Chapter 8

What was I thinking? The Dragonborn asked himself as he walked around Sweet Apple Acres, Why did I agree to follow those 6 sentient ponies? I could've easily used Whirlwind Sprint to simply dash out on them and deal with the situation myself. Sure, some of those ponies might freak out at some my methods, and given how this place is almost nothing like Tamriel, I'd probably accidentally cause a misunderstanding, but.. wait, those are some very good reasons I should go along with this plan...

Celestia already said her goodbyes to the Mane 6 and took her leave, and by now she was likely back in Canterlot. The Mane 6 were at there respective homes getting ready to leave for their meeting with the Princess, which left Dragonborn with having to wait for them before he can go anywhere.

So he decided to walk around Ponyville to pass the time.

After a few minutes of exploring, the heroic Nord found a small park in Ponyville that fortunately seemed mostly untouched by the dragon attack.

The Dragonborn looked around and saw Applebloom, whom he recalled briefly meeting back at Sweet Apple Acres, with her friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They seemed to have been briefly talking about something before turning and seeing The Dragonborn.

The CMC immediately approached the Hero of Skyrim.

"Hey there!" Applebloom greeted.

"You must that that Dragonborn guy Applebloom told us about!" Scootaloo greeted, "Is it true you froze half a table just by shouting?"

Dragonborn chuckled awkwardly, "yeah, but that was sort of an accident. But I can do alot of things with my Thu'um, would you like a more intentional demonstration?"

The CMC nodding excitingly.

"Okay then," The Dragonborn pulled out an apple and tossed it into the air, then Shouted, "TIID KLO UL!" and time somehow seemed to slow down immensely as the Nord pulled out his sword and started slicing at the apple several times. It was when the apple was completely cut up to reasonably sized wedges and the Nord sheathed his sword that time went back to normal speed just in time for the apple slices to land on the Dragonborn''s hand.

Needless to say, the CMC were amazed.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Sweetie Belle applauded, "Can you do another one?"

"Sure, if you're willing to wait around a minute for my Thu'um to recharge," Dragonborn answered while panting slightly as if slightly winded.

"Wait, why can't you use another of these 'shouts' now?" Scootaloo asked somewhat disappointed.

"From what I gather, my lungs aren't yet fully adapted to using the Thu'um," Dragonborn answered, "I've been gradually getting better at it, but I think it'll take me years before I can Shout as often as Dragons do."

The Dragonborn then decided to change the subject, "You three seem quite quick to search for excitement, what do you normally do around here?"

Applebloom beamed, "We're glad you asked, you see, me, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle here are...

"...THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!" all three fillies cheered loudly, which the Dragonborn was surprisingly unfazed by.

"We're on a crusade to find our special talents!" Scootaloo exclaimed.

"So we can get our Cutie Marks!" Sweetie Belle cheerfully said.

"And what might those be?" Dragonborn asked.

"Symbols that appear on a pony's flank when he or she discovers his or her special talents," Sweetie Belle replied.

"Alot of grown-ups keep telling us we'll find them eventually," Scootaloo asked, "But we keep trying to figure it out in the meantime."

"But we're guessin' you don't have anythin' like that to worry about, no?" Applebloom asked.

"Not regular mortal in Tamriel has anything like that," Dragonborn said, "But I think I had something similar happen to me.'

The CMC were both curious and surprised, they both asked in unison, "Really? How?"

Dragonborn grinned at the 3 fillies' enthusiasm and sat down crossed-legged, "In a way it was quite simple, I didn't even know I was Dragonborn until I fought and killed my first dragon and absorbed his soul."

Dragonborn told the CMC about how it was only a short while ago when Dragons started reappearing all over Tamriel and the Jarl of Whiterun, Balgruuf The Greater, had him help the Whiterun Guard bring down a Dragon that was attacking the city.

"Weren't you at all scared when you had to fight your first dragon?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Scared? ha!" Dragonborn scoffed then boasted, "you're looking at the Nord who's faced countless villains, managed to slice down warriors with superior equipment and training, and struck fear into even the hearts of Daedra... I almost soiled my drawers."

The CMC chuckled slightly.

"Well, well, well," said a voice the CMC were all too familiar with.

