Chapter 1

(Author's note: For this fanfic, I'm portraying the Dragonborn as a male Nord with brown hair and a short beard, wearing an Iron Helmet, Studded Armor, Iron Gauntlets,

a Steel Sword and a Banded Iron Shield, just as he is seen in the trailers of Skyrim.)

It as cold as usual in Skyrim, though the Dragonborn found it slightly warmer ever since he dealt with both the threat of Alduin and took back Skyrim for the Empire.

And after becoming Harbinger of the Companions and Archmage of the College of Winterhold, as well as wiping out the Dark Brotherhood, killing a certain 'King in Rags', helping some friendly Daedric Princes while flipping off certain, more malevolent ones, and several other things he spent much of his adventuring time doing, the Dragonborn found himself still looking around Skyrim for things to do in between killing dragons and selling booty from various bad guy-filled places he emptied.

The Thalmor have placed a warrant for his death after he killed a good majority of their people in Skyrim, they seemed particularly ticked at how he killed Elenwen, the Thalmor ambassador to Skyrim. But all attempts they made in killing the Dragonborn ended in complete failure, and the Dragonborn, oddly enough, always looked forward to fighting more Thalmor should they show up. He hoped that the amount of Thalmor corpses he piles up would help make a difference for when the Empire inevitably does go to war with the Dominion again, he even carries a Amulet of Talos hoping it might tick off a secret Thalmor agent great enough to help draw them out of cover.

But it's now been months since the Thalmor have been seen anywhere in Skyrim, and its people couldn't be happier. though to the Dragonborn, the only downside to it was that he was left with even less things to do.

After selling some of dungeon loot in Whiterun, the Dragonborn decided to take a rest in his house called Breezehome before doing anything else, he was tired and sat in a chair just looking at the fire of his Whiterun home and drinking a bottle of mead.

He felt like taking it easy just for a little while, let the buzz from the mead do its work.

But then, he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" he called out in his Nordic accent.

A courier entered the house and said, "hey there! I got something to deliver to your hands only."

The Dragonborn took the note from the Courier's hands and quickly read it, "Hmm, that's strange, I have to check this out, Thanks." He gave the courier 10 septims as tip and the courier left. The Dragonborn walked out along with him.

Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Equestria. Just one day earlier.

Twilight Sparkle was doing a little experiment in the library based on a new arcane book she ordered that was only recently published, called 'Rifts and Planes' which discussed in great detail about recently discovered magical theories and possibilities of other dimensions.

She placed 2 electric rods parallel to each other in the center of the library's ground floor and flipped a switch on each of the rods, causing both of the to unleash bolts of lightning at each other.

She suddenly heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!" Twilight greeted, and Rainbow Dash entered the library.

"Hey, Twilight!" Rainbow Dash greeted, but saw the electric rods and asked, "Okay, I'll bite, what are ya working on now?"

"Well, I recently read some discoveries on how we could have several planes aside from our own and how it may be possible to open access points where one can manifest to them," Twilight said.

"Uh, Twilight," Rainbow Dash said confusingly, not understanding a single word Twilight, "You do realize who you're talkin' to, right?"

"Oh! right sorry," Twilight slightly flustered in embarrassment, "In short, I learned it might be possible that there might be other dimensions, or universes. So I'm trying to open a gateway to one of them."

"Oh, I guess that's cool," Rainbow Dash commented, "Anyway, I came by hoping you got that latest volume of Daring Do today."

"Perfect timing, Rainbow Dash!" Twilight exclaimed, "It just got delivered half an hour ago, I already placed it on that table over here for you."

"Thanks, Twi!" Rainbow Dash said as she picked up the latest Daring Do novel.

"Also, if you want," Twilight added, "you can stick around for a minute and see how this experiment turns out, I'm just about ready to get started."

Raindow Dash decided to humor her friend and said, "hey, why not?"

"Excellent!" Twilight said, pleased with RD's response.

Twilight then casted a spell at the electrical poles, a strange purple magical sphere started appearing.

"I think its working!" Twilight thrillingly said, ecstatic as she started putting more concentration into her spell, which caused the sphere to grow larger, and what looked like a small hole in the sphere to start opening.

But, suddenly, a strange beam of energy came out of the hole and enveloped Twilight, causing her to stop her spell but somehow didn't change the hole in the sphere in any way.

"Twilight!" Rainbow Dash cried out, she, well, dashed for her only to be blocked by a strange barrier surrounding Twilight.

