"Make Believe"

Just for a moment make believe the murder mystery goes along as planned but Stevie plays the part of the actress and Alex is the soldier. Rob and Alex arm wrestle as the original script directs.

Jodi reads from the script "The chauffer and the soldier arm wrestle for the affection of the actress.'

Alex quips" Surely you don't want to fight over a mere flapper."

Stevie flicks him and says " Watch it!"

Alex laughs.

Rob replies "Let's do it."

They begin and everyone cheers them on.

Rob is strong and focused but Alex doesn't like the idea of losing so he gives everything he can. Both men focus as their friends cheer them on. Time ticks by and victory belongs to Alex, grinning he takes their applause.

As the friends all laugh and joke Kate reads from the script "The actress rewards the soldier with a kiss."

Stevie exclaims "What! Let me see that!"

Alex quips "Hey I like this game! It's like spin the bottle when I was a kid. Come on Stevie."

Everyone is laughing when Stevie grins and says "Alright but keep your hands where I can see them!"

He laughs and holds his hands in the air.

She walks up to him and rests one hand on his chest to balance and standing on tip toes reaches up and is about to kiss him when he grins at her.

She giggles and says "Stop it Alex."

"Righto." He says looking serious.

Again she reaches up and he leans down and she kisses him very softly for a few seconds.

Everyone cheers and laughs.

They part but remain looking at each other.

She smiles.

He drops his hands from above his head and takes her face into his hands and he stands looking at her.

She doesn't move.

The group are silent.

He smiles at her and leans and kisses her, it's full of tenderness and longing.

As he releases her he steps back and she does too.

Suddenly they're both aware of the silence.

Stevie clears her throat and quips "I thought I told you to keep your hands to yourself."

He laughs and says "It must be dinner time I'm starving."


The group all start chatting and laughing as they move indoors for dinner.

As Stevie's about to walk inside Jodi grabs her by the arm and pulls her back and says "What was that all about?"

Stevie grins and replies "I have no idea."


Inside Dave nudges Alex and quietly asks "Did you get a bit carried away big fella?"

Alex looks at his friend and responds "That was weird Dave. I just forgot where we were or that any of you were here."

Dave grins and says "Whatever it was you both looked like you were enjoying yourselves."

Alex looks puzzled and replies "We're just mates Dave."

"I think you might be more than that! " Dave offers.

Kate walks over and hands both of them a plate and says "Come on help yourselves or it will all get cold."

Dave moves off .

Alex stands watching as Stevie enters the room.

He notices his heart has changed rhythm.