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Circa 1000 AD

Approx. 2000 years pre-Great Cataclysm

"This world is indeed interesting. It would serve me well to keep tabs on it."

A hatch opens at the foot of a mountain, no pun intended, and a giant cloaked figure of 8 feet steps out into the glinting sun of the alien world. It—he—shields his eyes from the glare of the foreign star and begins to search for a hiding spot. He spies a likely spot, in a hole inhabited by a pointy-eared red-white carbon-based quadruped life form.

Two helpers, called Matoran, follow him through, stumbling under the weight of his equipment. He promptly waves them over and they drop their package at his feet before scurrying back for more.

He hefts the pack and estimates the weight to be 150kg. He slowly looks up at the two Matoran stumbling toward him with one of a hundred other sacks balanced precariously between their small 4-foot frames.

It is necessary work, he thought, as he began to unpack the first load.

He was due to stay here for as long as necessary or as long as he wanted, whichever came later. The large amount of supplies should keep him running for 75,000 without resupply. Electricity was easily gained from the local sun and his kind lacked any need whatsoever of intake of nutritional substances (a.k.a. consumption of foodstuff).

First up was the communications network. Within the next day the solar array was functional and hidden. By day 4 the den's former occupants were evicted and it was completely hollowed out and of feasible proportions for the giant armour-clad figure. The generators were plugged in by day 7 and a fortnight later all the gear was unloaded and the mysterious figure was ready to take up occupancy in Inhabited World 33742.

He removed the hood of his ever-present cloak and, facing the mountain of his origin, breathed a solemn oath:

"By the Great Spirit Mata Nui, I, Guardian Toa Haavok of the Monitor Corps pledge to do my Duty and faithfully monitor this planet on behalf of the Order of Mata Nui to uphold the Unity of Spherus Magna. It is my Destiny, and it shall be done. Unity, Duty and Destiny shall be my guides and my loyalty I declare to Mata Nui and the Great Beings alone."

Then a voice echoed a reply, a deep rumble from all around, "May it be as you say, Toa. The Great Beings guide your work."

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