"Soooooooo," said a strange, deep, and ominous voice that got both Twilight and Rainbow Dash's attention, "A mortal has tried to open a pathway to my plane of Oblivion, but not one from Nirn? Or even any other plane of Oblivion?"

"Who Are you?" Twilight asked, "Show yourself!"

"A quadrupedal mortal that can speak?" The strange voice asked, "Interesting, but to answer your question, I am Boethiah, Daedric Prince of Conspiracy, but I sense you know nothing of those things. And while I would enjoy seeing you both, along with the rest of your kind, trembling in absolute fear before my full glory, I am forced to admit I cannot physically manifest in your world. However, it does not mean I cannot demonstrate my might through other means."

"Oh yeah?" Rainbow Dash asked, then boasted, "try us, then! We've caught bigger fish than you!"

The strange voice, named Boethiah, laughed briefly and said, "Courage born from ignorance, there isn't a mortal that truly knows me that does not either worship nor fear me, even some of the Daedric Princes are right to tremble at my name. Perhaps a demonstration on a fraction of my power will show you what happens to mortals that tangle with Daedra!"

The barrier the surrounded Twilight vanished, but she and Rainbow Dash saw they had bigger problems when a group of 4 strange bipedal creatures suddenly appeared, they somewhat resembled humans, who in Equestria were considered little more than mythological creatures, but unlike humans, those creatures each had pairs of curved horns on their heads, wore red and black skin and hair, and wore demonic-looking armor and weapons, with one holding a greatsword, one dual wielding one-handed swords, one wielding a mace and a shield, and another wielding a bow with a quiver of arrows. The last one was an exception as he wore a black robe and was wielding what looked like a staff.

One of the creatures said in a partly ethereal, but mostly loud and hammy tone, "You are strange mortals, this is not Nirn, but you will bleed like its denizens!"

the creature with the mage staff casted a fireball spell at Twilight, who unleashed a magic barrier that stopped the spell from hitting her, but caused the fireball to make a big explosion that destroyed the electric poles Twilight placed in the library, but somehow didn't have any affect the gateway she opened, which stayed as if was. Twilight also briefly sighed in relief to see none of the books were damaged from the explosion.

"What are these bipeds?" Twilight instinctively asked.

"We will answer!" One of the other creatures said, "we are Dremora! and you are but sacks of flesh fit to feed Scamps! prove us otherwise!"

"That won't be a problem!" Rainbow Dash boasted, she quickly flew at the Dremora that was holding a demonic-looking two-handed sword and bashed at him before he could react, knocking him off his feet. but the mage Dremora retaliated by casting a lightning bolt at RD, which she narrowly dodged.

"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight called out, "there's too little room in the library to fight these guys, we'll have to lure them outside."

"Right!" Rainbow Dash said affirmatively.

Fortunately, Twilight and Rainbow Dash were able to easily lure the Dremora out just by falling back out of the library with their new foes following suit. Several of Ponyville's other citizens saw these Dremora and looked with horrified shock and confusion, but oddly enough, the Dremora were completely unbothered by their new surroundings despite knowing for fact it isn't Nirn.

The mage Dremora attacked first by firing a lightning bolt at Twilight, who quickly fired a magic beam with her horn, cancelling the 2 spells out, one archer Dremora started firing arrows at Twilight immediately after she blocked the Dremora mage's spell before she could notice, fortunately the arrow were stopped, much to the surprise of the archer Dremora, in midair by somepony else's magic, Twilight noticed this and turned to see Rarity next to her, who blocked the Dremora's arrows for her.

"Rarity!" Twilight said, pleasantly surprised, "You got amazing timing!"

"Think nothing of it, Twilight," Rarity said with her usual charm, she turned to look at the Dremora, "Now who or what are these... grimly-colored brutes?"

"They call themselves Dremora," Twilight replied, "I'll explain everything later, but right now we have to stop them before they can hurt anypony."

"And they'll certainly have another thing coming!" Rainbow Dash said as she flew at the Dremora with the dual-wielding swords. But the Dremora managed to jump out of the way at the nick of time, only to feel something on his ankle, he turned his head to see Applejack has lassoed his ankle, she quickly yanked her rope, causing the Dremora to trip and fall face-down to the ground, dropping his swords in the process. Rainbow Dash quickly grabbed one of the Dremora's sword with her teeth, and impaled the fallen Dremora's back with it. The Dremora roared in pain before suddenly vanishing along with his swords.

Applejack came over to Rainbow Dash and they gave eachother a high-hoof, Rainbow confidently said, "Well, that's one down-"

Dashie got cut off when the Dremora with the greatsword tried to slash them, Rainbow Dash and Applejack quickly jumped out of the sword's way.

