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Ike leaned against the white countertop, his chin resting in his hands. He stared at the door, waiting for the next customer. Business had been slow lately, and it was making Mr. Dedede jittery. The door opened, and the small bell attached to it jingled merrily.

"Welcome to Coffee King!"Ike called as cheerfully as he possibly could. A girl stood there, hesitant, a small piece of paper in her hand.

The girl was slim, and delicate; it looked as if even the wind could push her over. She had hair so black, it looked blue. Her eyes matched the color of her hair; a dark blue color. She wrung her dainty hands, wrinkling the paper a bit. Her small feet shuffled along the ground, and she had long, slender legs. The girl wore something that appeared to be a school uniform; she wore a tie and had a skirt on. On her head was a small golden headband with a blue stone embedded in the center. She looked about twenty-three years old, about Ike's age. Overall, she was very pretty in his eyes.

"Hello,"she said quietly. Ike had to strain to hear her.

"What can I do for you?" Ike stood up straight and adjusted the little brown "beret" that rested on top of his head. He dusted off his brown apron while he was at it.

"I-I'm here to apply for the j-job." The girl looked right into Ike's blue eyes. He blinked.

"I'll get Mr. Dedede for you. I'm Ike." He pointed to a small name tag attached to his apron. "What's your name?"

The girl hesitated. "I'm M-Martha Loelle. But please, call me Mar."

Marth hesitated before entering the coffee shop. He was dressed as a girl. What had this world come to?

It all started when Marth's father, Cornelius Lowell, committed a heinous crime. Before, their family was quite wealthy; Cornelius was known as the "King of Business". However, Marth's father became too power-hungry, and therefore, was thrown into jail.

Marth's mother and sister had died about five years ago, and Marth was still struggling to recover from the loss. Now, he was penniless and all alone.

The first thing that Marth decided to do was lay low. He changed his name and identity completely, and moved. He changed schools. It would be a whole new lifestyle. First things first, he did look like a girl. Quite a bit. So, Marth switched his name to Martha, Mar for short, and switched his last name, Lowell, to Loelle. That's how Marth became a girl in disguise.

Marth took a good look at the shop. Inside, it was very neat and organized, the white countertop scrubbed clean, the floors mopped, and the tables set with vases and flowers. The air was heavy with the sweet yet bitter scent of coffee. Beside the countertop was a glass container with cakes and pastries inside.

He entered the shop silently as a tall boy with spiky blue hair greeted him from the cash register. Twisting the job ad in his hands, he observed the boy.

To make things short, he was very handsome, with dark blue eyes and... Blue hair! Just like Marth's! Also, there was nothing feminine about him, unlike Marth. The boy smiled warmly at him, the small brown beret on his head tipped at an angle.

Marth learned that the boy's name was Ike. He led Marth towards the back of the shop, and guided him into a room that was labeled "Dedede".

"H-Hello?" Marth peered inside the room.

"Come in!"a voice boomed.

Dedede was a portly man in his mid-thirties. He had a wide smile, and wore a strange red and yellow outfit. On top of his head, he wore a red and gold hat that appeared to be almost like a santa hat; it had a white puffball on the tip.

"Who are you?" Dedede looked Marth up and down. "A student from the nearby school?"

"I-I'm Martha Loelle, but please, call me Mar."

"What do you need, young lady?"

"I'm here to apply for the job. You said you needed an extra hand?" Marth held out the newspaper ad.

Dedede looked it over. "Well, I'll give you the job, but lemme warn you now. There are three young boys working here after school, eh, around twenty-four years old, I'd say. You okay with working with those youngsters?"

"Yes sir! Thank you, sir!"Marth cried, lacing his fingers together.

"It's Mr. Dedede to you!"Dedede said, his eyes sparking with laughter. "You can start work now!"

Mr. Dedede gave Marth a brown apron and a small brown beret, just like Ike's. He steered him into the shop to introduce him to the other boys.

"Mar, this is Ike, Link, and Roy." Dedede held his hand out to the boys.

"Hey Mar. Remember me? I'm Ike." Ike smiled. As if Marth could forget him. "The guy in all green and blond hair is Link, and Roy is the redhead."

Roy and Link both waved at Marth.

"H-Hi, I'm Mar..." Marth swallowed hard. His stuffed his trembling hands into his apron pockets.

The door opened, signaling that a customer arrived.

"Get to work, everyone!"Dedede called, and sauntered back into his office.

