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Dinner conversation ran out well before the food in front of us did and Dad left as soon as his burger was finished. He shook Edward's hand and kissed my forehead then gave us a short warning about sensible drinking and driving under the influence, which he said slightly louder than necessary so all my classmates in the diner could hear. He seemed pleased with the pause in conversations around the room following his statement and left with a nod to himself and possibly a glare at Mike who was at the table by the door with his parents.

As soon as the red and blue of the sirens – Dad's unsubtle way to put some weight behind his warning – lapped at the walls around us, the atmosphere at the table changed. We were no longer having a celebratory family dinner. We were two teenagers, totally in love, sitting close together, alone. The world around us was easily forgotten, or ignored, with its quiet, meaningless buzz of conversation and dimmed lighting.

Our gazes locked and I felt the current flow between us, a slight undertow pulling me into him. I happily gave in to the pull and slid across the bench seat until I was pressed into him. His arm draped over my shoulders leaving a Bella-sized and Bella-shaped cove for me to occupy.

With a sigh, I let my whole body relax and sink into him – my head on his upper arm, my shoulder tucked under his, and every one of my edges fitted to one of his like I was the ocean to his coastline.

"Would you like dessert?"

I opened my eyes and glared at the waitress who dared float into our bubble.

Luckily, Edward seemed to be able, or willing, to acknowledge the outside world and answered for us. "Yes please. I would like peach cobbler and Bella would like chocolate mud cake."

The girl smiled brightly at him before walking off.

I leaned away from Edward so I could look up at his face without going cross eyed.

"Chocolate mud cake?" I couldn't work out the reasons behind the decisiveness of his answer. He had ordered without any apparent thought, or any consultation with me – as if the choice was obvious. As if it was a given that I would have chocolate mud cake because that was what I always had, or always wanted, or would always prefer.

He shrugged as he looked down at me. "I felt like celebrating what bought us together: the night before Charlie's birthday, when you were trying to make chocolate mud cake but you didn't have the right ingredients."

I imitated a fish for a few seconds as I tried to decide what to say. I vacillated between asking how he knew, saying something fluffy about loving how he remembered seemingly tiny details that actually mean so much, telling him he's a cheesy sap, or asking him to eat the cake off my body.

Before I could decide he smiled down at me and sent me back to being fishy. "I would have ordered cupcakes but they aren't on the menu, and there is no way they would be as good as yours."

I raised my hand from his thigh and pulled his head down so I could kiss him. Only seconds later I was panting into the skin of his neck and silently chanting a short rhythm about being in public to myself to stop my body from straddling him. "Stop being so perfect, Edward." I tried to chastise him but the combination of my panting and the neediness of my hormones had washed my voice out to a gravelly moan.

"Only if you do first."

"I will do you first..."

"You can do me first, second and third. Anytime, anywhere, baby."

"Here? Now?" I slid my hand slowly down from his chest, over his stomach, stopping just above his crotch.

"What about the cake?" His voice was low and strained and I knew I would feel how hard he was if I moved my hand slightly lower.

I didn't care about the cake anymore than a slight feeling I should send it a thank you card for getting Edward and I together. "Fuck the cake."

"I would rather fuck you."

I moaned quietly as I pressed my lips to his pulse-point.

His hand gripped my ribs tightly, his thumb grazing the bottom of my breast. So close yet so far and all a tease. "Maybe we could have a threesome. I love how every part of you tastes ... Every part ... And that could only make the cake better."

I hummed against his skin then poked my tongue out for a taste. His fingers flexed against me and his thumb quickly brushed over my nipple.

There was a loud crash as someone dropped a glass on the other side of the room. We were forced back into acknowledging the real world and the large number of people who may be offended if I mounted Edward at the table.

With what seemed like a Moses-esque feat, we parted and I dragged myself around to the other side of the table. I leaned back against the plastic padding of the booth and resisted fanning myself as I waited for the heat in my body to dissipate. To avoid looking at Edward, and thereby foiling the attempt at cooling down, I looked around the diner and blushed when I realised we didn't have the intimacy I had been imagining. Quite frankly, I was surprised we hadn't been doused with cold water.

I laughed when I saw the waitress look our way and roll her eyes before picking up our deserts from a nearby table. She had obviously decided to let us have our moment and wait to deliver our food. She fought her smile as she served us and shook her head as she walked away.

"So. This party." Edward glanced up at me through his lashes as he decimated his food.

"Is it important? Would we be missed if we didn't go? Do you think we could skip it? We could celebrate alone..."

It was all too easy to imagine our little, two-person party but I had to resist. "After the party we can celebrate together. All night..."

He was appeased and smiled at me.