"An' four more ta go," Applejack finished for RD, "Where in tarnation did these guys come from, anyway?"

Before anyone could answer her, Applejack Rainbow Dash, and the Dremora heard a voice say "Yahoo! Mr. Tall, Dark, and Scary!"

The Dremora wielding the greatsword turned to see Pinkie Pie with her party cannon.

"Say hello to my little friend!" Pinkie said as she fired her party cannon and a cream-colored blur slammed right into the Dremora's breastplate, creating a massive and fatal-looking dent. The Dremora fell to the ground and saw it was Fluttershy he got hit by before he too vanished.

"Bleed! bleed and die!" The mace and shield-wielding Dremora narmishly said as he tried to swing his mace at Fluttershy, who, intimidated by the sight of the Dremora, ran off and hid somewhere before the Dremora could get his chance.

"Ya got some nerve talkin' like that to Fluttershy!" Applejack called out the mace-wielding Dremora as she charged at him and tried to buck him, only for the Dremora to block the attack with his shield.

"Allow me!" Rainbow Dash said as she flew straight at the Dremora only to slam into his shield, causing not only the Dremora to stagger considerably and struggle to keep his footing, but also Rainbow Dash to land on the ground hard, rubbing her dazed head.

"Oww..." Rainbow Dash groaned, "What is that shield made of? he took that hit almost like it was nothing!"

"That won't be problem!" Said Rarity as she went behind the Dremora, moved her head between his legs, and swiftly moved her head upwards, catapulting the Dremora into the air, Rarirty then bucked at the Dremora's back while he was in midair, breaking his spine and causing him to vanish as well.

The mage and archer Dremora appeared surprised by the loses they took, but kept straight faces, trying to look unfazed, but Twilight and her friends could tell the tables have turned on their foes.

"These creatures are stronger than they look, Kynreeve," the archer Dremora said to the mage Dremora.

the mage Dremora said, "We clearly underestimated them, but the battle has not been lost yet, I have an idea."

The mage Dremora started fired lightning bolts at Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash, who all only narrowly dodged them, Twilight stood between them and the mage Dremora and summoned a magic barrier that managed to block any additional lightning bolts the Dremora tried to cast.

"Wait!" The archer Dremora briefly interrupted, "the pink one that was with them is gone, there were 6 of them, the yellow one retreated after taking one of us out but the pink one vanished when we looked away."

"Must be getting reinforcements or something," The mage Dremora said, "No matter, we will deal with both the pink and yellow one after we finish those 4 off, now let's see how well that barrier can block an attack with within!" he casted a spell that summoned, somehow from within Twilight barrier, a strange creature that looked like a bunch of floating rocks set in a formation just slightly similar to that of the upper body of a human. But before Twilight could react, the creature fired a lightning bolt at Twilight, who didn't have time to block the spell and was hit and knocked out as a result, with the barrier she already projected vanishing in the process.

"Twilight!" her friends all said at once, they ran to her aid only to be blocked the summoned creature that attacked her.

"You still think we are pushovers?" the mage Dremora asked, "This Storm Atronach should make swift work of you all."

Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash readied themselves for having to face the Storm Atronach, the Atronach fired another lightning bolt that Rainbow narrowly dodged and retaliated by flying at it and bashed into it, the Atronach staggered and was clearly hurt by the attack, but Rainbow Dash found herself electricuted upon being in contact with it and promptly pulled herself off the Atronach.

Somewhat weakened by the shock she took, Rainbow Dash said, "Alright, anypony know how you fight something that's got lightning all over him?"

"Ah'd have thought you'd know, sugarcube," Applejack said to Rainbow Dash, "Isn't weather one of yer jobs?"

While the 3 still-conscious ponies were busy with the Atronach, the mage Dremora looked at the archer Dremora and said, "I will keep them busy with my magic, you go look for the other 2 that left."

The archer Dremora nodded as he turned only to see a certain pony's pair of eyes and find himself somehow completely and suddenly unable to move, while hearing the sharp-sounding words, "How dare you!"

The Archer Dremora was looking straight at Fluttershy, he couldn't understand it, but he figured that somehow looking into Fluttershy's eyes with that... stare, is leaving him frozen in place.

"Just who do you think are are suddenly coming to our world and harming my friends?" Fluttershy scolded.

"What accursed sorcery is this?" the archer Dremora asked, struggling to break free of whatever is causing that 'stare' to keep him from moving or attacking, "This is not Illusion magic!"