"Here, do you wanna do the cash register?"Ike asked, cocking his head.


"Come on, then!" Ike led Marth to the register. He looked at the customer for the first time. "Hey, Peach! Hey, Zelda! What can I do for you guys?"

Peach, the pretty blond girl with clear blue eyes, grinned at Ike. "We just stopped by for the fun of it. Zelda wanted to see Link anyways."

The brunette, Zelda, nodded. "Link! You there?"she called.

Peach noticed Marth for the first time. "Hello. Are you new?"

"Y-Yes,"Marth stuttered. He opened his mouth to say more, but Ike saved him.

"This is Mar, and she just started working here today. I think she's going to our school." Ike turned to Marth. "Did you even start yet? You're new to the neighborhood, right?"

Marth nodded. "Yes, I'm starting school tomorrow..."

Peach smiled in a friendly way, and said, "Well, it was nice to meet you, Mar! Excuse me, I'm going to join Link and Zelda now." She gracefully stepped away.

Ike swiftly moved behind Marth. "Now, lemme teach you how to use the register..."

Marth barely heard what Ike said, because at that moment, Ike reached over and put his arms around him to reach the register, instructing Marth what each button did. His heart was pounding, his hands shaking. Marth could just barely feel Ike's gentle breath on his shoulder... No. He couldn't do this. He wouldn't.

He wouldn't, couldn't, fall in love with Ike.

Ike kept casting glances at Mar while he arranged pastries in the glass container. He couldn't help it. It was just her sweetness, her naïve personality, her beauty, it all just captivated him.

He found himself staring at her at unnecessary times. Roy stood in front of him and waved his hand in front of Ike's face.

"Earth to Ike! Earth to Ike!"Roy huffed. He resorted to flicking Ike's forehead.

"What?"Ike hissed crossly.

"You're putting the croissants with the donuts, the scones with the danishes, and the banana bread with the muffins! What's your deal today? School work? Girl problems?" Roy craftily followed Ike's gaze. "Aha! It's Mar, isn't it?"

"What? No!" Ike quickly rearranged the mixed-up pastries. He wiped his hands on his apron. "It's not Mar."

Roy readjusted his beret. It appeared a bit strange on his mess of red hair, but Roy didn't seem to care.

"Ike? Girl problems? Never." Link appeared, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "The girls definitely wouldn't just die to have Ike as their boyfriends, no siree."

"Shut it, Link,"Ike growled, rolling his eyes, "Three words. I. Don't. Care."

Roy glanced around. Mar was starting to look confused and a bit suspicious. "Less chitchat! More work! We can talk after work. Maybe tonight."

Ike shared an apartment with Link and Roy. They walked to school together, so they considered themselves roommates.

Link flopped onto the couch. Ike threw his backpack onto the floor and copied Link. Roy perched on a nearby chair.

"Talk time!" Roy rubbed his hands together. "I'll go first. Can you believe that Mr. Knight gave us so much homework? It's ridiculous! And he's just the Language Arts professor! I was really glad Peach came by today; it brightened my mood a lot." Roy had a serious crush on Peach, but was too shy to express himself.

When the three boys chatted at night, they sounded a bit like girls.

Link rolled his eyes. "Speaking of Peach, I'm also glad that she and Zelda stopped by. It's always nice to have friends visit while you're working."

Ike snickered, "You consider Zelda a friend?"

"My girlfriend, Ike. Happy now?" Link crossed his arms. "Ike's turn."

"I think Mar is an... Interesting character,"Ike began hesitantly.

Roy made a heart with his hands. "Ike loves Mar! Ike loves Mar! Ike loves Maaar!"

"Zip it, Happy Meal." Ike clenched his fists. "So what if I like Mar? She's sweet, kind-hearted, and pretty. Plus, she's a hard worker."

Link smirked. He nodded at Roy, and they both held up their hands above their heads, and curved their arms into a heart shape.

"Ike love Maaar! Ike loves Maaar! Ike loves Maaaaar!"they chorused. The two boys danced a little jig on the carpet, bobbing their heads up and down.

"Button it, you two, or I'll have to hurt you in the fencing club tomorrow,"Ike threatened.

The three boys were skilled fencers, and fenced for their school. If he wanted, Ike could crush Roy and Link. If he wanted.

"Whatever." Link stretched his arms. "Time to hit the hay."

Roy and Link went into their rooms, leaving Ike to think. Maybe they were right.

Maybe he loved Mar.

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