"Would you like some cake?" I held a spoonful up and leant across the table.

He smirked before opening his mouth for me. As he pulled back slowly, letting his lips slide slowly over the silver, I felt my lips and nipples tingle in need as the sight inspired memories of his lips on me.

He moaned quietly. "Tastes so good." Without a word, he offered a spoonful of cobbler to me.

Before taking it into my mouth, I reached out with my tongue to catch a drop of peach juice which, in my imagination, was about to drop from the tip of the spoon. Edward's eyes widened as he took over the role of the fish. I closed my mouth over the spoon quickly because his dilated pupils were telling me he was only seconds away from offering me his cobblers and I didn't think the waitress would let us get away anything more lewd than she had before.

"Shall we go?" I asked brightly. Neither of us had finished, but I was desperate for some fresh air to wash out our lust-addled brains.

I had no idea that the next time I would have chocolate mud cake, it would be decorated with a diamond engagement ring.

The party was loud and crowded by the time we arrived. Just like every party Jessica had ever had, she had managed to get extra, last-minute funding from her mom. The money had been put into bouncers with the guest list on clipboards for the front gate to control admission and lighting to let the whole town know where the party was, even though they wouldn't be allowed in.

There were a large number of juniors, sophomores and even freshmen gathered along the road. They were having their own, slightly secondhand, party – making do with indistinct music filtered through walls and front yard and their own resources for food and drink.

Being a small town with everyone knowing everyone, it was easy to get past the park rangers-come-bouncers with just a nod.

Inside Jessica's house, the whole ground floor had been opened up with every door wide open and every sliding partition pushed to the side. From the entrance hall I could see the distinct use each room had been put to. The dinning room had been rearranged with the grand table along a wall and piled with food. The kitchen beyond had a keg and various buckets filled with ice and bottles on the benches. The parlor had been furnished with free-standing closet racks for coats and Edward took mine to hang with the others. Every room was packed with my classmates and their dates and invited guests. The living room, beyond the parlor, was the hub of all activity with its pool table and temporary dance floor.

Edward pressed his body against my back as I surveyed the room. "Would you like a drink?"

I shivered as his breath caressed the exposed skin of my shoulder. "Yes, please. Something with Midori, thanks."

He kissed me gently before walking away.

"Bella! You're here!" Jessica came over to greet me. She was already tipsy and had to hold my shoulders as our cheeks touched as we kissed the air.

"Jess, this is awesome! Well done."

"Thanks. And thanks for your help with it all."

"Ha. Whatever. We both know this is all you. Maybe you should consider starting a party-planning business."

She tapped her nose once then missed as she swayed dangerously in her heels. "Shh... That's the plan for when I'm too old for TV."

I laughed. "You will be gorgeous forever. Even when you are eighty."

"Aww. Thanks, Bella. You too." She wrapped her arms around me and planted a sloppy kiss on my cheek. "I love you. So much. We have to stay friends. Forever."


She sniffed slightly then laughed as she waved her hands at her eyes. "No crying."

I laughed as she tottered away. I had a feeling 'no crying' was going to be easier said than done, especially as more alcohol was consumed.

I saw Angela across the dance floor at the exact moment she saw me and we walked to each other with our arms stretched out. We met in the middle of the floor with a hug. A conveniently-timed slow song started and we swayed together as we talked.

"How are you doing, mama?"

She laughed. "Awesome. I'm surrounded by happy, drunk people who want to celebrate their happiness with me by getting me drunk. I have never been a big drinker, but now that I'm not allowed it, I want it."

"Oh, Ange. I'm sorry. How about I don't drink either. We can be sober together and laugh at everyone else making fools of themselves."

"No! I want you to drink. I have to live vicariously through someone. If anyone should be sober, it should be Ben. As punishment for getting me pregnant."

"You just want to laugh at me when I do something stupid."

"Yes, that's true. But I also think you deserve it. Your speech today was perfect."

"Thanks, Ange."

We swayed for a few more minutes, even though the tempo of the music had sped up.

Edward found us and handed us a drink each. "Orange juice and Midori for Bella. Orange juice and orange juice for Angela."

We thanked him and he walked away with a smile.

The music cut out suddenly and the DJ picked up his microphone. "Hello Graduating Class! I hope everyone is having a good night. My name is DJ Steve and I am here to play good music for you, so please don't request shit songs."

There was a cheer from Mike then a laugh from everyone else because if anyone was going to request something stupid, it would be Mike.

"It's time for some official stuff before we can get back to partying. Can I have the Graduates only on the dance floor please and charge your glasses if you need to... Everyone graduating today, please come to the dance floor."