The Dragonborn stood up and quickly turned around to see the 2 filles that the CMC knew to be Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

"Even I never thought I'd see this from you three," Said Diamond Tiara in a mocking tone, "Blank flanks befriending an obvious barbarian!"

"We better keep our distance," Silver Spoon said as she covered her nose, "we don't want to catch his stench like those three surely have."

Dragonborn scoffed, crossed his arms, and said sarcastically, "Well, THAT's mature, I've met priests that threw better insults than that. And what's up with called those girls blank flanks? when you surely know that those flanks won't forever be bare?"

Diamond Tiara didn't expect this sort of question, she stammered awkwardly for a few second but the Dragonborn continued, "That would be like if a full-grown Nord mocked a younger Nord for not having armpit odor, or to put it in terms you might better understand, if full-grown mare made fun of a filly for not being as tall or wide, and neither of you two seem to even look any older than the three fillies you're trying to mock, so tell me, what sense does it make for you to make fun of someone over something you know they'll inevitably get?"

Diamond Tiara tried to answer, she couldn't think of a good counter-argument, she was left stumped figuring out what to say.

Silver Spoon noticed this and figured the battle was lost, she placed a front hoof on Diamond's back and said to her, "C'mon Diamond, that hairy ape isn't worth our time, we'll figure something out later."

Diamond simply nodded and the two fillies silently walked away.

"Thanks, we owe ya," Applebloom said as Dragonborn turned back toward them, "Ah doubt that will stop them from teasin' us for good, but this might get 'em off our backs for a while at least."

"They were lucky," Dragonborn said, then bluntly added, "if they were grown mares that did that to you three, I might've simply punched them in the mouth, but let's not get into that. Besides, I think I just thought of an idea that might help you find your special talents, and even if it doesn't we'd still have our fun."

"What do ya mean?" Scootaloo asked.

Dragonborn grinned, "I'll put it this way, do you know where a blacksmith's forge is?"

A few minutes later.

Applejack never thought she'd see this; almost every filly and colt about walking around town in these strange get ups, wearing what seemed like metal chainmails under leather scaled vests with different colored sashes worn over them, along with metal helmets that covered their entire heads. anyone in Tamriel would've recognized that they were wearing some pony version of Hold Guard armor. But Applejack, who's never been to Tamriel, obviously did not know that.

A random colt then went past her and said "My cousin's out fighting Dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty." in the same accent she heard the Dragonborn speak in.

That there bipedal friend of ours must be behind this, Applejack realized, she then suddenly heard the sound of clanging metal coming from her right. She turned to see, sure enough, the Dragonborn in Ponyville's local smithy, crafting what looked like another set of the armor she saw the filles and colts of Ponyville wearing.

Applejack approached Dragonborn with a grin and said, "Ah hope ya don't mind me sayin' this, but Ah never pegged you for a smith,"

Dragonborn casually responded "You'd be surprised what trades you learn when you take up adventuring in Skyrim."

"Yeah, Dragonborn really is somethin' ain't he, Sis?" Applejack turned her head and saw Appleboom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle wearing the same kind of armor but without the helmet.

"Applebloom? what's got you and all ya friends dressin' all weird like that?" Applejack asked.

"It was Dragonborn's idea," Applebloom replied, "Me an' the rest of the Crusaders told him how we've been tryin' to get our Cutie Marks, so he suggested we could get them by being Hold Guards."

"Guards?" Applejack raised an eyebrow, "but y'all way too young to enlist!"

"No, no, no, not Royal Guards," Scootaloo corrected, "Hold Guards, Dragonborn said they're very different, he said all they do is walk around, make snarky comments, randomly tell somepony of somepony else's problems, and point out excellent adventuring locations."

"Alot of the fillies and colts saw what we were doing and thought it'd be fun," Sweetie Belle said, "So they asked Dragonborn if he could make extra sets of armor so they could join in as well, he even taught us how to speak in his accent, like with this line;" Sweetie cleared her throat and said in what was her attempt at an Nord accent, "No lollygaggin'!"

Dragonborn quickly walked up to Applejack and whispered in her ear, "There's alot more to Hold Guards than that, but I figured there'd be no harm in humoring them."

"Riiiight," Applejack said, still weirded out, "Anywho, Twilight asked me ta look fer ya a short bit ago, I reckon she has a million or so questions fer ya."