"It not what matter what it is!" Fluttershy said in a sharpened tone but didn't raise her voice, "You should 2 be ashamed of yourselves! coming here only to cause violence when obviously none of us have done anything to you!"

"What is going on with you, Caitiff?" the mage Dremora asked, hearing what Fluttershy was saying to his remaining troop.

He was about to turn when the archer Dremora cried out, "don't turn! this creature has eyes that paralyze you if you look into them!"

"You dare use nonsense as an excuse for insubor-" The mage Dremora was cut off when he heard the sound of a saw on wood... from above?

He looked up to see Pinkie Pie sawing off a thick and heavy-looking branch of the Golden Oaks Library, clearly intending to drop the branch on both the remaining Dremora. Pinkie was just more than halfway finished sawing when she saw that the mage dremora has already spotted her.

"Uh oh!" Pinkie exclaimed, the mage dremora fired an ice spike with his staff, which startled Pinkie enough that she managed to narrowly lean herself away from the attack, only to lose her balance on the branch and end up clumsily falling to the ground head first.

"Pinkie!" Fluttershy cried out in shock, turning her attention away from the archer Dremora, which breaks him free of her 'stare'. Fluttershy went to Pinkie's side to tend to her friend, "Are you okay?"

Pinkie Pie was looking upside down and appeared dazed and confused, but otherwise wasn't badly hurt.

"Why Fluttershy!" Pinkie exclaimed with her usual cheerfulness but seemed to have her vision disoriented if what she said next was any indication, "you didn't tell me you had triplet sisters!"

free from Fluttershy's stare, the archer Dremora pulled an arrow out of his quiver and readied himself to fire it at Fluttershy, the mage Dremora likewise readied his spells with the obvious intent on finishing both ponies off.

But then, Twilight woke up from being knocked out by the storm atronach to see in horror that the 2 remaining dremora were about to kill Fluttershy and Pinkie as well as how Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were struggling to hold their own against the storm atronach.

Twilight saw the partially sawed-off branch on the library just above the 2 dremora and promptly fired a magic bolt from her horn at the branch, breaking it off and causing it to drop hard on both the dremora, seemingly breaking their skulls and killing them instantly, causing them both to vanish. Twilight turned to see that the storm atronach that the mage dremora conjured earlier has suddenly vanished as well.

The Mane 6 all found themselves briefly sighing in relief.

"Well, that was just a little harder than I thought," Rainbow Dash commented.

Suddenly, Twilight and her friends, along with the rest of Ponyville, heard Boethiah speak again, "I see you creatures are tougher than you look, most impressive. But do not think that summoning afew low-ranked Dremora is all I am capable of doing in your world, I just figured out why my powers are being restrained in this world, and even so, you have only witnessed the smallest fraction of my power."

"Rarity, wasn't Spike with you helping at the Boutique earlier?" Twilight asked in a whisper, hoping Boethiah couldn't hear her.

"He certainly was," Rarity answered also with a whisper, "But when we heard the uproar that these curve-horned brutes caused I told him to stay in the Boutique where it was safer."

"Good thinking," Twilight whispered, "I'd hate to see those Dremora coming after him, anyway, since they've dealt with, bring Spike over so I can write a letter to Princess Celestia about this."

"Oh, I would not bother with that if I were you," Boethiah said, both Twilight and Rarity were shocked to see that the so-called Daedric Prince was able to hear them, "Your one of 3 'Princesses' is already heading for this little town you live in, she clearly knows I am here and is the reason most of my power is suppressed in this world. I would like to have a word with this Goddess-Princess."

Twilight looked around and indeed saw Celestia flying toward Ponyville. she gently landed close to the Mane 6 and calmly walked toward the libarary, she had a slightly stern look on her face but wasn't looking at anyone in particular.

Celestia entered the library to see the small portal Twilight opened earlier.

"Show yourself!" Celestia commanded, "I know you're here and I know you can hear me!"

"You think I could even if I wanted to?" Boethiah asked, "Your very existence suppresses my strength, I am in a position where you are asking for the impossible."

"Then tell me who you are and what you are doing here," Celestia said.

"I already told some of your subjects that I am Boethiah, Daedric Prince of Conspiracy," Boethiah said, "One of many gods to the mortals of Nirn, and as for why I am here, I just recently discovered your world when one of your subjects had the bad fortune to opening this gateway to my Plane of Oblivion you already see before you, so I thought I'd have me some fun and brought some of my Dremora servants to... show a taste of my power. But a small group of your subjects proved quite capable of disposing these warriors. But, despite my powers being held back here moreso than in Nirn, there is still plenty of ways I can amuse myself here."