The DJ then passed the microphone to Jessica. "Hi everyone." She giggled nervously as we all watched her. "Shit, I have no idea how you did this talking thing, Bella. It's fucking scary."

Everyone laughed because it was the first time Jessica had ever been scared of talking. "Anyway. I have some people to thank and I suppose I should start with Bella."

I blushed and hid my face on Angela's shoulder as someone whistled.

Jessica waited for silence before continuing. "Bella did a great job today. Her speech was perfect for our class and I think every one of us agreed and would have written something similar if we were as smart as her. Here's to Bella."

Glasses were raised and "to Bella" was murmured around the room.

"We also need to toast the school and teachers who have gotten us this far. They aren't here because we are all sick of the old farts but we should toast them anyway. To Forks High School."

The glasses were raised again.

"Finally, I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. I love every single one of you and you have all made my life better. I don't know how I'm going to cope being so far away from you all and not seeing you every day. I really want us to stay in contact, and I hope we can. I think we will all be friends forever." Jessica choked on the last few words as she failed to hold back her tears any longer.

Lauren rushed up to hug her as we all raised our glasses again and toasted "forever".

I turned to Angela and saw her tears streaming down her face. I quickly wrapped my arms back around her as she shook with her sobs.

"I'm sorry, Bella. It's just hormones messing with emotions. This kid is sapping my energy and sending it all back as feelings."

I laughed as I handed her over to Ben who had joined us. The dance floor had turned into a sea of tears and people hugging, almost to the point we were participating in the world's biggest hug record attempt.

I managed to extract myself and grab the microphone before the DJ started playing music again. "Can we all raise our glasses once more, please. To Jess, for organising this party for us. To Jess"

She deserved so much more than my little acknowledgement but I had no way to see the future and the annual Christmas Eve reunion she was going to arrange every year for the next forty years.

I handed the microphone back and the music started up again as I rejoined the crowd. The dance floor became slightly more crowded as the few non-graduating guests joined us.

Edward pressed himself against my back, his arms tight around my waist, holding me against his body.

"Hey." He had to speak loudly into my ear to be heard above the music but my body shivered as if it was an intimate whisper.


"Would you like another drink?"

I nodded and we made our way through to the kitchen. He didn't let me go, but rather matched my steps so we could stay pressed together. Even as he poured me another drink, we stayed in the same position, although it had become necessary – to hide his erection from other people.

I teased him a bit by bending over the counter to reach a paper umbrella for my drink. As my ass rubbed against his crotch he clutched at my hips and moaned. I took my time straightening up.

He kissed the back of my neck as soon as I was straight and he could reach it. "Fuck, Bella. Is it time to go home now?"

I laughed and pushed myself hard against him again. "If you want to. We have done all the official stuff. Now there is just drinking until we pass out scheduled for the rest of the night."

"No. I can't take you away from the party. This is your night. I want you to have a good time and celebrate with your friends. Just give me a minute to get rid of this thing." He rubbed his erection against my ass again and groaned.

I laughed. There was no way it was going to go away if he kept that up. "Shall I leave you alone for a bit? Or would you like me to help...?"

He groaned again. "Fuck, Bella. You're killing me."

"I'm sure we could go upstairs and find a room..."

"No you can't!" Jessica had joined us in the kitchen but neither of us had noticed in our lust bubble. "There will be no fucking in the house. Unless I hook up with someone later." She waved a finger at us as she walked away with a bottle of tequila.

Edward dropped his forehead onto my shoulder and moved his hips away from me. "You better leave me. I will come find you soon."

"I hope you come soon too..." I laughed as I left the room with Edward's groan following me.

I made my way back to the dance floor and found Angela standing in the middle holding a shot glass full of tequila. I took one look at her expression, which was a mixture of over-emotional sadness and a little bit of frustration, and knew I had to take the shot for her. I threw it back and we slow danced again.

"Thanks, Bella. People keep giving me drinks. Ben has already been forced to drink a bottle of beer and a bourbon and coke for me."

"No problem, Ange. But I'm sure it was hardly a sacrifice for Ben."

She laughed and relaxed into me. "I can't wait to tell everyone."

"Yeah. But for tonight I'm happy to relieve you of any alcohol."

"No, I'm going to tell everyone now."

She pushed her way through the crowd to the DJ and I followed in her wake. Before I knew it, she had the microphone.

"Ange, are you sure about this? I thought you were going to wait. What if your family find out from someone else?"

"Yes I'm sure. These people are my family. You were right. I will tell my parents tomorrow."