"Funny," Dragonborn said, "In my line of work, I'm normally the one who asks people the most questions, sometimes I've asked the same question again."

Applejack grinned, "Then Ah'm guessin' you'll both'll get along jus' fine, she's at Golden Oaks Library, you'll find it by-"

"Don't worry, someone already told me where it is," Dragonborn interrupted, "Besides, as I might've pointed out before, I think I have some questions on my own as well."

Meanwhile, at Golden Oak Library.

Twilight couldn't help but just stare out the window, looking at how almost every filly and colt was walking around dressed like something she saw in the 'Barbarian Ponies and Barbers' book she read just last month, Spike was standing right next to her, and he found it just as bizarre as she did.

"Any idea what they're doing, Spike?" Twilight asked.

"Not the foggiest clue," Spike replied, "Aside from maybe that Rarity will likely flip if she saw them all dressed like they came from the reign of King Hornlord IV," Spike face palmed himself, "Dang it, now you got me referencing obscure historical guys."

The duo suddenly heard the door open, they turned and saw the Dragonborn enter the Library.

"Huh, nice place," Dragonborn commented aloud.

"Uh, thanks," Twilight said, the Dragonborn turned to her, "though I hope you don't mind me saying, you didn't strike me at first glance as the literally type."

"We Nords do a bit more reading than alot of foreigners think," Dragonborn said, then turned his attention to Spike, he took afew steps forward and then crouched to Spike's eye-level, asking, "And who might this little salamander be?"

"The name's Spike, nice to meet ya!" Spike introduced myself and held out one of his hand to offer a shake.

Dragonborn took Spike's hand, but then suddenly stood up, causing Spike to end up hanging on to the Dragonborn's arm.

"Hey! what the heck are you doing?" Spike asked in suprise.

Twilight was about to ask the same question, but noticed The Dragonborn was looking at Spike with a very curious expression, as if he was examining the young dragon.

"So you're this Spike huh?" Dragonborn said, "I've heard you're quite the courier, going from one town to a another delivering letters merely minutes before I kill a dragon? I was already impressed when I heard of you, but even then, if you don't mind me saying this, unless whatever this Princess Celestia lives in a very short distance from this town, those stubby little legs of yours are clearly not to be underestimated."

"Run from one town to another? ha!" Spike laughed, "Put me down and I'll show you a real way to deliver mail!"

Curious, Dragonborn gently placed Spike back on the floor. Spike then picked up a nearby scroll that was on the table in the middle of the room and blew his fire breath at it, causing it to disappear.

Before the Dragonborn could say anything, however, the scroll suddenly reappeared, floating right in front of his face, The Nord quickly grabbed the scroll out of reflex and unscrolled it to read it.

Turned out, it was just a grocery list.

"Still impressive," Dragonborn commented as he tossed the grocery list back onto the table, "To communicate over long distances that quickly is a rare thing, even for most mages to accomplish, I bet the mages at the College of Winterhold would give enough gold to retire three times over just for you teach that spell."

"College of Winterhold? I'm guessing it's a seat of arcane learning where you live?" Twilight asked.

Dragonborn nodded as he turned his attention to Twilight, "it's one of the few places in Tamriel where one can get proper education in learning magic, abit ironic considering most of my kinsmen don't trust magic. Anyway, I hear you wanted ask me some things. Well, I've some of my own as well, but I'll let you go first."

Spike snickered briefly, "You're gonna regret saying that."

And sure enough, the mighty Nord did, as Twilight kept answering several questions about Tamriel, which Dragonborn politely answered, but was quickly starting to get bored, at was actually 30 minutes felt to him like a whole day went on.

It came to the point where Dragonborn was sitting cross-legged and looking as though he fell asleep, yet still somehow was subconsciously continuing to answer Twilight's questions.

Twilight, however, being absorbed in listening to the Dragonborn's answers and writing them down on a notepad, didn't notice the Nord's state until Spike tapped on her back lightly and pointed it out to her.

One splash of water from a bucket later, Dragonborn woke up and suddenly spluttered in surprise, "Trolls can quickly regenerate their heath but are very weak to fire!"

Spike and Twilight looked at him blankly.

"Oh, you're finished?" Dragonborn asked.

"Yeah..." Twilight answered awkwardly, "You could say that little nap you had made me figure I asked enough for now, but I must say, I'm guessing I've only tipped the iceburg with what you told me, 'cause judging from some of the more elaborate answer you gave me, there must be enough information about your world to fill at least 2 or 3 textbooks!"

