She's… on fire! I scream in my head. Prim lets out a squeal of excitement and Posy starts jumping up and down. I hear my mother gasping and my brothers looking at the screen like there life depends on it.

I look at the screen again, this time I focuses on Katniss, not the fire. My eyes search for any signs of pain. Instead, I see a beautiful, happy Katniss.

But one thing catches my eyes, something that deeply bothers me for reasons that I can't explain. She's holding hands with the backer's son! For no reason, a rage of jealousy comes through me.

Why am I even jealous? I mean, there going to be killing each other soon. But something just doesn't seem right to me. It's not Katniss that's annoying me, its him.

He seems to be enjoying the hand-holding.

Lucky for me, Katniss starts to releases her grip and I fell relaxed. That is, until he whispers something in her ear, that actually makes her hold on tighter, and he looks content again.

What could ha have possibly said! He's only been with her for one day and he already knows his way with words with her.

Then I find out what been bothering me. Katniss' look when they announced Peeta's name at the reaping. Does she care for him? Were they ever something before I was anyone?

It's pretty obvious that he likes her. I couldn't kill her if my life depended on it comes back to mind. He's got to be something important. Why would he care for her? Why would she be so concerned for him?

But then again, wouldn't she have told me if there was something going on between her and the backer's son? What if it was before we knew each other or even trusted each other?

I order myself to stop wringing about this, because he's going to be dead soon.

I look at the other chariots and see that Katniss has her eye on something. She's not staring, but I can see it got her attention. Then I see what she's looking at. The monstrous boy from 2 throwing her a threatening look.

My heart rate goes faster and faster as I mentally ask Katniss what she's gotten herself into. Don't start making enemies now! Especially with him!

I decide it's no use worrying about district 2. I focus on Katniss again. She does look beautiful in flames. I wish she could be here with me. I whish I told her that I love her. Because what are the odds of her coming home.

They go into the training center and disappear.