I shook my head but stepped away to stand beside her as she signalled the DJ to cut the music. "Hi everyone. I'm sorry about this, I only want a second of your time... I have an announcement. I wasn't going to tell everyone yet. But I want you all to know... Ben and I are having a baby..."

There was a beat of silence as everyone processed the news then a rush of sound before a wave of people mobbed us. Every single person was smiling and congratulating her as she was hugged. Ben found his way to the front and he was grinning as he shook hands and hugged everyone too.

When it was my turn he winked before he hugged me. "I'm glad she has finally told everyone. I don't know how you kept the secret – it's been torturing me. I wanted to tell everyone as soon as we found out."

I just shrugged and smiled as he turned away from me. I hadn't even thought about it. I was told someone else's secret and it hadn't been mine to tell so I just didn't. Although, I had told Edward, but that just seemed natural – like not telling him everything would be wrong.

Jessica raided her mother's champagne to celebrate Angela's announcement. She even found sparkling grape juice for Angela. The mood of the party had already been a happy one but it was tinged with sadness about endings and changes. It now seemed to lighten with the prospect of new beginnings and excitement for the future.

The same group of people that crowded the room on that night would be all back for Angela's baby shower six months later. With Jessica's unmatched ability to organise events and people, the baby shower would provide everything Angela would need for the care of her son – my godson.

Ben took Angela home half an hour later. She said the baby had exhausted her, but the look in her eye when she looked at Ben told me she had just enough energy for some fun before they were going to sleep.

Edward and I played a game of pool together. He was very good and told me his university education included a class on drinking and pool – also known as the "Easy A on Saturday" at a pub called College Inn. But he was easily distracted when I innocently bent over to line up my shots. The game took so long as he missed shots when looking down my top and I missed when he pressed his erection against me as I bent over.

Eventually Mike impatiently interrupted our game. "Bella, Edward. Stop using pool as foreplay. We want to play Beer Pong."

We were shuffled aside as the table was set up and we found ourselves in a dark corner.

"Hey." Edward's hands found their way to my ass and he held me tight against his body.


"You are so fucking hot." His lips nipped at my neck as he rubbed his erection against me.
I reached down and slipped my hand into his pants – wrapping my fingers around him.

"Shit." He started thrusting his hips slightly – enough to move his length against my palm and give some friction, but not enough to clue the people around us into what we were doing. "Did you know that every time you bent over I could see the bottom curves of you ass?"

I hummed and nodded.

"You're such a tease and I love you." His was now panting against my skin.

"Girls versus boys, everyone." Mike's voice intruded on our moment.

We broke apart reluctantly as I was dragged away to the other end of the table. Everyone had drunk too much already anyway so aims were off and Jessica's enthusiasm did not match her skill.

Twenty minutes later the girls had lost spectacularly but we felt good about it.

"Lets dance!" Jessica shuffled her way backwards, towards the dance floor, swinging her hips and beckoning at us.

Just like at our junior school dances, the girls and boys separated, with the girls dancing as the boys watched. Unlike the school dances, I found myself grinding and rubbing against my friends. I was sandwiched between Jessica and Lauren, with Jessica's leg between mine and my ass firmly rubbing against Lauren.

I looked up to see Edward and Mike watching us with their mouths hanging open.

I leaned in to talk in Jessica's ear. "Mike is watching you."

She turned to look where I was looking and blew him a kiss. He stepped forward instantly and took her in his arms. Only seconds later they were kissing heatedly and groping each other and I turned away with a smirk. She always denied her feelings for him, but everyone knew they were both hot for each other. It only took her another year before she realised, and they got engaged.

I was still dancing with Lauren but there was someone else I wanted behind me. Edward was still standing and watching me. His eyes were dark with lust and I could see he was hard behind the fly of his jeans, despite his attempt at hiding it under his shirt.

I extracted myself from Lauren's arms and walked towards him. His gaze roamed my body, only focusing on my face when I was too close for him to see anything else.

"See something you like?" I watched as his tongue wet his lips.

"No. But I see something I love. Every little piece of you..." He leaned forward to kiss me and I backed away before he could capture my lips.

I smiled at his pout. "Dance with me?"

I stepped backwards slowly and he followed until we were pressed together tightly as we moved to the music. I turned so I could grind my ass into his crotch. He wrapped an arm around my waist and held me tight.

"I've never been this hard. Ever." His mouth was pressed behind my ear and his hot breath made me shiver as it washed across my skin. "Even harder than when we were on the couch... You know, before our first time. When you were rubbing yourself on me... Then you sucked my cock and I licked your pussy. When I finally got inside you I thought I was going to come with my first thrust..."

I shivered as goosebumps covered my skin with the memory.