"Yeah," Dragonborn agreed, "To be fair, even I'm sometimes amazed with what there is to know about Tamriel, or indeed, all of Mundus for that matter, and I live here!"

"But anyway, it's your turn" Twilight said.

"No problem," Dragonborn said, "I have only one question anyway, do you know any azure ponies with a silver mane and tail?"

Twilight raised an eyebrow, "that sounds alot like Trixie, why? did you see her?"

"She came to me while I was on the road," Dragonborn said, "She approached me pleading for help, in a suspiciously overly-dramatic way."

"That definitely sounds like Trixie," Twilight said in a slightly deadpan tone.

Dragonborn then told Twilight about how apparently tried to trick him into antagonizing or even attacking her because Trixie claimed that Twilight was a dragon worshipper. Dragonborn quickly assured Twilight that he didn't really buy Trixie's story from the start, and when he arrived to see there was a dragon still attacking Ponyville and the damage the dragon did appeared too recent for that attack to be his second coming, it became obvious to the Dragonborn that Trixie lied to him.

"Any idea why she tried to trick me?" Dragonborn asked.

"Well, knowing her," Twilight replied, "the reason she'd pull this would've been to get revenge on me for 'upstaging' her."

"Care to elaborate?" Dragonborn asked.

Twilight and Spike told The Dragonborn about the time Trixie came to Ponyville to do a stage performance, from how she humiliated Twilight's friends to how Snips and Snail brought an Ursa Minor into Ponyville for Trixie to vanquish when she falsely boasted about defeating an Ursa Major, to how Twilight had to use her magic to got said Ursa Minor to leave Ponyville.

"Huh, so she boasted about something she didn't even do," Dragonborn commented, "In a way though, she should consider herself lucky."

"Lucky? her boasts, two colts foolish enough to believe them, and a very cranky Ursa Minor almost tore up half of Ponyville, how do you call that lucky?" Twilight asked, understandably somewhat agitated.

"For one, if she did something like that in Tamriel, especially Skyrim I think, she's likely end up dead," Dragonborn answered, "And even putting aside, it was you that got that creature to leave your town before things could get worst, what do you suppose would happen to this Trixie if you weren't here?"

Both Twilight and Spike easily caught the implications behind the Dragonborn's word and gave out very uneasy expressions.

"Ouch," was Spike's only verbal response.

"Exactly," Dragonborn said.

"Well, anyway, I guess I better get things ready before heading for Canterlot," Twilight said, "I'll be right back."

Twilight went upstairs to make some last-minute preparations, leaving Spike and the Dragonborn the only ones in in the ground floor.

"Sooo," Dragonborn said, wanting to make conversation, "You live in this Library I take it?"

"Uh.. Yeah?" Spike answered awkwardly.

"You must do a serious amount of reading here then," Dragonborn commented, "I mean, what else could you even do around here?"

"Oh, don't worry, it's hard to get bored around here," Spike said casually, "Besides, it's Twilight that does most of the reading."

"But what is it YOU do around here?" Dragonborn asked.

"oh, nothing much," Spike asnwered, "I do abit of cooking and cleaning, I help organize the library, write letters, help other ponies with random jobs, help Rarity dig up gems..."

Spike stopped when he noticed the Dragonborn looked rather shocked at what he said.

"What?" an understandably confused Spike asked.

"Shor's bones!" Dragonborn exclaimed, "What kind of child willfully does literally nothing but chores all day? any other lad I know would consider that a nightmare!"

"Maybe," Spike shrugged, "But how many kids do you know top off the end of the week with a sack full of gems or even..,"

Spike briefly trailed off as he started to look like he was in a trance, "a kiss from the most beautiful mare in Equestria..."

"Well now, you're obviously precocious," Dragonborn commented, "You must be... what? ten? or at least your species' equivalent of that age? and you're already in a relationship? good for you!"

Spike snapped his self-induced trance and said, "Wait, me and Rarity? well, technically we're not a couple yet.. but I'm working on that."

"Perhaps I could help with that?" Dragonborn suggested.

"You? help?" Spike chuckled, "no offense, but you don't look like the type who gets many dates."

