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"Waaaaahhhhooooo!" whooped Rory, riding on a surfboard with his feet tied to it while he held onto a rope tied to the TARDIS' control chair, while the door of the TARDIS was open as it travelled through space and time.

"Rory, are you done yet?" his wife Amy called from the door. "When's it going to be my turn?"

Rory and Amy had recently been bored with riding inside the TARDIS doing absolutely nothing, so the Doctor came up with the idea to go "TARDIS surfing". He used to do it in the past and forgot about it until now. The Doctor set up an air bubble so they could breathe while surfing.

"I just started five minutes ago!" Rory yelled with the wind roaring through his blonde hair. A meteorite sped by, in which Rory ducked his head.

"Amy, just be patient," said the Doctor, who stood next to Amy. "You'll get your chance."

Suddenly, the TARDIS stopped in midair, causing Rory to fly into the TARDIS and crash into a wall. The Doctor and Amy ran to him.

"Are you alright, Rory?" asked Amy worriedly, cradling Rory into her arms.

"A cuppa with some sugars would be nice..." Rory said dazedly.

"Rory, snap out of it!" the Doctor said, slapping Rory in the face, causing him to snap back into reality.

"Thanks Doctor," said Rory, standing up and straightening out his vest. "I needed that."

"Doctor, why did we stop?" asked Amy.

The Doctor rushed over to the controls and tried to get the TARDIS started. "Come on, old girl," the Doctor mumbled, pulling knobs and hitting switches. He was not sure why they stopped. He had tuned up the time machine just two days prior, so it should not have been acting this way. He looked into the monitor, but it indicated it was fine.

"Hello, Doctor," said a male voice.

The Doctor jumped in surprise. He turned around and saw a pudgy bespectacled man with blonde hair wearing a shirt, bowtie, jacket, and slacks.

"Dream Lord," the Doctor said with a glare. "What are you doing here? I thought you were a manifestation of my mind."

"I'm the Dream Lord," said the Dream Lord, pacing about the TARDIS with his arms behind his back. "I can do anything I want and I want to play a game. Well, not exactly a game."

He laughed, but the Doctor did not think this was funny. He stormed over to the Dream Lord, pulling out his sonic screwdriver, only for the Dream Lord to smile. Suddenly, the Doctor stopped in his tracks and began to sway, grabbing onto the nearest objects to keep his balance. He felt sleepy, but he was trying to fight it. He slapped his own face, trying to stay awake.

"You can't fight it," said Dream Lord, still smiling.

The Doctor lost his battle against the drowsiness and collapsed into Amy's arms, dropping his sonic screwdriver while he did so. Rory glared angrily at the Time Lord.

"What have you done to him?" he demanded.

"Just playing a little game," said Dream Lord, taking off his glasses and wiping them on his shirt before putting them back on. "I'm going to pit the Doctor against his own nightmares. He's got enough to write an anthology. Good luck trying to wake him up."

Rory angrily stormed over to the Dream Lord to take a swing at him, but the Dream Lord disappeared like a soap bubble. Rory yelled in frustration.

Amy stood there, still holding a sleeping Doctor. She brushed his brown bangs away from his face. "Rory, what are we going to do?" she asked.

"I don't know," said Rory...