"The only reason I didn't was the fear that I wouldn't get to have you again and I had to make it last... Imprint the moment on my memory. I didn't count on you making an impression on my heart... I love you so much, Bella."

I spun around and pressed my mouth desperately against his. We kissed frantically until I could feel my head spinning with the lack of oxygen. With a groan I pulled away and let my lungs gasp for air. "Take me home, Edward. Now. I need you."

Without another word he turned and pulled me towards the front door. We didn't say good bye to anyone or bother to get our coats on the way out. We just needed to be together, alone, as soon as possible.

Edward pushed the speed limit as he raced across Forks and the car's tyres squealed as he took the corner into our street too fast. I hardly noticed as my focus was on the bulge in his pants that I was rubbing firmly with my palm.

He pushed me against the front door of his house as he sucked and licked the skin of my neck and fumbled with his keys. With a frustrated groan, he pulled away and focused on unlocking the door. The house was silent and dark, as expected at three in the morning, and he gently pushed the door closed until it clicked quietly. He was less gentle as he grabbed me and held me against the closed door – moulding his body to mine and exploring my mouth with his tongue.

I gasped for air when he pulled away. His hands had found their way under my dress and were pulling at my panties.

"Take me upstairs, Edward. I want to fuck you in your bed."

He stilled and blew out a large breath before backing away from me. Then, he took my hand and we dashed upstairs; giggling and shushing each other as we went.

Inside his room, we stripped our clothes off. As soon as our clothes lay on the floor around us, the desperation and rush seemed to dissipate.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," he whispered in reverence as he just stood and stared at me.

I looked back at him and smiled. I felt like our eyes were going to turn heart-shaped like cartoon characters with all the love that heated the air between us. "I love you so much."

"I love you so much too." With two large strides, he was standing inches away from me but still not touching.

"Make love to me, Edward," I said, my voice sounding breathless and desperate.

His arms wrapped around me and I was lifted off the floor. He carried me to the bed and sat down on the edge with me straddling his lap. His mouth kissed its way down to my breasts and sucked gently on my hard nipples. I buried my fingers in his hair and held him to me as I threw my head back with a moan. The sensations of his teeth and tongue on my sensitive skin and the suction that was pulling me into his mouth sent waves of pleasure through my body - each one washing warmth over my pussy.

Without breaking his connection with my chest, he rolled us over and slid us up the bed. He knelt between my legs. Slowly, his hands moved down my sides, over my hips, and gripped my thighs – bringing them up so I could wrap my legs around his hips.

He moved his mouth to my other breast as he pushed his cock into me. I moaned loudly as he filled and stretched me – pushing until he was buried deep within me.

"Shh, baby," he mumbled into my breast.

"Fuck, I don't think I can. You feel so good inside me."

With one last lick of my erect nipple, he rose up and kissed my lips. "I know. Fuck it... Moan as loud as you want. I love hearing you react to what I do to your body."

"I can't wait until we move to Seattle. Our neighbours are going to know your name..."

"God, I can't wait either... Say it baby..."

"Edward..." I whispered his name – making it as breathy and sexy as I could.

He thrust himself hard into me with a moan. "Say it again."


He thrust again and I said his name again. We continued until he was panting, his name had become a moan, and we were both covered in sweat. He collapsed onto me and I pushed on his shoulders to roll him over.

I sat on his lap and rolled my hips. His cock was big and hard inside me and rubbed sensitive spots that made me want to scream. I moved in a slow and steady rhythm that would keep us going for as long as possible.

Edward's hands held my hips as I moved, then drifted upwards to my breasts. He cupped and lifted them before rubbing his thumbs over my nipples. Still rolling my hips, I reached one hand up and pulled his head forward while the other moved to my chest. As he came towards me, his hands fell back to my hips and I fed myself to him.

My movements became frenzied and his grip on my hips tightened as our climaxes neared. I threw my head back as I felt the prickling sensation of my orgasm rush through my arms and legs. He released my nipple with a gentle pop just as the heat converged between my legs. All movement stopped as my body shuddered and clenched around his pulsing cock.

I collapsed forward onto his chest as soon as my muscles relaxed. My whole body felt like jelly and all I could do was lie there as my heart and lungs slowly recovered.

Edward wrapped his arms around me and held me tight before shuffling us down until we were lying flat. We didn't move from that position as we fell asleep – as if we were bound together with invisible ropes.

We wouldn't be bound together officially for another two years, but it felt like we had always been bound and I was glad that I had thrown away my insecurities and let him into my life. He was my life from that moment forward. Forever.

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Bella Swan: Thanks, baby. I was so glad to have you there, supporting me, and being generally wonderful. Now come here and lets get lucky together...

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