"Ha! nonsense!" Dragonborn boasted as he flexed the muscles of his right arm, "It's no mere boast when I say that at least a third of the women in Skyrim want to put me in bed with them, even a third of Skyrim's men, elves, lizards, and cats!"

Spike shuddered slightly, "Did you really have to put those sort of images on my head? how do you even get into a relationship where you're from?"

"Simple!" Dragonborn replied, "to start, I ask the person I want to date if they have something they'd want me to do, I do it, they show their appreciation, and snap! instant potential girlfriend!"

"That's it?" Spike asked, "What do you do when you want to date them?"

Dragonborn paused in hesitation, then said, "That is a very good question... 'cause I've never really dated before."

Spike facepalmed himself, then said sarcastically, "well you're alot of help here."

"Wait! hold up!" Dragonborn recovered, "I might not know exactly you can officially get in a relationship with this Rarity, but I have an idea."

"Now I bet this is gonna be rich," Spike snarked.

"It shouldn't be too hard," Dragonborn said "That unicorn you live with, Twilight's her name, right? since I'll be accompanying her and her friends on what will likely be, knowing my luck, a grand adventure, I suggest you come with us so I can teach you how to become a skilled warrior like me, your Rarity will surely become so impressed, she'll be asking you out."

"And you think you can pull that off? let alone that it could work?" Spike asked.

"Ha! you're looking at the man who leads 3 different yet highly respected guilds," Dragonborn boasted, "who else but me could be a more fitting teacher of what you'll be learning?"

Spike scoffed slightly then said in a slightly deadpan tone, "you sound like Rainbow Dash if she was born a thousand years earlier. But alright, I'll go along with your plan, but I won't be holding my dragon breath."

"Wait, dragon breath?" the Dragonborn asked as he raised an eyebrow, "So you're what dragons look like in your world?"

Dragonborn laughed boisterously, "No offense, but when I first noticed you, I assumed you were some Argonian child or something, guess that explains why no dragons have ever attacked this village until recently, you definitely could use my teachings."

"Would a certain.. incident from after my birthday count?" Spike asked.

"Say what?" Dragonborn asked, confused.

Spike then started explaining to the Dragonborn how a good while ago, he got very greedy after his birthday and his greed caused him to grow larger and more feral and caused him to tear up Ponyville quite a bit in his pursuit to horde as much as he could carry.

"Interesting," Dragonborn said, "So how'd you get small again?"

"Well, during my rampage," Spike continued, "I ponynapped Rarity and tried to take a fire ruby I gave her the day before my birthday, she called me out on it without knowing it was me and I was remained of what I did for her, it helped me let go of my greed and I turned back to normal."

"Well, I think I can see why I've never heard about it at least," Dragonborn replied, " A greedy dragon going into a state of kleptomania probably isn't something that technically counts as 'attacking' the town as much as, say.. committing mass-burglary."

"Yeah..." Spike agreed, "Oddly enough nopony in Ponyville bore any grudge against me for it, I guess they also thought it was just something that got out of hoof, or hand, or claw, or however you want to put it."

"Quite a coincidence," Dragonborn said, "I've been though something similar when I-"

"Okay!" Twilight said with a satisfactory tone from upstairs, "Looks like I'm ready to head out."

Twilight came downstairs wearing her saddlebags, she walked close to the front door before turning to Spike.

"So, Spike, you sure you'll be fine with staying in charge of the library 'till I get back?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I-" Spike tried to say, but the Dragonborn butted in, taking a few steps forward.

"Actually," Dragonborn said, "Spike here wishes to travel with us so he can learn, appropriately from me, how to become a great adventurer!"

Twilight rolled her eyes at the Dragonborn's clear egotism, then asked Spike, "Is that true?"

Spike gave the Dragonborn a slightly annoyed look before turning to Twilight and said, "Let's just say the short answer is 'yes' and leave it at that."

Twilight grinned, she figured Spike was planning something, but figured that, knowing Spike, it would likely be harmless. Plus, the Dragonborn, while clearly is at least as arrogant as Rainbow Dash, seemed trustworthy enough.

"Well, okay then, we'll just lock up the library until we get back" Twilight said, "But we get going, the train heading for Canterlot will be ready to take off soon."

"What's a train?" Dragonborn asked.

"Considering where you come from," Spike said, "I think it'll be easier to explain just by showing you, come on."

