the stuff we've read in class?" Bruce inquired with an arch of his eyebrows.

"A fly on the wall. Lord of the Flies," Thor suggested.

"Yeah, you clearly never did the reading when we were assigned it," Steve guffawed as Clint and Bruce joined him in a round of laughter. Thor flushed a deep shade of red and shuffled off to find a hot dog vendor to get something to eat for the ride back to Brooklyn.

Clint shook his head at his friend's stupidity as he set his backpack down on the ground to put his notebook back in its rightful place. When his notebook was back in his bag and it was all zipped up, he stood up and swung the backpack onto his back.

Immediately, he felt his backpack collide with something and he heard that something go crashing to the ground. Clint heard a groan and he whipped around to see what damage he had done.

Crouched over the strewn notebooks and papers was a girl with fiery red hair. She was wearing the finest designer pea coat and leather boots money could buy so she was no doubt from the Upper East Side. She wore black tights to shield her bare legs from the cold and Clint could see a plaid skirt sticking out from underneath her coat.

Clint was suddenly pulled back into reality when the girl groaned again as she grabbed a crumpled up piece of paper. He hoisted his backpack further onto his back and crouched down to help her gather her things. He had done the damage; he might as well help clean it up.

When he had gathered up a pile of notebooks and papers, he held them out for the red-headed girl to take. She straightened out her own pile of papers and notebooks before lifting her head to face Clint. Clint had to restrain himself from gasping and letting his mouth hang open when her eyes connected with his. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of green – almost like emeralds – that sparkled despite the gloomy autumn day.

"Thanks," she said as she grabbed the papers from Clint. She placed the papers on top of her neat pile of supplies and stood up. Instantly, Clint shot up so he was eye-level with her.

"I'm, umm, really sorry. I wasn't paying attention," Clint said sheepishly.

"It's fine. It happens. This is New York City after all," the girl said with a shrug of her shoulders.

Clint stared at her for a couple more seconds. She had pale porcelain skin that stood out against her full, red lips. She was wearing just a hint of makeup that Clint knew she clearly didn't need and her hair hung in loose curls that barely brushed her shoulders. Most importantly, those green eyes were absolutely captivating. Her red hair may be vibrant, but her green eyes were enchanting.

"Hey, are you okay?" the girl said, waving her hand in front of Clint's face. He shook his head; he didn't realize he'd been staring.

"Sorry. Just…sorry," Clint mumbled.

"It's alright. I've got to go. Thanks for picking up my stuff for me," she said. She hurried off with her notebooks and papers cradled against her chest. Clint couldn't help but stare at her as she walked away. The way her curls bounced with every step. The way her skirt hit high up on her thighs. The way her hips moved from side to side with every stride. Everything about her was enticing.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" Steve asked as he shoved Clint from behind.

Clint shook his head. "Nothing," he said, turning his attention back to his friends. As he shifted his feet, he felt them kick something. He glanced down and saw a black wallet lying on the sidewalk. Clint bent down to pick it up and studied it.

"She must've left it," Clint muttered to himself.

"Who must've left it?" Clint jumped at the sound of Bruce's voice. He shot up to stand straight, the wallet still in his hands.

"This, umm, girl. I accidentally knocked her books out of her hands when I swung my backpack around. She must've…forgotten her wallet," Clint explained. He quickly shot a glance over his shoulder in hopes that the girl was coming back. However, he didn't see her at all. There was no way he could miss that bright red hair.

"Well open it up! Look for an ID or something!" Steve ordered. Clint opened the wallet and came face to face with a picture of the smiling red head from a school ID. Her hair looked exactly the same as it did when Clint saw her no less than five minutes ago. But there was no mistaking those green eyes Clint had been so lost in.

Clint pulled out the school ID to get a better look at which school it was for and for the girl's name. He immediately spotted the crest for The Dalton School, a private university preparatory school on the Upper East Side. Clint scrunched his nose in slight disgust at the famous private school and continued to search the ID for the girl's name. His eyes searched until they came across the girl's name at the bottom of the ID.

Natasha Romanoff.

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