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3: Bullies Suck

Present Day, 1003 years PGC

"For real? Who the fuck faces off against Karl Schwartz?"

"Well who the fuck is scared of a nerd wielding a thumbdrive in panic?"

"Johnny would!"

"Fuck you!"

"You too babe!"

"Gay!" Jerome called out.

His friend's face went red with rage. Jerome, however, wasn't afraid of Alex's 6'1" frame. You tend to ignore thing like that if you knew the guy behind the body was a coward. Plus, his anger and the adrenaline pumping through his blood were making him more reckless.

"Well, I am trying to hook up with Liana. I do not behave like that fag… HEY!" Alex realised his ranting was falling on deaf ears.

Rather than continue their rather pointless and childish argument, Alex decided to drop the subject and resume walking to the "Meeting Point" in silence.

It was in a shady alley and was where Karl set up "meetings" with others. In an inconspicuous part of town, it was hidden from the public eye. Perfect ambush grounds.

Just as they were about to crest the slope leading to their destination, a piercing shriek penetrated the air. Jerome's and Alex's heads immediately snapped towards the direction of the voice, then they turned to on another, dumbstruck. Was that Karl? It sure as hell sounded like him.

Quickly regaining their senses, they bolted over the slope and were promptly paralyzed by shock again when they saw a large cloaked figure holding Karl by the throat. It had a pocket knife sticking out of its forearm, but it did not seem to feel it.

5 minutes ago…

Karl was crazy angry. Firstly, that moron Jerome had decided to stand to him in front of the entire school and somehow 90% of those present decided to back him. Secondly, that event cost him the respect of some of the newbies. Thirdly, there was some guy who looked like a gangster (obviously not from his gang) who was stalking down the street that was his turf.

"Hey! Dunno who you are or which gang yer from, but I got a message for ya. Get. Off. My. Turf." He spat.

The mysterious person, however, replied calmly, "Sorry, I was passing through. Needed to get somewhere fast and this was the quickest way," he then proceeded to try and walk past Karl.

By this point, Karl was livid. Firstly, which moron didn't know that this street was Alpha Falcon turf? Secondly, he disrespected the leader of a prominent gang on his own turf.

Karl drew out his knife, "Fine, but there is a toll for using this road. Gimme your cash and you can go through no problem."

The figure stopped, "Then get it from me," it hissed.

That was it. With a growl of rage, Karl finally snapped, sinking the blade into his opponent's arm.

What he did not count on was for the blade to get stuck there, or that the figure seemed immune to pain. The figure slid his good arm around Karl's right arm and twisted it, dislocating the limb at the shoulder with a snap. Karl screamed in agony but stifled it—he was a man, dammit! He suddenly found his body off the ground and the figure holding him by his neck.

In one fluid motion the figure kneed him in the solar plexus and nicked his wallet. Karl screamed again and ended up tasting bile. Suddenly, he was launched into the air.

"Here's your cash." he heard the figure say as he felt his very heavy leather wallet impact his face hard before everything went black.

Toa Haavok was pissed. Firstly, because he had to relocate when the humans decided to "develop" the land he was based on. Secondly, the little human had decided to claim public property as his own, and then assaulted him for his money.

He pulled out the blade from his arm. It was bent beyond use now, thanks to his armour and his biology.


He dropped the knife in surprise. He spotted two figures running down the hill toward him and groaned. Great, now he had two more troublesome brats to deal with. Growling, Haavok got into a combat stance.

"How the hell did you do that?" Wait, was that… admiration?

"I've been wanting to mess that bully's junk up for years!" the taller human sounded excited.

Ah well. It seems that Toahood always has a way of turning you into a glorified villain basher no matter where you go. Haavok sighed as a warm feeling he hadn't felt in millennia warmed his heart-stone.

"You kids better get out of here, or you might get into trouble. And I'm glad to be of your assistance," Haavok said in a reassuring voice, one which was reserved for Matoran in the middle of a crisis; a voice of authority, comfort and strength.

"Yessir!" Alex said as he raised his hand in a mock salute.

Jerome mentally facepalmed at his best friend's antics, but was cut off by Alex, who was hauling him away by the collar of his shirt.

As he brushed off his friend's hand and started walking away, momentarily pausing to glance back at the mysterious figure, which was stalking off into the distance. He smiled as he pondered over their strange encounter.

Why do I have the feeling I'll be seeing you again?

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