Both Twilight and the Dragonborn walked out of the library, Spike locked the door before closing it and heading out with them.

Meanwhile in the Everfree Forest...

Trixie and Torenon were walking through the forest, upset that their plan was ruined before it even started.

"Well, that went swimmingly!" Trixie said with some crude sarcasm.

"I'll have to agree," Torenon bitterly said, then muttered, "Why didn't she tell me she was bringing dragon here?"

"What was that?" Trixie asked, "Trixie couldn't hear you."

"Uh, I said that things are becoming far more difficult than I thought," Torenon lied, not wanting to raise Trixie's suspicions, "but, a deal's a deal, I agreed to give you lessons, did I not? follow me, and you shall have them."

Trixie followed Torenon to a clearing with a foot-tall stump in the middle.

"So, what will we be doing here?" Trixie asked.

Torenon said nothing, he went over to the stump, crouched down to one knee, reached into his Thalmor robes, pulled out a small statue of Boethiah, and placed it on the stump.

"What's this?" Trixie asked, "you performing some religous rite of yourse before we get started?

Torenon continued to ignore Trixie, he placed two fingers on the Boethiah statue and muttered some words in Daedric. Seconds later, his left hand became enveloped in some sort of dark blue magical energy.

"Seriously! say something!" Trixie barked, having gotten extremely agitated with Torenon's slient treatment.

"It's been a pleasure working with you, unicorn," Torenon finally said finally turning to Trixie and placing his glowing hand behind his back so Trixie couldn't see it, "But while this last act will help me immensly, this will be where our short-lived partnership ends."

"What are you.." Trixie stopped herself, then started to piece things together, "You weren't at all planning on helping Trixie with her magic. You were using Trixie, weren't you?"

"Give the mare an apple!" Torenon snarked in a weirdly delightful tone, "You're smarter than you look. But as of right now, I'm still using you for just a few minutes, and someone I know will be coming here to use you even more."

"You dare insult Trixie with such notions?-!" Trixie angrily asked, "Bah! it's clear that Trixie should've known you would be a fraud!"

Trixie turned away from Torenon and started to walk away, "And trixie hopes this Dragonborn picks his teeth with your bo-."

Trixie was cut off when Torenon suddenly casted a paralysis spell on her, causing her to, well, be paralyzed and to land on the ground on her side. Torenon casually walked over to her and crouched down to his knees and showed Trixie his glowing hand.

"Neither my superiors nor my subordinates in the Aldmeri Dominion know this," Torenon explained, "But I'm actually a Daedra worshiper, I worship Boethiah, to be exact. And that's because my government has a rather... impractical idea of how to gain supremacy. After all, why go through so much trouble to reverse the cause of lost divinity when your world's history has proven there are far easier ways to become a god?"

Torenon then stood up and pointed his glowing hand at Trixie, who could only watch silently in terror.

"Farewell, my four-legged friend," Torenon said in a nonchalant tone as he casted a spell from his glowing hand on Trixie.

Trixie suddenly became engulfed in a dark-purple aura of evil magic, she started floating a few feet in the air, her eyes were shut and her legs were flailing around, showing that the paralysis spell wore off and Trixie was trying to desperately to break free of whatever was still imprisoning her.

Trixie then suddenly closed her eyes and placed her front hooves on her head, as if suddenly suffering from a massive and debilitating headache, she opened her eyes again to reveal they became glowing and almost featureless purple orbs, her mouth opened, letting out some black smoke, and her legs were suddenly aligned to where it now seemed like she was standing on air.

Finally, Trixie slowly floated back down to the ground, just standing and staring at Torenon with a slightly expectant expression.

Torenon gave a smug grin, bent down to one knee, and said, "Welcome to Equestria, Lord Boethiah."

'Trixie' gave a disturbingly satisfied grin.

(Author's note: Hello again! sorry for the delay. I thank you all for your patience. I won't lie, I was being a bit lazy recently what with me playing some games I recently got among other things, I've also been brainstorming ideas for another MLP cross-over fic I've got planned. But I apologize for not making much progress until just recently this month. And like I said before, even when I do fully commit to writing a chapter, I always have some difficulty getting to an appropriate time to end it. So I'm just gonna say; Thank you, see you later, and keep in touch, oh, and please review!)