Topaz eyes that cannot cry,

he sighs through days and says "Goodbye."

A drop of blood, our heart will break,

downward spiral for my sake.

He said he loved me, now was gone,

the russet fur revived my song.

My heart was mending, the hole that broke,

it felt somehow that I would choke.

Waters swirling, in the deep

I sent to him my heart to keep.

Then I saw him, thought I died,

I woke up from his topaz eyes,

to russet fur that saved my life.

Degree of warmth, of russet fire,

made our tension run even higher,

The ring of love disguised as hate,

no russet kiss, not yet our fate.

Remnants appear, then she said,

"He wants to die, he thinks you're dead."

Speeding Porsche to save our life,

the clock strikes noon, fear like a knife.

Through crimson red and ice I run,

He dazzles me in the bright, white sun.

Slightly sparkling and ice cold,

he stands angelic, young and old.

Through trial and triumph we're soon back home,

one condition, to say "I do.", make me his own.

I fell back into the topaz pool of his onyx eyes.