WARNING: gay sexual content.

Chapter one

Wearily, all the Weasley's, Hermione and Harry headed to the Burrow. Arthur and Charlie went straight to the local village to get some food since no one had stayed at the Burrow in months. Bill and Fleur went to Shell Cottage to pack some food to also take to the Burrow. Molly put her large kettle on the stove to heat up some water ready to make everyone a nice cup of tea. Percy, George, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Harry were all sitting at the large worn table. George looked dazed as he sat staring around the kitchen, Percy kept his arm around his brother, one was to comfort his brother the other reason was he needed to feel close to his brother. Ginny had her head on her arms and was just staring into space. Ron and Hermione sat leaning against each other, one like Percy, was for comfort and one because they were tired and trying to keep themselves from falling asleep right at the table. Harry had sat down, put his head on his arms and fell asleep instantly.

Bill and Fleur arrived back with a large box of food, Fleur helping Molly why she went about getting cups ready for everyone. Not long after Arthur and Charlie stepped into the kitchen with a large box each in their arms. Arthur also went to help his wife make everyone some breakfast.

No one spoke the whole time, but everyone was thinking about what had happened. The main thing for the Weasley family was the death of Fred, the other thing they were all thinking about was the war was over, Voldemort was dead. Even though all the Weasley's had known Harry for years, they still glanced at him, all wondering the same thing. Harry Potter killed Voldemort, how, but no one could answer that question, they were sure to hear how and everything else over the coming weeks. For now they just needed to rest and come to terms with the loss of one of their own.

Molly, Fleur and Arthur started to load up the table with plates of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, sausages, toast and a large pot of tea. Even though no one really felt like eating, either because of Fred or they were tired, they did eat and have a cup of tea, all buy Harry. When Hermione gently touched his shoulder, they realised he was asleep at the table with his head on his arms. Hermione just shook her head, then picked up her cup again.

When everyone had finished their breakfast, Charlie and Bill helped clean up, they heard a soft groan. They all stared towards the table and noticed Harry's arms had come from under his head and they were moving about erratically.

Ron saw his mother move towards him, 'No, leave him, if you wake him it'll be worse.'

'What do you mean worse?' Arthur asked.

'He's having one of his nightmares. Hermione and I used to wake him and almost got hexed. We found leaving him alone lets him get through it then he'll wake.'

'The ones he has now are different than the ones he used to have. Ron explained all about the ones he'd seen in the dorm rooms,' Hermione said, then reached into her beaded bag.

'Have you got it?' Ron asked.

'Yes, even though I hate it when he does this.'

'Do what, what are you talking about?' Ginny asked.

'You'll see and no one try to stop him.'

Everyone kept staring at Harry, then they noticed his fist clench and his groans were getting louder, they sounded like they Harry was in pain. After a few more minutes, Harry bolted upright and his wand was in his hand as he stared wildly around but he still kept groaning as if he was in pain.

'Here,' Hermione put something in Harry's hand.

Harry pulled his sleeve up and ran a piece of glass along his arm until blood was dripping from it.

'Stop,' Molly shouted.

'Mum, leave it, I'll explain in a moment.'

They all watched in shocked silence as Harry pooled the blood in his hand then placed it over his lightning shaped scar before he looked around. Slowly the pain receded from his face and his breathing was heavy.

'You're fine Harry, we're at the Burrow, remember,' Ron said wearily.

'Burrow, yeah,' Harry panted heavily before sitting back down, but looked towards Hermione, 'Burrow, over, over.'

'Yes, it's over,' Hermione reached out and took Harry's hand, she felt Harry squeeze it before she took his arm, she dropped dittany onto his arm. After the cut was healed, she pointed her wand as his head, 'Scourgify, there, all clean again.'

'This will need to be explained, but for now, have a cup of tea and some breakfast Harry, you'll feel better,' Molly said in a shaky voice.

'Just tea, I can't eat,' Harry went to pour himself a cup but Hermione pushed one in front of him, 'Thanks,' Harry took a couple of deep breaths, then wrapped his hands around his cup. He never drank, just stared down into it until his hands started shaking spilling the tea all over his hands and the table, 'Sorry.'

'I've got it,' Molly hurried over and cleaned up the mess, 'It might be a good idea for you to get some sleep dear,' Molly nodded to Ron.

'Good idea, come on Harry, let's sleep.' Hermione said as she took Harry's hand pulling him to his feet. She never let go just walked up the stairs with her friend.

'Don't worry Molly, I'm sure Harry will be fine once he realises it's over. He might know it, but he's subconscious doesn't, not yet,' Arthur patted his wife on the shoulder, 'but your mother had a good idea, let's all get some sleep for a while. Ron you can explain why Harry did that and why you allow it, we need to know what is going on.'

'We'll explain everything, but I really need to sleep.'

Ron got up and headed for his bedroom and even though Bill and Fleur didn't live at the Burrow, they went upstairs to Bill's old room that he used to share with Charlie. Percy instantly went with George into the twins old room and Charlie decided to take Percy's old room since Bill and Fleur were in his old room, Molly and Arthur went straight into their bedroom. Over the next several hours, not a sound could be heard from inside the large but strange looking house, not even the snores from all the Weasley men.