"If you think you can turn Equestria into your own private playground and harm my little ponies as much as you want," Celestia threatened, "I can promise you this; it's never gonna happen!"

"If you weren't able to hold me back in this realm, I would see to it you suffer dearly for your insolence..." Boethiah said, though her voice sounded like it was trailing off, as if she was thinking something "But, for now at least, I am in no position to do so. I do have other plans though."

"Plans? what plans?" Celestia asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Now why would I tell you that?" Boethiah asked, "That would be spoiling the fun, suffice it to say I suggest you get ready to welcome some guests. But for now, this exchange is over."

The portal in the library vanishes. Celestia sighed and walked out of the library, she came to see Twilight in front of her, with her friends standing behind her. Twilight clearly felt guilty for what happen.

"This was my fault, Princess," Twilight said apologetically with her head hanging down, "I casted a spell to test those recent theories on trans-dimensional travel and.."

Celestia lowered herself and moved her hoof under Twilight's head, gently tilting it upward so that Twilight was facing her mentor, Celestia gave a reassuring smile and said, "You had no way of knowing something like this would happen, Twilight, none of us did."

Celestia then looked away at nothing in particular and added while resuming a serious expression, "Still, we do have a serious problem in our hooves. While I can no longer sense this Boethiah, she left implying that there will be something coming."

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Twilight asked.

"For now? not much," Celestia said regretfully, "We know too little about this Boethiah and this world she lives in. Though she oddly enough kept bringing up our one advantage; she said my existance alone keeps her from using the full extent of her power, she didn't say it outright, but I suspect she's afraid of me."

Rainbow Dash scoffed, "Somehow I wouldn't surprised."

"I'll head back to Canterlot and have detachments of guards brought to all Equestrian Towns, including Ponyville, for good measure," Celestia said, she then turned to Twilight and her friends and added, "I want all of you to notify me if anything unusual happens, regardless of how slight or trivial it might seem, at this point we can't be too careful."

Twilight gave a small smile and nodded at her teacher, "you got it! we'll keep our eyes peeled."

One day later, back in Skyrim in the College of Winterhold.

The Dragonborn arrived to the College courtyard to see Tolfdir standing close to a strange portal, examining it.

Tolfdir turned to see Dragonborn and they both greeted each other by shaking hands.

"Well, you certainly came a little earlier than I figured," Tolfdir commented.

"Good to see you again too, old friend," Dragonborn greeted, he then turned to the portal Tolfdir was looking at, "I take it this is what you sent that message to me for?"

"Precisely, Arch-Mage-" Tolfdir said, but the Dragonborn cut him off.

"Please, Tolfdir," Dragonborn said, "Call me Dragonborn, you know that's what everyone else does nowadays."

"Very well, Dragonborn," Tolfdir said with slight awkwardness, he knew his friend as both Arch-Mage and Dragonborn, but he was more used to referring to him as the former, "Anyway, we found this strange anomaly suddenly appeared out of nowhere, it has magical properties similar to that of an Oblivion Gate. we've been getting reports that portals like this one have appear all over Skyrim."

"Something like this can't be possible anymore," Dragonborn commented, "Didn't Martin Septim's sacrifice during the Oblivion Crisis make it impossible for several Oblivion Gates to appear like that again?"

"That is true," Tolfdir agreed, "though I suspect the only way this could be possible is if these portal don't lead to any planes of Oblivion."

"It's technically not an Oblivion Gate, but its made in a similar fashion," Dragonborn added, "Any idea when this portal leads to?"

"None at all," Tolfdir said, "none of us in the college dared to walk in, and it has been reported that those who did go in haven't returned."

"Sounds like fun already!" Dragonborn cheerfully said, "Consider me sold!"

"Wait!" Tolfdir said with worry, "Don't you think you should be more-"

"Cautious?" Dragonborn finished for Tolfdir, "Come now, Caution is your thing, charging to deal with problems head-on is my thing, we're two sides of the same septim, you know?"

"Still, I don't like the idea of you just walking in," Toldir said, "This isn't a Dwemer Ruin or a Thalmor stronghold, we have absolutely no clue what could be in here. But I guess I can't really stop you, can I?"

"Nope, you can't," Dragonborn said plainly, "Just relax, old man, I'll get to the bottom of this, I'll be back, I promise."

"Well, alright," Tolfdir said, part resigned and part reassured, "Good luck!"

"Who needs luck when you're me?" Dragonborn asked rhetorically as he calmly walked into the portal.