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6: Raanu's Tale

One hundred and fifty thousand years ago, we were less united, even less so than when Mata Nui arrived three years back. We were a group of tribes scattered throughout the surface of the planet, fighting small wars against each other.

The Great Beings created six warriors to rule over us, each representing one element. They were called Element Lords. They shouldered the day to day duties of ruling the villagers, leaving the Great Beings to continue their mysterious work unhindered.

Then 101,000 years ago, a group of Agori found some silvery liquid seeping from the ground. We now know this to be Energised Protodermis, believed to be a result of one of the Beings' experiments. Anyways, one of the villagers touched it and promptly disintegrated. Another tried to touch it with his staff and—poof—it morphed into trident!

Obviously, the tribes began warring over it, each being led by an Element Lord. Over centuries, the conflict escalated into global combat—the Core War.

With more and more protodermis springs cropping up, the Great Beings realized that the substance must have reacted with Spherus Magna's core. The consequences, they figured, could be devastating. So they did what any scientific race would do—they calculated.

The calculations and predictions made by the Great Beings were solemn. Within a few hundred years, Spherus Magna would shatter. Hastily, the Great Beings under Angonce built the Mata Nui robot to search for a solution to everlasting peace across the cosmos.

At that time I was a young servant in their service. Once, I looked upon them as godly. But sadly, Gods can make mistakes. When I helped build the Mata Nui robot, I was sick of the Great Beings' ignorance of the problems they created. I thought that it would carry the citizens of Spherus magna to the stars.

When I found I was wrong, I quit in frustration. Turns out, the Great Beings saw further ahead than me. Without the Great Spirit, none of today's prosperity and peace would exist. In fact, if they did not create Mata Nui, we probably would all be the footstools of the Skrall right now.

Heremus, another Great Being, wanted to end the conflict at all costs. He created the Baterra, a race of non-sentient robots. They were programmed with one command—kill anyone holding a weapon.

Within fifty years, the Shattering occurred; twenty years after Mata Nui left this world. Another fifty later and the Core War was ended on account of the Baterra. The Element Lords were defeated and they fled into the Spikes. No one has ever seen them except Tarduk, Kirbold and Crotesius.

The Baterra, however, continued their rampage in the North. They eventually made it into the Black Spikes. Sometime after that, the Skrall army marched from the mountains. From them on we existed in a tribal state, being stepped over by the Skrall.

Then Mata Nui came and changed everything. The Skrall were defeated, the Bone Hunters repelled and the greatest threat to the galaxy, Makuta, was destroyed. Society was united into a planet-wide government. The Shattering was undone. For the first time, settlements larger than a village were formed.

Of course, there were rumours among the Skrall prisoners that the Baterra had ventured beyond the Spikes for the first time. And I thought that they were just that—rumours. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case. We must mobilise immediately, take extreme precaution.

We must awake the Legend.

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